Joy in the Hemodialysis Unit


Christmas in Christ, brings joy and is what we saw reflected in the faces of the patients of the Hemodialysis Unit of San Miguelito, who joined to sing the Christmas carols with us while they patiently received their dialysis treatment. With a sax that conveyed a sweet melody that bristled the senses and reached the soul, the volunteer singers of LHM Panama and Licda. Raquel Camargo, social worker of this hospital, sang happy Christmas songs infecting the spirit of Christmas.


“Live happily, live happily, in the sweet love of the Lord, singing and praising Christ will come times of love and peace,” the patients sang and applauded with their palms. We shared with them this beautiful moment, feeling the joy that brings us the message of these beautiful songs; which speak of the peace and love that God gives us through His Son Jesus. The devotion A Different Way was the material we shared, which was received with great gratitude by all present. Thanks to Jazmin, Zahira, Jahaziel, Yordi, Maryi from Dios es Grande Lutheran Church and Pastor Patricio Mora from the El Redentor Lutheran Church for his voluntary support and gift of service to others. God bless them.


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