2016 started with courses, Bible lessons and graduations

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During the first quarter of the year we have an important crop of graduation in Bible studies for children and adolescents, which are being carried out in neighborhoods, communities and churches. Nearly a thousand Bible courses are being developed for those children and youth, who are supported by their parents and supervisors. We thank God for the collaboration of some government agencies, volunteers and youth of the Lutheran church. One of the goals in our work is that children and adolescents, in addition to receiving information on Biblical values and principles, receive a direct message about hope, the exhortation to live with honesty, love and forgiveness offered by the Word of God. We recently celebrated the completion of these courses to children in the area of San Miguelito, being an appropriate occasion to acknowledge the effort.

Supporting with materials the Bethel Sunday School

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A missionary strategy of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church is the Bethel Mission, in the community of Las Nubes, where they shared a Sunday Bible school with children of that area. We thank God for the work in love young leaders are doing and for the opportunity to contribute a bit by resources. Program Project Joel has provided materials of Book of Life with content according to age, and educational materials of Christ For All Nations. Project Joel has in agenda the follow up to this work and thus promote Christian values in children.

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Biblical teaching through studies


“Jesus, the greatest gift,” “The Book Life,” “Jesus Loves Me”, “Drawing and painting my Bible” are Bible studies that we are developing with children and young people. Children and young people from various schools are developing Bible studies, work we are achieving thanks to God who has blessed us with the support of volunteers, teachers and parents, who are leading the classes, track and strengthened through the application of social work tasks. We are convinced that the Word of God, to be applied in the lives of people, generates positive change and hope in the love of God and His gift of eternal life. These courses are in the midst of a program that includes singing, prayer and Bible games. Our goal is to work to reach 5,000 children and youth.

Summer Graduation in Gatuncillo


Dedicated to the work of strengthening values in children, leaders have been part of programs and events with high standards of quality and professionalism. One such event was held in the province of Colón, in which 52 children graduated from the course “Good News of Hope”, and in which Isol and Jazeera, Project Joel volunteers participated in the company of puppets of “The Clan of Memo”.

The course was conducted over a period of four months, playing various topics such as faith, values the Bible teaches, leadership in children and healthy lifestyles. During the graduation ceremony, the children had the joy of sharing with their parents and in the company of other volunteers of Project Joel. We thank God for every opportunity to serve you in places and ways, because we consider valuable attention we devote to children in order to help them in their lives and relationships with other children and their families, but they can also grow.

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In recent days, we performed the last meeting of the 2014 year with the group of participants in “Being a Woman” Bible study, who finished the four lessons programmed.

In total, twenty-five women participated in the four meetings we had, which we filled with much joy as we see how little by little they were encouraging; since the beginning, their domestic occupations and childcare were obstacles for them to participate, but finally they managed the situations to attend and feel great joy for participating.

Through the study of the Word of God, praying together, singing and making crafts, these sisters in Christ enjoyed a time of fellowship and learning, practicing the searching and reading Bible; especially John 3:16. Also, together we celebrated the birthday of all the ladies with a delicious cake and snacks.

They expressed their feelings with this activity and their desire to continue doing other studies, as this helps them in their spiritual growth and strengthening and feel they have a space to be shared among them.

We are pending with the graduation and certificates and we will meet next year with a group of ladies to plan further meetings.

“Being a Woman” Bible Study Progress

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During November, we took an afternoon to continue the third lesson Bible study for women, in which we addressed the issue concerning the spiritual life and ways to strengthen it through prayer, reading the Word of God and attend church regularly.

Likewise, in this part of the study participants learned about the steps to learn how to meditate on the Word of God, separating a while for it in stillness and silence to find what God wants for our lives and showing us throughout the Bible.

Women were very willing to learn and participate, singing praises to God, praying, doing readings and study the Bible verses with great interest sought in their Bibles.

This time we had a group of twelve ladies, which left their chores to learn more about God and His Word. Once the study is completed, we will continue with the development of the craft of the day, which was made with plastic bottles. Some, made butterflies, flowers and other, pens.

We could listen comments from the participants, who said they felt well during the study because they learned more about the Bible and also to do crafts. We pray for these women, for God to help them by giving strength and wisdom in the home and raising their children.

Development “Being a Woman” Bible Study

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With great enthusiasm and very good participation began Bible study “Being a Woman”, attended by fourteen older girls and women to God Lutheran Church is Big in Loma Cova.

The ladies prayed, read the Bible and sang praises to God. Similarly, they were very attentive to the development of the themes, in this first lesson dealt with the character and conduct of the wife.

They strove to find biblical passages, as some have difficulty reading small print, and shared their thoughts about their role as wives and how God has helped them cope with their role and housework. One of the older ladies, when asked what is love ?, language Guna said: “know ye Babdumat”; for it means that love is God.

Ms.. Ms. Sara. Lena, coordinators of this group of ladies Bible study, supported by Zahira, made ​​a very good call inviting and encouraging the ladies to participate in this study. Also, they prepared a delicious chicken rice and shared a cake to celebrate with great joy over life of our sister in Christ in a year: Zahira.

At the end of the day we said goodbye with a prayer of thanks to God for this blessed opportunity, encouraging them to return to the next meeting for further study in October.

Children graduate from Bible studies for kids


For the fourth consecutive year we were with children SITRACHILCO community in the Puerto Armuelles area, located in the province of Chiriqui. On this occasion, the recipients of the toys, the children, celebrated with a small party their graduation from Bible Study “Jesus Loves Me”, in which the Christian faith verses which are reflected throughout the content, allow children to have a clear and biblical image of Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

To achieve this goal of teaching, Roxana, our star volunteer in this community, met with the children twice a week in the last two months. The day of the Christmas party was also celebrating the graduation of these young students. All received a certificate guaranteeing the completion of these studies, promoted by Project Joel program.

We give thanks to God for the 26 children that have graduated from this course, which takes place within a period of two months and culminates with the presentation of certificates.

Shouts of joy and excitement were heard that day, cheering and congratulating these children, who, in company with the “Clan of Memo puppets” and amid the cacophony produced by piñatas, candies, sweets and gifts, created a festive atmosphere around Christmas. This event highlighted amid the daily life of this community, where poverty and material needs are like a blanket with which both adults and children clothing.

And here God allowed us to get to share with them the message of joy and hope in Jesus Christ!

Video on the Christmas celebration at Sitrachilco

Video on this new and Bible studies

Toward a New Life

Hacia una nueva vida
137 youth started the Bible Study 

Young contacted by Joel Project program in classrooms, field work and mass events are invited to follow-up activities and tasks that result in personal gain and spiritual growth. Such is the case of young people contacted in the event coordinated with the Ministry of Social Development, the government body in charge of the social aspect in our country, who are invited to voluntarily, and after consultation with their parents, to initiate this task. This quarter, 137 young people have started Bible study “Towards a New Life” in order to learn more of the Word of God as the youth group photo belonging to the community of Rio Abajo and project leaders in Church youth groups and in special cases, groups held in prison where Dayra Professor Ruiz, CPTN voluntary ministry, has been invited to study the Bible.

This study takes 3 sessions with their exercises. At the end of these kids receive a certificate and a Bible in recognition of their effort and dedication. These young people are connected to churches and Christian institutions where they can strengthen ties with tasks that remove them from risky situations and motivates them to excel and be better.

Porfirio Franco, Joel Project program manager, said, “We selected this course, since it is very practical and effective Christian training and a practical way of giving a complete Christian formation.”



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