Special Announcement

Special announcement

Thank you for visiting our blog and letting us share with you what God is doing!

This blog will be making a transition starting in June. We will join together with ministry partners around the world who are also working to share the light of the Gospel in their countries. All of us will post stories of Gospel impact to one central blog. You will be able to see how the Good News is being shared globally.

Stay tuned for the new blog link and join us on June 1st!

Loneliness… the two sides of the coin


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We would be surprised how many people live in solitude, even when surrounded by other people. The state of solitude goes beyond a physical state, and in other cases, it is related to states of depression. In large cities as in small towns we can find people who are suffering from loneliness, and we are all part of the great opportunity to offer them support and comfort.

LHM Panama is distributing the Facing Loneliness booklet, which is addressed to those who are alone, helping them to see that there are two sides to the coin, and that we can either face a destructive solitude, as well as finding the benefits in solitude We will see that loneliness necessarily is an impediment to reach one of the fundamental rights of the human being, as it is the right to realize ourselves as people and to be happy.

Anyone interested can receive this resource, which is available in various reading formats: print, e-brochure (PDF) and Online. Available in Spanish.

To request it, people only has to complete the Contact Form and the delivery is processed immediately.

Joy in the Hemodialysis Unit


Christmas in Christ, brings joy and is what we saw reflected in the faces of the patients of the Hemodialysis Unit of San Miguelito, who joined to sing the Christmas carols with us while they patiently received their dialysis treatment. With a sax that conveyed a sweet melody that bristled the senses and reached the soul, the volunteer singers of LHM Panama and Licda. Raquel Camargo, social worker of this hospital, sang happy Christmas songs infecting the spirit of Christmas.


“Live happily, live happily, in the sweet love of the Lord, singing and praising Christ will come times of love and peace,” the patients sang and applauded with their palms. We shared with them this beautiful moment, feeling the joy that brings us the message of these beautiful songs; which speak of the peace and love that God gives us through His Son Jesus. The devotion A Different Way was the material we shared, which was received with great gratitude by all present. Thanks to Jazmin, Zahira, Jahaziel, Yordi, Maryi from Dios es Grande Lutheran Church and Pastor Patricio Mora from the El Redentor Lutheran Church for his voluntary support and gift of service to others. God bless them.

A gift that feeds the Spirit: The Word of God


Licda. Blanca receives her Bible.

With great joy they received the Licda. Blanca and the Licda. Elisenda, a special gift made by LHM Panama ministry center. This gift was a Bible and a CD with Christmas carols, which were asked by them during the fair realted to violence against women prevention, at the Hospital of Pediatric Specialties.


Bible given to Licda. Elisenda.

Much more joy we feel to see how these ladies treasured this gift, where they will know more the Word of God and feed their spirit, at the same time they were thankful for this special gift.

We are sowers but it is God who gives growth and works in the hearts of people. As 1Corinthians 3: 6-9 says,

I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose, and they will each be rewarded according to their own labor. For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.


Happy Nativity of Jesus!


freebibleimages.org / Lumo Project

God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. 1 John 4:9

Thank you for being part of this beautiful mission of Sharing Hope. We sincerely wish you this time to be full of peace, encouraging you to continue trusting in  the Lord’s promise of infinite love; and that next year we will continue bringing a voice of  encouragement to all people, everywhere.

Happy Nativity of Jesus!

Christmas Journey!


6,000 children will be reached with the powerful message of Christmas “Fulfilling the promise of God.” A 12 schools, seven communities, 2 hospitals and 10 community events will be arriving with presentations, dramas, games and the wonderful message of the True Christmas. Clan of Memo with all the puppets will be moving to all these communities and sharing pleasant moments with the children. The Red Boots Christmas Tour will be in the communities of El Barrigón in the Province of Veraguas, Sitio Prado, Paso Blanco, Arraijan and Puerto Armuelles, sharing food, toys, awards, books, Bibles, movies and “The Show of Clan of Memo” to 3,000 children in extreme poverty.


Bible study “God Reveals”


In the midst of a society that is constantly struggling with moral issues, religion seems to be a taboo subject, and each time seems to have more people who are against any expression of faith.
Through videos and study guides, the series “God Revelas” wants to share people that story. We invite people to explore what the Bible says about the incredible love of God, and how such love wants to give meaning and direction to their lives in this world and for eternity. The study is conducted by using the Internet and it’s available only in Spanish.

To learn more, go directly to the site of this course http://cptlnpanama.wixsite.com/diosserevela

Month Cancer Prevention


We begin this month with the Cancer Prevention Campaign, being an opportune time to accompany and offer encouragement to all people and their loved ones who are facing this disease. Through resources, share guidance and encouragement seeking to awaken a glimmer of hope and comfort in people. We will promote specialized content and orientation of the materials we provide, through the blog CuandoelCancerToca.wordpress.com and videos via Canal en Youtube LoMejorParaTuVida.

Last News in “Conectando”


Last innovative news about  recycling, fairs, children’s party in Colón, visits from Perú, evaluations and more, we share with you in the Conectando Bulletin / September 2016. You can access the online newsletter through this link! CONECTANDO ONLINE

New video! Eternal life


As part of the monthly campaign “Life after death”, we have produced a short video whose content focuses on questions that people often regarding death and the reactions they cause them; and the promises of eternal life that God gives us through various Biblical passages, besides the same victory in the resurrection of Jesus. The video is available only in Spanish.

Youtube vídeos channel – -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-A5zji4OLQ



At the monthly meeting of the Mental Health Network, we developed an evaluation of the positive and adverse aspects of the last realized fair, in order to continue promoting upcoming activities that promote mental health of our population. We were organizing the next event which will consist in a seminar workshop on suicide prevention that will take place with students and in which issues that enhance the value of life and strengthening life skills, will be played. LHM Panama, as member in this network, will have the responsibility to present a devotional on hope and love for life, for which we have asked and confirmed with Pastor Patricio Mora of El Redentor Lutheran Church, his support the presentation of this devotional.

Colón’s children were celebrated

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The Lutheran Ladies of Panama made a children’s program in Jesús Divino Salvador Lutheran Church, located in the province of Colón. This is one of the first activities will be performed in various congregations, to strengthen, unify and encourage the people of God growing. On this occasion, LHM panama contributed by Project Joel and puppets of Clan de Memo.

This event for children of the community was done with much enthusiasm. The children received gifts, participated in games, competitions, were awarded, received snacks and, most importantly, received the message of love in Christ Jesus.

We thank the Lutheran Ladies of Panama, as well as members of the Jesús Divino Salvador Lutheran Church for the opportunity given to us to contribute to their events and activities.


Visits from Peru!

We received today, at the offices of LHM in Panama, Pastor Joshua Gale and his beautiful family (from Lutheran Mission Peru, missionary of Missouri Synod where CPTLN participates as a member of the Forum of Peru), who are on their way to the Dominican Republic, where they will participate in a general meeting of missionaries. Thanks we give to God for allowing us to present the work we are doing in Panama to share the message of hope in Christ and opportunities to support the mission in Peru. We had a very nice time with the Gale family, who also talked about the community and spiritual work being developed in Peru with children, youth and single mothers.

Connect with this mission!

Conectando july 2016

Wonderful opportunities to serve has given us the Lord and we invite you to discover them in the latest edition of the Connect Newsletter. You will find a review of what was the missionary journey of Christ Lutheran Church to Panama and the impact of its work in the community of Loma Cova, as well as new about the programs, as Project Joel and its anniversary, the participation of the ministry at the Multiservice Fair, among others. Cheer up, do not stop to see and share!

Click here–>


Support our labor in Panama

Kites Day

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Following up on our working agreement with the Ministry of Social Development (government entity), we accompany a group of children in the area of San Miguelito, in order to spend a fun time and teaching. This event was called “Kite Day”. Kids had fun playing various sports and enjoying flying their kites. Contemplating the nature created by the Lord God, we had a time of reflection on the Word of God. Children who participated in this activity were selected from areas of economic and social risk, so very few opportunities present themselves to enjoy such activities outside their own communities. The Maritza and Diana were voluntary teachers for this session. God blessed them with a beautiful day.


Look at more video news at “Su Voz” News Chanel 

Meeting of the Network of Mental Health: Proposed Mental Health Care and Advances on LHM in Panama

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LHM Panama ministry center hosted the monthly meeting of the Network of Mental Health, which was held on Wednesday 25. This meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Health, the Metropolitan Health Region, the Naval Air Service, the Panamanian Special Training Institute, the National Lottery and the Patronato Luz del Ciego. During this meeting were presented two topics: the first regarding the proposed mental health care to pregnant women at risk of contracting the Zika virus and how each of the institutions can provide guidance to the ladies who are part of the population which works.

The other issue we had the opportunity to present, was the work of the LHM ministry in Panama, for which we have the support of fellow Zulaika Crespo who explained to those present the career of ministry and teaching resources and spiritual support we offer. Similarly, Porfirio Franco spoke about the achievements obtained by the Project JOEL work and strategy used to reach children and youth under risk and need. It was a very productive day which could present the progress of our ministry and also have more information to guide other people about the danger of not cooperating to eliminate mosquito breeding sites that are Zika virus carriers.

People are been reached by the Gospel!

Conectando Bulletin May 2016

The Word of God and His message of Salvation is being shared with children, youth and adults in an amazing way. We thank the Lord for letting us to serve Him bringing His Word through the programs and resources we develop and distribute.

Look at more these Good News at Conectante Bulletin

Shocking how the Gospel permeates the lives of children and adults

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In the area of Chinina in El Lagarto, Gulf of Panama, drought has ravaged, because the people live, almost entirely, planting and livestock. Climate Change has made theirs. However, that was not an obstacle for children to manifest the greatest enthusiasm with the arrival of the puppets of “Memo and his Clan”. Diana, Anibal and Porfirio, with a group of children performed a wonderful celebration. They shared sweets, gifts and books, films and presented puppetry. Adults in the community also joined this event. Tours like these are made in order to support materially communities suffering from some lack, besides being an opportunity to share the Word of God and the message that God has for their lives.

“In this context, it is striking how the Gospel permeates the lives of children and adults, and especially in our lives,” comments Diana Valdez, Project Joel volunteer.  “To me has changed my way of thinking and acting and my grandmother is the first to notice. I am a small missionary”, comments Anibal Sanchez, school volunteer. “Certainly, we cannot eradicate poverty, but we take a step forward when we move to these areas difficult to reach, ready to bring – the whole essence of the word – the Gospel”, said Porfirio Franco, Project Joel coordinator program.


Look at more video news at “Su Voz” News Chanel 


Conectando Bulletin March 2016

Produced by LHM Panama ministry center, this monthly newsletter brings you the latest news on the work of programs of Lutheran Hour Ministries in Panama on integral prevention and promotion of values, messages of guidance and hope in public shows, the work of teaching to children in the community of Loma Cova by working in partnership with the local church, spiritual education to children from other parts of the city, training, Bible studies, and more. You can access to this free monthly newsletter through the link MONTHLY NEWSLETTER.

To sign up for the mailing list of this newsletter, you can send a message to cptlnencontacto@gmail.com with the subject: Subscribe to Monthly Newsletter.

“The most exciting of my life”

Testimonio 01

Testimonio 02

Testimony of Aníbal Sanchez

I feel very important working for “the things of God.” Here in El Golfo – El Lagarto in Chepo -, many children have come to see the movie, receive toys and candies, and I also got a cute toy. I was participating in a presentation with Diana and Porfirio, using one of the puppets – I was “Cococho” the naughty puppet -. And with Cococho, I learned that I must be obedient, respect my parents and, above all, I learned that I am important for God. We sang, we present and perform devotional dramas. My grandmother took me in this event, which has been the most exciting of my life. She says I’ve changed a lot and see me as a Christian child. Back to school after these holidays and I thank God that I may be doing this work.

El Lagarto in Chepo, is a place of difficult access, a rural area hit hard by poverty and droughts caused by the strong summer.

Talk on Mental Health and Palliative Care

LHM Panama ministry center, represented by Mgtra. Itza Romero, attended the talk on “Mental Health and Palliative Care” that was issued to members of the Mental Health Network. It was in charge of Lic. Oris Ruíz who is a nurse at the National Cancer Hospital and provides services to terminally ill patients.

Services in palliative care to people with chronic diseases (kidney and arthritis) and terminals (cancer) occur when the doctor diagnoses that can no longer do anything else. It is then stabilize symptoms that can be controlled, so that the patient suffers as little as possible during the lifetime he/she has. The patient and his/her family receive psychological care, emotional and spiritual support.

This service began as an initiative of HOSPES Foundation, whose range is very small, since it works with donations and volunteers.

Connecting Newsletter is now available!

Conectando Bulletin February 2016

Tips on money management, Botas Rojas Campaign reached 4200 children; work to share with children in Colon, Loma Cova, Alcalde Diaz and La Cabima; among other information, are the news you’ll find inside Connecting Bulletin of February! The newsletter is available through this link VIEW ONLINE.

We invite you to view our newsletter and to make us your feedback and impressions.

Monthly Resource

Devocional El Camino de Cuaresma


During Lent, Christ For All Nations is sharing devotional “The Way of Lent.” In the devotional “The Way of Lent” we use the term “path” to communicate the message of salvation compliance, so long awaited by the people of God in the work of His Son.
Reflections are being posted at Mensajes de Esperanza Blog, and anyone interested can follow daily the message, request devotional, or receive in the email inbox the day reading.

Thank the Lord for the opportunity to, once again, this way through Bible reading, meditating on the purpose of the coming of Christ, which was fulfilled with His crucifixion and resurrection.

Available Conectando Bulletin!

Jan Conectando Bulletin cover

The Conectando Bulletin of January is available from the link VIEW ONLINE.
In this newsletter we share images and news of the various activities that have been developing by programs CPTLN to carry the message of hope from God to all people, such as the Christmas visits to hospitals (December 24 Hospital, Pediatric Hospital, Hemodialysis Unit of San Miguelito), Christmas tours to distant communities (Los Tecales, El Barrigón, Sitio Prado, Cerro Maíz), and more.
We invite you to view our newsletter.

Meeting the Mental Health Network

Fotos Red

LHM / CPTLN, participated in the organizational meeting of the Intersectoral Network of Mental Health and the toast of year end, held at the Foundation of Hogares Crea. The schedule of meetings for the coming year 2016 and achieve the goals as part of the research was developed by the network. Among these are the formation of a network of mental health in the provinces of Veraguas and Cocle and strengthening teams in primary health care that can assist people in emergencies and disasters; since we are lacking specialists in psychiatry.

Connecting with you!

CPTLN December 2015 Bulletin cover

The Conectando Bulletin of December is available from the link VIEW ONLINE.
In this newsletter we will share images and news about the several activities that have been developing the LHM Panama ministry center to carry the message of hope from God to all people, such as the monthly visit to the Pediatric Hospital, the integral prevention and values work at schools and colleges, community events, and more.

We invite you to view our newsletter.

From USA, donor visits LHM ministry center in Panama


We received the visit of Mr. Edward Bartling Martinez and his wife, who for several months contacted our ministry and has been watching the work of LHM/CPTLN and Lutheran churches in Panama. A nice time we shared, reliving moments of fellowship with brothers and sisters from Bethlehem Lutheran Church, church where Mr. Edward attends. This church dedicated its Sunday School to our ministry on the month of August, as contribution to support the work in Panama. A beautiful gift prepared the children of this congregation for our ministry, a Luther Rose painted with their fingers.

Installation of the new Pastor of Emanuel Lutheran Church


It was a great blessing to attend the formal Installation of Pastor Juan Carlos Silva, as Pastor of Emanuel Lutheran Church, in the community of Sora. We had representatives from four Lutheran congregations. The Installation was made by Rev. Patricio Mora, President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Panama (IELPA).

Pastor André Müller visits LHM/CPTLN

Luiz Muller

Before the development of Spiritual Leaders Retreat of the Lutheran Church of Panamá, at LHM/CPTLN offices we had the opportunity to receive the visit of Pastor André Luiz Müller, with whom we had pleasant moments of brotherhood and sharing devotional time. Likewise, Pastor Müller could know a little more about our city, visiting important tourist and historical sites.

Spiritual Leaders Retreat

RetiroIEPA – Evangelical Lutheran Church of Panama -, with the support of LHM/CPTLN, was pleased to hold the event Spiritual Leaders Retreat at the Emanuel Lutheran Church facilities on 20, 21, 22 November. Four congregations were participating. Brazilian Pastor Andre Luis Müller, from Uruguay, supported and shared his experiences and the great work that is taking place in Montevideo. The purpose of this retreat was to strengthen the leaders in the growth of leadership and, above all, to strengthen the knowledge of our Lutheran doctrine. Pastor Müller stressed that we have a precious pearl to share, and for that reason we need to know it and value it. We thank God for this opportunity to fraternize among brothers and strengthen us spiritually.

Mental Health Network Meeting

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Christ For All Nations / LHM, participated in the organizational meeting of the Network of Mental Health and toast An order, which was held at the offices of the Foundation Hogares Crea. We developed a schedule of meetings for 2016 and the goals to be achieved as part of the work to be performed by the network. These goals are the creation of a network of mental health in the provinces of Veraguas and Cocle and strengthening care teams in primary health care for people in emergencies and disasters, since we are lacking specialists psychiatry.

Taking the Lord’s message through the media

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The message of God’s love is wonderful. Find on the Lord that source of peace and hope is a miracle that encourages us to share it with everyone we can. Directly we go to the communities, schools and universities, churches, and public and private institutions, but also we move into the Internet world, where we can find hundreds of people who are looking for encouragement to their lives or want to know more about the Lord.

Through social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest), news blogs, thematic and reflections, video channel, e-mail, the website published the work we do every day to proclaim the Gospel, devotional reflection, Bible verses, promotions given away or share resources and guidance items, such as the theme “My Place in God’s Plan.”

There are many ways to communicate, however, one is just the message that eternal life and love we want to bring: the message of salvation.


Website on Reformation now available

Pagina web La Reforma

We thank God for the opportunity He has given us to make available to everyone the website “THE LUTRHERAN REFORMATION” , which shares information, content and historical impact of the event The Reformation, the reformers and the actions of Martin Luther in history, especially in the religious and spiritual events. Further, visitors can learn a little more closely on doctrine and beliefs of the Lutheran Church, and the presence of it in our country; plus access to valuable resources such as booklets and videos related to this event, the contents of which are based on knowledge, training, experience and testimony of Lutheran leaders, to guide visitors in a clear, simple and complete way.

Conectando – Monthly Bulletin is ready!

Cover CPTLN October bulletin

LHM Panama ministry center (in Spanish Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones) is sharing our latest bulletin, in which you can find information about the labor this ministry is developing in Panama to share the Gospel to children, youth and adults.

To read it please, CLICK HERE

Christian reflections on Pinterest

Capsulitas en Pinterest

We looking for spaces that are opportunities to exhort and encourage, share a number of Christian messages and reflections on the social network Pinterest, where visitors can find Biblical reflections that will encourage and exhort them in various moments of their life, being the Word of God the source of eternal wisdom and love. We want to be a blessing to anyone who can visit this space!

— > Christian messages at Pinterest (available on Spanish)

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