Visiting Instituto Oncologico with Columbus University’ students


Patients at the Instituto Oncológico were visited by a group of Social Work students from the Medical career at Columbus University. “This activity aimed to bring a message of relief and hope to all patients in the different waiting rooms. It was a very active morning, where for 5 hours dramas, songs, talks of prevention and education, testimony and prayers for the patients were realized. For us, the 16 student practitioners, but especially for me, it has been very shocking to put into practice something of our formation and carry the message of love from God. This changes the life of a medical student. Together with the puppets of Proyecto Joel we dramatize humorous situations and we get smiles and tears from the patients. It is a commitment for us to follow up on this task, “says Yadira Álvarez, student and coordinator of this activity.

Yadira has volunteered with Project Joel, but this is the first of the formal experiences where she invites her colleagues to live this experience, which was described by teachers and supervisors as effective and positive.



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