Project Joel Coordinators Meeting


During the first session.

In the city of Panama, the Project Joel Coordinators Meeting was held. The coordinators, who participated, were Claren Zapata from Nicaragua, Sharon Lemos from Guatemala, Omega Martínez from Mexico and Porfirio Franco from Panama. As well as Edilberto Méndez Mora (Director of LHM Panama), Rev. Nilo Figur (LHM’s Area Director for Latin America), Pastor Patricio Mora (President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Panama), Pastor Alejandro López of Emanuel Lutheran Church, Kenneth Peterson (Chairman of the LHM Panama Board), Rev. Fernando Huf of Brazil, Veruzka Farfán (Coordinator of LHM satellite in Peru), Rev. Brian Gauthier (in charge of Theological Education in Panama), Griselda Aguilar (President of the congregation Dios es Grande) and Lic. Fausto Pérez as speaker.


Representative from Nicaragua shares the labor the ministry is doing there with youth.

During two days, the attendees had the opportunity to know the history and development of the Project Joel, to present the work done in each of their countries, to discuss the theme of the Project Joel vision, to share the issues that are the challenges to those who have to face up to work, both in schools and in communities. The LHM Panama’s Director presented the Project Timoteo as a new program to reach out to children and youth, and integrate them into the Church. We have the testimony of Griselda Aguilar, as a volunteer and contact of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church and work with Project Timoteo. Mr. Fausto Pérez presented topics related to family and gender laws, sexuality and secularization. The Rev. Fernando Huff was in charge of performing the devotionals and Pastor Alejandro López to perform the musical accompaniment.


Griselda Alguilar, of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, shares her experience working together with LHM Panama. 

It was a time to fraternize, to share the tools and resources that they employ, to realize dynamics and to know a little more about our country.



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