Fair in the Pediatric Hospital


As part of the activities carried out by the Pediatric Specialty Hospital, as part of the International Day of “Non-Violence towards Women”, LHM Panama was invited to participate in an orientation fair on the importance of preventing acts of violence against women; this is due to the increase of the cases of femicide in the statistics of our country. In our position, we distributed the booklet Couple in Crisis, which explains how the conflicts in the couple affect the relationship and the importance of seeking emotional and spiritual help before the crisis is greater or can end in a tragedy. In addition, we made a raffle of a Bible and CDs of Christmas songs, the lucky ones being Mr. Luibell Gallardo and Ms. Janett Díaz, who were very happy and grateful with their gifts.


Winners of Bible and Christmas articles.


With the presentation of our puppets: Doña Cata and compadre Chencho (the abuser), we shared the clear message that blows and hurtful words not only produce physical pain, but also pain in the soul, and that we have to go to the source of love to be able to treat others with love. We encourage people to always put into practice the “Golden Rule” that the Lord teaches us in His Word: love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself.



Mental Health Fair at National Lottery


With words of blessing by Pastor Patricio Mora of El Redentor Lutheran Church and words of welcome by the representative of the Ministry of Health, the Mental Health Fair started at the plaza of the National Lottery. This fair was an activity visited by adults and children from nearby neighborhoods and Lottery’s collaborators, who benefited from the services, guidance and gifts distributed by the different institutions that participated in the fair, still, mostly, members of the Mental Health Network. LHM Panama was present sharing a kit containing a booklet on how to overcome alcoholism, a pencil and sweets; as well as a book of Bible stories for children. With this material got more than 100 people, who were very grateful for the guidance received. Our special thanks to the National Association of Families and Patients with Schizophrenia and Patronato Luz del Ciego, network partners, who this time were my voluntary stars, leaning in caring for people.

With happy face got people!

LHM Panama had the opportunity to participate in the fair held by the Ministry of Public Works, on the occasion of its 71st anniversary. It was an event well attended by workers of this public entity, who are benefiting from the services offered by different organizations involved to show and share their products.

On this occasion, we distribute the booklet: “Alcoholism, Road to Recovery”, which is a useful material that can help people with alcohol addiction. Also we give happy face cupholders to visitors at our booth, which brought a smile to many. This was a way to help them to remember that only action of smiling is very positive on their mental health.

Our compliments to the MOP for its 71st anniversary and all its collaborators, who do a great effort to make these events. God bless them.

Providing a space for integral orientation

Feria 01

Feria 02
Health Fair at the Ministry of Public Works

LHM Panama participated in the Health Fair organized by the government entity of public works; where we provided guidance on the issue of changes in adult life, through the booklet “Learning to grow old.” It was a great opportunity to meet a hundred people who came to our booth for information on the services we offer as a Christian ministry. This is an activity that the Ministry of Public Works carried out with the aim of providing a space for integral health guidance that benefit their employees; for which they invited various organizations offering their products for sale and disclose their activities.

Anniversary Fair at Pediatric Hospital

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The Pediatric Hospital celebrated its 13rd anniversary, with a fair of healthy lifestyles, and in which LHM Panama ministry center participated, together with other organizations and companies engaged in health and foods promotion.

Approximately 300 people visited us, including young people, children and adults, to whom we shared words of hope; plus tips to guide children in Christian values, through the booklet “Education for Life”. Similarly, candies and figures made of balloons were a total hit with the kids. We had the support of Pastor Patricio Mora, of El Redentor Lutheran Church, located in the area of ​​Balboa, who chatted with visitors about the value and importance of gratitude to God and the people showing their support and love in our lives.

We had an enthusiastic participation of all who came to our exhibition booth, attracted by the dynamics of “The Tree of Thankful Hearts”; which gave them the opportunity to express their appreciation for life, the family and the health of their children. This dynamic of reflection was a great blessing because it made them think that every day we have a reason to be thankful for all that God, in His great love, gives us.

We thank the Lord for this opportunity to share words of hope at this fair.

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Multi Fair at the Ministry of Public Works (MOP)

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Under bright sunshine, Multi Services Fair, organized by the Department of Welfare Public Servant at MOP, was held and Christ For All Nations was invited to participate, along with other representatives of banks, mobile phone, medical benefits and food product sales.

The promotion of the Bible, through a raffle in which Mrs. Lucinda and Athena were awarded with a Bible, was of great interest to visitors to our booth; as well as the booklet “Facing Disaster,” which were giving in order to provide guidance on how important it is to strengthen our emotions and our spirit to confront situations of natural disasters such as occurred in recent weeks in our country, such as flooding of houses, streets and landslides.

We thank God for this new opportunity to continue sharing God’s love through our materials and guidelines with Christian messages.

Children fair at Pediatric Hospital

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Highlighting the work of the Social Worker at the time, the Department of Social Work of the Pediatric Hospital conducted a children’s show, to share various recreational activities that take joy to children and hospital patients.

Musical performances, balloons, candies and clowns were the delight of children who played, had fun and jumped in time to the music and games that all participants had prepared for them.

The Ministry of Christ For All Nations was present with a stand, where we shared guidance materials with the theme “Comfort for the Suffering”, bookmarks, treats and special attention from “Chispita” our star clown who gave balloons figures to children, who left the stand with a balloon dog and a big smile on their faces.

A luxury closing was led by two talented volunteers of God is Great Lutheran Church, Maryi and Jahaziel Martinez, who performed the musical performance “Amazing Grace” to the rhythm of the guitar and saxophone. What a great blessing to share the Gospel of Christ and testify of His love for children and their parents in times of physical and spiritual need.

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Banconal Health Fair

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The Ministry of Christ For All Nations was participating in an event organized by the National Bank of Panama to promote Integral Health and Beauty Fair to its employees. During this event we had the opportunity to attend more than one hundred people who visited our booth, where they received the booklet “Facing Disaster” and Christian materials.

We gave one Bible per day, in which all people who visited us participated to win the Bible, having as winners Ms. Mariela and Mrs. Ana, who was very happy with hers prize and told us that this was a gift very especially since it is the Word of God.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Lilia told us: “Last year at this fair I was given the booklet “The Gift of Forgiveness is for you”, and I gave it to my sister who was going through a difficult family situation. Today she thanked me for sharing her this material, because thanks to this, she found guidance and could forgive and feel free to situations in the past”.

We thank God for allowing us to be present in this activity and collaborators of the National Bank who organized the fair, who kindly invited us.

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CPTLN participates in the 70th Anniversary MOP’s Fair

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Christ For All Nations was invited to participate with pharmaceutical companies, health and Social Security at the Ministry of Public Works Fair, celebrating its seventieth birthday.

It was a wonderful opportunity to share the Word of God with one hundred thirteen people who passed through our booth, where we were sharing the booklet Blended Families, guidance materials and promoting children’s values, highlighting the Family Week Families.

We conducted a raffle of two Bibles, Ms. Edilma Jaramillo and Ms. Gilma Escudero were extremely happy when receive this special award.  Ms. Gilma told us that when she stoped at our booth, thought, “I would like to win the Bible because I need one”; and when she was called as winner, with much enthusiasm said: “Thank you, thank you thank you.”

Families today are going through difficult times, parents have a great challenge to develop and maintain a good relationship and communication with their children. But the Word of God tells us in James 3: 17-18: “But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.  And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.”

The booklet “Blended Families” offer techniques, tips, explanations and help for families in which each of the partners already have children and form a new family, sharing that if they have Christ present in their relationships family, great and wonderful things can happen in their lives.

We thank God for this opportunity to be present and share with all these people in this activity.

Health Fair at the Ministry of Public Works

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On Thursday April 30, Christ For All Nations was present at the Health Fair, organized by the Department of Welfare for Public Employees in order to give assisting the Ministry of Public Works – MOP health services and supplies orientation on occupational health, physical and emotional wellbeing.

The Ministry of The Lutheran hour was contributing their bit, sharing with visitors spiritual materials and family content, especially the booklet “Health to the Infidelity, recovering trust”, which states that to forgive the spouse when failed – being unfaithful in the relationship – can give us a life without resentments and be able to restore the marriage.

This and other topical booklets touched the sensibilities of some people who shared their family experiences, as the case of Mr. Joseph, who told us he has 34 years of marriage, thanks to the model given by his parents who have been together for 50 years, sharing everything in good and bad times.

It was a great blessing to have the chance to be present in this activity, because it allowed us to take the message of hope and remind visitors that in every circumstance of our lives God is in control.

Health and Beauty Fair at National Bank

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Christ For All Nations participated in the XX Health Fair organized by the National Bank of Panama; where we were invited along with over thirty stalls, including: pharmaceutical companies, distributors of books, articles, health, beauty clinics, professional massage and medical personnel; that provided services making pressure, influenza vaccination, rubella and rabies Bank workers and visitors in general.

On Thursday 25 and Friday September 26 Two days of intense activity, where our ministry materials offered visitors guidance on issues of family, values ​​and situations that affect us in our daily lives, all of them presenting a Christian worldview; including “Educating for Life and Comfort for the Suffering”.

“All the materials are very good,” said a lady who came to our booth, “provide very important issues for the lives and guidance is very comprehensive and it is the best.”

We had the opportunity to give a talk on Anger Management, on stage presentations; where are some tips for handling this emotion that if left unchecked can damage relationships between people and even in times of uncontrolled end the life of another anger. In light of the Word of God we share the lessons that the Bible gives us about it and especially the book of Ephesians 4:26 which says, “Be angry and sin not the sun on your anger do not put”.

To the sound of the songs in the Health Fair at Las Cumbres

MIDES feria

During the weekend of Saturday August 31 and Sunday, September 1, the program Project Joel participated in the “Viva la Vida” Health Fair with the support of volunteers, who have been participating in various seminars and trainings conducted on Saturdays as part of the training program being developed by the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES).

Memo’s Clan Puppets visited the stands of the promoters of health, pharmacists, nutrition, among others, who distributed stories, coloring books and shared information about spiritual health and Christian values​​.

“From the mountains in the community of Sitio Prado, several communities in the San Miguelito and Colon province, and today in Las Cumbres, I participated, and had been a great experience to serve, share and preach the Gospel in the streets. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to grow,” said Diana Perez, volunteer.

A special twist gave the presentation of Memo’s Clan, plus guidance materials based on the Christian faith, to this the fair in the community. Children who visited the fair were the most blessed, because the humming of the songs “Love of God”, “The Hen Turuleca” and “I want to be a different child”, had fun and learned even more about the love of God.

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Institutional Health Fair at the IPHE


A great opportunity was shared with a hundred people – IPHE partners and mothers of children who attend this special school -, in this health fair organized by the IPHE’s Employee Welfare Department (IPHE: a pioneer and leader in the provision of services habilitatorios of children and youth with disabilities), where the Ministry of Christ For All Nations participated with a stand among with other organizations invited.

We had great response from the visitors to our stand, who keenly received the booklet “Education for Life”, participated in the Healthy Lifestyles game, and also received a message of hope throughthe Bible verses Box , which overjoyed some people made ​​them think about other situations that are living and other specially touched his heart.

Such was the case of Mrs. Rosa who when reading the biblical text, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are weary and I will give you rest”, peered tears in her eyes and said that God is her strength at all times, especially in the difficult times that has happened in her life.



Healthy Lifestyles

IMG_0247The preventive health fair in the neighborhood of La Locería were served the residents of this community. This exhibition was organized by the Health Center of Pueblo Nuevo, who serve the areas of Pueblo Nuevo and Bethania. CPTLN had the opportunity to participate, sharing guidance on managing anger and give visitors the booklet “Anger Control”, exhorting them to assess their level of irritability through NOVACO scale and implement biblical advice provided in this booklet.

Clipboard01Also, throughout the game: “Healthy Lifestyles”, we show different actions including aspects of physical, mental and spiritual, to turn them into habits that can make our lives and those around us happier. So, it reaffirmed Mr. Joseph, who believes that reading the Psalms helps you maintain a more positive attitude and live confident that God takes care of him at all times.


People want to know more…

On the anniversary of Susana Jones Hospital, on September 6, Christ For All Nations was invited to participate in the Health Fair organized by the Department of Social Work, directed by Lic. Eda of Madrigals. At this fair attended by hospital employees, and relatives and hemodialysis patients, who presented the manual work performed during their weekly therapy in the hospital. We had the opportunity to be present at a booth at the fair to share the booklet: “Comfort for the Suffering” and present with puppets Carlitos and Camila of the Puppet Theatre, the message about healthy lifestyles, urging the public to take care of their body through a healthy diet and exercise, as well as to strengthen their spirit by reading the Bible, prayer and church attendance.

Mrs. Eusebia, after receiving the booklet “Comfort for the Suffering”, wanted to know more about the Ministry and its work. In her conversation she mentioned that her son died two years ago, but she knew he was with God, because he had a relationship with Christ, which consoled her and filled her with hope. We ask God to touch the hearts of everyone who received His message of hope and thanks the special support of our volunteer Rodolfo, who participated enthusiastically witnessing to Christ in this place.

Words that offer comfort and hope

The Ministry of Christ For All Nations participated in the Health Fair aimed at students and staff from the Maritime University of Panama. In this event we shared the monthly booklet: “Comfort for the sufferer” and promoted various materials on family and spiritual guidance, produced by this Ministry. We conducted the raffle of CDs Say God by the Christian singer Dexter Reyes and LLL Lord I’m coming home, the winners were Ramon Castillo and Wilmer Siles. Jorge, one of the young people who received the monthly booklet, took time to read it and returned to our booth and tell us that it had been a great help, it was very good material to help other students like him that this guidance as needed. Like Jorge, several young people said they needed this booklet as they were experiencing a crisis due to a loss of someone very close to them.

Two ladies who also participated in the fair with their stands, shared with us about the recent loss of their father and the pain they felt was very hard to beat. In her experience, the niece of one of these ladies, said only with God’s help she was coping with the loss of her grandfather, because Christ is the consolation that not everything ends with death, but it is the hope of eternal life with Him We thank God for giving us the opportunity to share His word of comfort and encouragement to each of these people who were suffering from the loss of a loved one.


Children’s Fair in Pediatrics Hospital

On September 4, Christ For All Nations participated in a Children’s Fair held at the Pediatrics Hospital, in which we shared moments of joy and fun with the kids by the Puppet Theatre and Patito Juan’s message about obeying parents, this drama is the most requested by the children and staff of social work area of this hospital, organizers of this activity; balloons with animals forms, much anticipated by children, for in the midst of their illness, these balloons made them smile. Many people were touched with the message of hope in Christ through the booklet “Comfort for the Suffering”, which was welcomed as a material of great help and value, as Mrs. Maria said, “My dad died a month and I feel very sad about it, I’m from Guna Yala and I must return to my family and I hope that this booklet can help me and my family.”

Promoting preventive health and strengthening our spiritual life

With the aim of promoting preventive health to employees of the National Bank of Panama, Services Department conducted the XVIII health fair at the National Bank of Panama on Via Espana on Tuesday 25 September.

The Ministry of Christ For All Nations was invited to participate with a stand, where we share with those attending family counseling materials and spiritual especially the booklet on “Comfort for the Suffering”, the more we give you a hundred people.

Witnessing to Christ in these events allows us to share with people the message of hope and comfort that God gives to all those who go through crises, problems or diseases. As for Luis, who by negative experiences and not put your eyes on Christ departed from the church but has a great desire to strengthen their relationship with God and that way he can be a good example as a parent to her little three year old son.


Ministry in Action – FAIRS PROGRAM.-     At the invitation of Ms Iris Quiros, nurse in the Institute of Mental Health, the Ministry of Christ for All Nations with other organizations participated in the Health Fair organized in order to raise awareness among workers in this hospital on the importance of protecting their health and made the HIV test.

Our Ministry shared a Christian perspective through the booklet, “Family and AIDS” to each of the people who visited our booth and the game includes questions Since the Bible learned some Bible teachings. In addition, we did a raffle of a music CD “Tell God” (Dexter Reyes, Christian singer) whose winner was Mr. José Valderrama.

One of the visitors to our stand and testified to the Ministry of CPTLN had been a great blessing for your life. She told us that in the past, despite being Christian, had a “bad character” and all that others did not bother him, he was always grumpy at work and with friends and that was causing problems in their relationships with their partners and companions who did not understand why their behavior as physically had everything to be happy.

It was at that time when he came across the booklet “Control Your Bad Mood,” which was helpful because he could tell I had to change and implement the guidelines and teachings of the Gospel found in this booklet. Today, thank God because through His word his character changed to improve your personal relationships and is now really happy.


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