Loneliness… the two sides of the coin


Base image by alienvalley.com

We would be surprised how many people live in solitude, even when surrounded by other people. The state of solitude goes beyond a physical state, and in other cases, it is related to states of depression. In large cities as in small towns we can find people who are suffering from loneliness, and we are all part of the great opportunity to offer them support and comfort.

LHM Panama is distributing the Facing Loneliness booklet, which is addressed to those who are alone, helping them to see that there are two sides to the coin, and that we can either face a destructive solitude, as well as finding the benefits in solitude We will see that loneliness necessarily is an impediment to reach one of the fundamental rights of the human being, as it is the right to realize ourselves as people and to be happy.

Anyone interested can receive this resource, which is available in various reading formats: print, e-brochure (PDF) and Online. Available in Spanish.

To request it, people only has to complete the Contact Form and the delivery is processed immediately.


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