Autoestima 03

Friendship, companionship and a great desire to live are reflected in the group of pediatric nephrology patients of the Hospital of Pediatric Specialties, with whom we meet every month to develop personal and spiritual growth workshops. These children are all life warriors as they attend their dialysis treatment three times a week, travelling from distant places of the country and try to carry out their daily activities such as going to school and doing their homework.

Autoestima 01

Despite the fatigue or pain that their medical treatments produce, children enjoy these workshops; we can see their smiles, the sharing and take off their own thing to give it to their friends. Just as Joseph did with his friend Alejandro, who gave him his friendship bracelet. These meetings are generating a beautiful coexistence and an affective sharing between the parents and their children. At this time, they talk, carry out their crafts as a team, laugh and reinforce the parental bond and sharing among children.

Autoestima 04

The subject was about the self-esteem and the feeling of personal value that comes given to being made by God in his image and likeness; Which makes us valuable to Him and gives us a sense of personal value to ourselves. As a complementary part that strengthens the development of skills, the children together with their parents made earrings and beautiful bracelets that looked proud at the end of the workshop. When she asked little Ania what she liked most about herself, she said, “What I like best about me is life.” This makes me reflect on how we face our personal situations and how we let the Word of God work in our daily lives. Let us not tire of doing good and continue showing love in every work and action that we do and thus we can testify that the love of God is in our life.


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