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Friendship, companionship and a great desire to live are reflected in the group of pediatric nephrology patients of the Hospital of Pediatric Specialties, with whom we meet every month to develop personal and spiritual growth workshops. These children are all life warriors as they attend their dialysis treatment three times a week, travelling from distant places of the country and try to carry out their daily activities such as going to school and doing their homework.

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Despite the fatigue or pain that their medical treatments produce, children enjoy these workshops; we can see their smiles, the sharing and take off their own thing to give it to their friends. Just as Joseph did with his friend Alejandro, who gave him his friendship bracelet. These meetings are generating a beautiful coexistence and an affective sharing between the parents and their children. At this time, they talk, carry out their crafts as a team, laugh and reinforce the parental bond and sharing among children.

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The subject was about the self-esteem and the feeling of personal value that comes given to being made by God in his image and likeness; Which makes us valuable to Him and gives us a sense of personal value to ourselves. As a complementary part that strengthens the development of skills, the children together with their parents made earrings and beautiful bracelets that looked proud at the end of the workshop. When she asked little Ania what she liked most about herself, she said, “What I like best about me is life.” This makes me reflect on how we face our personal situations and how we let the Word of God work in our daily lives. Let us not tire of doing good and continue showing love in every work and action that we do and thus we can testify that the love of God is in our life.

Visiting Instituto Oncologico with Columbus University’ students


Patients at the Instituto Oncológico were visited by a group of Social Work students from the Medical career at Columbus University. “This activity aimed to bring a message of relief and hope to all patients in the different waiting rooms. It was a very active morning, where for 5 hours dramas, songs, talks of prevention and education, testimony and prayers for the patients were realized. For us, the 16 student practitioners, but especially for me, it has been very shocking to put into practice something of our formation and carry the message of love from God. This changes the life of a medical student. Together with the puppets of Proyecto Joel we dramatize humorous situations and we get smiles and tears from the patients. It is a commitment for us to follow up on this task, “says Yadira Álvarez, student and coordinator of this activity.

Yadira has volunteered with Project Joel, but this is the first of the formal experiences where she invites her colleagues to live this experience, which was described by teachers and supervisors as effective and positive.


Workshop “I Have a Friend”


Pastor Patricio Mora talks about love and friendship parents should express at their homes with their families.

Continuing with the workshops, with the group of mothers and children patients of nephrology of the Hospital of Pediatric Specialties, we met with them to develop the workshop “I Have a Friend”. This workshop was attended by Pastor Patricio Mora of El Redentor Lutheran Church, who talked about the theme of love and friendship as key ingredients in interpersonal relationships, especially in the family environment; as well as the love that offers us our Father God, who offers us His friendship and fills our emptiness and solitude.

We had the participation of two parents who were accompanying their children to the dialysis therapy, who enthusiastically were involved in the workshop and developed their friendship card “I offer you my heart and my hands”. Through a note written on this card, parents told their children those qualities that they like about them and how much they love them.


Parents and children show the crafts made during this session.

This was a time when parents and children interacted and shared together expressing their ideas and developing their crafts. Although initially these workshops were scheduled to be held with parents, we have found with the pleasant surprise that some of the children coincide in time and can share even a moment with their parents, before entering the therapy or when leaving the same; which allows us to have them together by participating in the workshops and teachings.

We are very happy and excited about this new door that God has opened to us to testify of his love and to perform works of mercy.


Red Boots in the mountains of El Barrigón


They are so happy with their gifts!

Dozens of children from various areas of the mountain gathered at the home of the Perez family, where Auntie Nico receives them with affection. All the children came looking for the surprise in the community of El Barrigón: the Christmas event. This event was held for two days, in which the Red Boots Campaign for Christmas shared the Word of God. Thank God we received enough donations (toys, clothes and food), which were distributed, as well as materials, books and Bibles. The Pérez Family, organizer of the event, prepared this activity months in advance.


Enjoying the puppet theatre.

Among the donors we have students from the Schools Pedro J. Sossa and Jerónimo de la Ossa, among other private education centers, CPTLN and individuals. Team Joel and a large group of volunteers developed the activity so that these children lived a Christmas with very emotional and valuable moments. Children watch movies, play, feed, receive Bible lessons, and receive gifts. “The Show of Memo” brings the joy of Christmas. This task requires a great logistical work that requires effort and time.

Celebrating Christmas at the Hospital


Sharing joy during the waiting time.

We were present among the guests to the Christmas party, organized for the children of the pediatric ward of the Hospital Irma De Lourdes Tzanetatos, on December 24. Treats, gifts, santas, Disney dolls with Woody the Cowboy, Mickey and Minnie and Elmo, made the day of the children, who, along with their parents, enjoyed a time of fun, games and face paintings.


Christmas Journey booklet were distributed.


A special activity was presented by the group of volunteer singers of the Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, who sang Christmas carols announcing the joy of celebrating the birth of Jesus. We shared, in the voice of Pastor Patricio Mora of the El Redentor Lutheran Church, a beautiful message about the importance of celebrating Christmas in Christ and of having Jesus as the main guest of Christmas, for He is the birthday and the reason for Christmas.

For Miss Neblett, chief nurse of the pediatric ward, “having the CPTLN group is very important for them because it presents the Christian message of what Christmas really is about. And so we teach children that saints are fun and gifts are a long awaited thing; But it is important to know that Christmas makes sense when we celebrate Christ who is the center of Christmas. “



Let’s be merry! God has given us the Best Gift


Reverend Rupert Neblett encourages children.


The Red Boots Campaign for Christmas arrived in the community of Gnobe Bugle in the province of Chiriquí. Thank God for His countless blessings, with the support of volunteers and donors from American English Overseas, Project Joel and IDDP, the children were part of an event where we shared the joy of the greatest gift of all: Jesus.



It was two days of dramas, songs, activities in which the center was God’s love for humanity. Adults and children received literature, toys, food and clothing.

Songs to encourage the soul


“I will sing a new song to you, my God; on the ten-stringed lyre I will make music to you.” Psalm 144:9

In times of health problems, the songs cheer the soul, helping us to cope a little better that moment. And in this Christmas season, the message even more encourages and exhorts to hope.

During December, with carols, we will tour various health organizations (hospitals) and the home of the elderly, thanks to the support of young people of the Dios es Grande Lutheran Church and Pastor Patricio Mora of the El Redentor Lutheran Church.

Important nationwide journal publishes work of LHM Panama

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La Prensa’s Ellas magazine, one of the most important nationwide journal, published an article about the labor of Holistic program. This program shares presentations, songs and messages of hope; distribute booklets; and performs dramas to adults and children at Pediatric Hospital. Several times a year, LHM Panama participates with volunteers to develop this labor, to encourage people with an important message: they (adults and children) are not alone; in Christ, they can find strength to continue, and only He can gives them comfort to their heart, often decayed by disease.

Nationwide newspaper and Ellas magazine, Christimas edition.

La Prensa, nationwide journal, and its Ellas magazine.


Thanks our Lord for this amazing opportunity to show to people that in Him everyone can find the true love and peace, specially during this difficult times, for partnering with volunteers of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, who always are part of the Christmas Carols Tour, as well as Pastor Patricio Mora, of El Redentor Lutheran Church.

*Ellas magazine, Christmas special edition / December 7, 2016 

Bringing a Light of Hope to the Red Cross’ Nursing Home

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In coordination with Ms. Migdalia Salas and Ms. Ada Ortega of the Red Cross shelter, the team and volunteers of the LHM Panama ministry center, we visited the nursing home located in Calidonia.
With our puppets, the grandmother Toña and the grandfather Tomás, we developed a complete program through group games and songs. The elderly laughed, sang, told anecdotes and received the message of the Word of Life, which teaches us that with Christ we have hope and we are strong enough to cope with any circumstances that arise in daily life.

In this respect, Mr. Esteban told us that: “That light of hope is what we need and it is the light that illuminates and guides our lives.”

As a reminder of this message, they created a necklace with beads and a cross that reminds us of Jesus’ great love for us, who came to give us life in abundance. They also received a devotion booklet entitled “A Light of Hope”. Thank God for this opportunity to show your love for our neighbor and for having Felix, Keren and Pastor Patricio Mora, volunteers, who gave us their support to carry out this action of love and bring hope to those in need.

The Cancer Institute receives Grandparents puppets of El Clan de Memo

As an act of selfless love, we describe the event organized by the students of the Faculty of Medicine, of Columbus University. With gifts, surprises, songs and joy, these young people made smile to more than one person in the room where we make this special presentation for patients at Cancer Institute. “Grandparents” Puppets of El Clan de Memo could not miss, bringing unparalleled joy and a message of encouragement and strength. These opportunities are great blessings of God, they are open to present the love of God and His Word as eternal source of peace and hope in any circumstance of life. The Lord has blessed us, because in the context of social work to be performed by these students, and previous tasks of social work with them, we have a door open to enter this place.


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LHM Panama ministry center was making a visit to the Hospital of Pediatrics, in which we had the joy of sharing with children and their families a message that reinforces the values of love, communication and respect in the family.

Several of the children present participated voluntarily making us a dialogue together with the puppets and singing songs that teach about obedience and being different; allowing God to work in our lives so we can show good and positive attitudes and behaviors amid a society in which it seems that bad things are prevalent.

After the activity we find the child Julio 11-year-old smiling told us that he liked very much the message presented and had learned that we must obey parents so that we do well in life. At that time we felt that the good seed had fallen on fertile ground and ask God to let germinate and grow this good word in the heart of July.

This time we share the booklet “Educating for Life” it presents guidelines for parents on how to guide and discipline our children with love.

A call to reflection, in the area of Pediatric Hospital Outpatient

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In our country it has begun the rainy season, after living several months of severe drought and hot weather. This has brought a relief to see that the river levels have risen, but at the same time, has been a major concern due to the floods that are affecting many of our communities. Besides this, carelessness with litter and the proliferation of mosquitoes that transmit diseases and becomes greater during the rainy season, they are a big problem. Taking this into account, and as a Christian ministry, LHM Panama ministry center feels called to share with people, an orientation that leads them to reflect on this world that God has given us as our earthly home, you need to be careful; because, otherwise, we will be destroying water supplies, animals and everything we need to live. By destroying God’s creation we are destroying the livelihood of human beings.

This was the message we bring the kids and parents in the Outpatient area at Pediatric Hospital, where several of those present were involved to participate in the presentation, being part of the actors who helped to share the message through puppetry. Similarly, it was very valuable voluntary support of Rodolfo Crespo, who also greatly enjoyed sharing with children this message of exhortation.

Let us put our trust in God

Holístico 01

Holístico 02

“The Duckling Juan” brings joy and lessons to Children at Pediatric Hospital

As part of the activities planned by the Licda. Carmen Morales, a social worker at Pediatric Hospital, held a special event on Wednesday, April 6, for hospitalized children; in which they had a moment of relaxation, learning and fun with their families. LHM Panama was invited to participate with their puppet theater, in which the “Duckling Juan” carried a message to children about obedience to parents and trust in God. The children sang the song “Father Abraham” and received the booklet “Trust in God” who urges them to put their concerns in God, for He cares for them. We are grateful for the support of the Licda. Anayansi Hernandez, Ileana Ramos, voluntary group of the Pink Ladies and Alexander (one of the children at the hospital) who helped us in presenting puppets. With songs and games made by the clown Palito, gifts and a big cake culminated the April monthly birthday celebration of children and also the Licda. Yaritza Mendez, for those who ask that God continue to bless her with many more years of life.

When God’s love compels us, no limitations

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Even amid an environment of extreme poverty, joy is no impediment to gladden the hearts of children.

In the community of Paso Blanco we have witnessed it, when we participated with spouses Guevara – Phany and Sixto  – carrying the message of hope in God. Yes, we have found limitations with access to electricity, however, in the near future, we will present films with messages of encouragement, with the help of a power plant. Yes, we did find a need in food, children are participating in a dining room. Yes, we did find spiritual lack, by God’s grace we share the wonderful love and power of God through the stories contained in the Bible and the Book of Life – flipbook format for children.
“This is an unavoidable task, it is our duty to be close to the most needy, and here there are about 100 families living in extreme poverty, depending on begging; however, this may change to a better life. I am convinced that empowering children with the powerful Word of God, much of the work is already done. Children receive food free of charge, and receive devotionals and books with teachings. For this year, we will add to this community in Red Boots for Christmas Campaign”, said Porfirio Franco, Project Joel program coordinator.


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Holy Week Tour


Among the communities of Chinana, El Lagarto in Chepo, Loma Cova, Tanara, and part of the indigenous area in the province of Chiriquí, we shared with 2,300 people – including children, youth and adults – a program focused on Easter, plus donation of food, toys and Bibles. Thanks to the grant from the One Hope Foundation, we distributed 2,300 units of Book of Life, whose content speaks of the death and resurrection of Jesus, and with the Bible Society donation, we gave away 300 Bibles and 40 New Testaments. Schools with which we relate through Project Joel program, donated toys and food. A team of volunteers mobilized to these areas to work together with puppets of Clan of Memo, sharing the message of salvation in Christ and the hope of eternal life.

Easter message at Pediatric Hospital

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With the voluntary support of Pastor Patricio Mora, young Claribeth and Maryi, members of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, LHM Panama ministry center visited the Pediatric Hospital, where we carry the Gospel message of Jesus’ teachings on the way to Calvary.

We shared the booklet “The Way of Lent” with parents, and children’s book of Bible Stories “Trust in God”. With our puppets “Camila and Anita” teach children about love and sacrifice of Jesus for all of us and His triumph over death. which it gives us the hope of eternal life.

People were very attentive to the message and participated commenting that for them Easter is a time of reflection and joy because Jesus rose again and so we who believe in Him, also resurrected.

Red Boots reached 4200 children

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Annually, by promoting “Red Boots” tour, we create awareness among children and young people from various schools on the material and spiritual needs of many children in our country. In this way, they add to the work of sharing and give a smile at Christmas. During 2015, the message of the True Christmas reached 4200 children, who also received food, toys, educational materials, Bibles and clothes. Two of the most emotional cases are the community of El Barrigón, located in the province of Veraguas, where we have completed 10 years visiting them; and the indigenous region of Gnabe Bugle in the province of Chiriqui, with whom we have three years. Each time is a wonderful experience, because we not only share material assistance, if we can speak of God’s love and how to stay there.

God has given us this wonderful opportunity to share His Word with children growing up in the midst of these situations, being the Botas Rojas tour an initiative to reach them. God has blessed us by allowing us to make this program and to provide us with support through schools, community authorities, churches and volunteers.

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Sharing Jesus in the Outpatient area: He is the greatest Christmas gift

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With welcoming remarks from Dr. Neil, deputy director of the Outpatient Pediatric area, LHM Panama ministry center began the presentation at this medical center. Walking the aisles of different waiting rooms at the sound of the chords of guitars and tambourine, children and parents sang carols, applauding with the palms and the little kids dancing to the melody, feeling the thrill of Christmas arrival. We stopped in the hematology room where the children shared with our program of Christmas songs, while receiving treatment. By sharing about Jesus to these people who are going through a difficult situation, we bring the message that in Christmas we receive the greatest gift of all: our Savior. We encourage them to trust that they are not alone. For people who do not know the Word of God, we shared, through carols and “A Different Path” devotional that they can move forward with Christ.

Tribute to Mothers in the Hemodialysis Unit

Dia de la Madre 01

A special program with songs and poems alluding to mothers at the time, was presented by the Ministry of LHM / CPTLN in the Hemodialysis Unit of San Miguelito. This tribute organized by the hospital administration was held on the eve of Mother’s Day. It was a special time to highlight the love and dedication of moms like the “Virtuous Woman” in Proverbs, they are always attentive to his family and the needs of your home. A special blessing asking God, for all mothers every day of his life and especially this group of women who, in their day to day, plus care for her family must cope with their disease.


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Christmas came to Sitio Prado

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Sitio Prado is an indigenous community of Gnabe Bugle, which we visited again this year to bring real Christmas celebration. With the support of volunteers from various schools who donated toys, food and clothing, we developed an event that delighted the heart of about 700 people. Blessed hundreds of children and desire to serve in the essence of the word “help” and make them feel happy all these children and their families who live with no comfort. During the night we made the special program of puppet theater with dramas, songs and Christmas movies, and during the day we developed training on various topics of interest and guidance as “Violence”, “Sex Education”, “Drugs” and “Self Esteem,” and in which we distributed Bibles, devotionals and booklets.

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Christ fulfills His purpose in Christmas

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With the assistance of over two hundred people, the Hospital of the December 24 held its Christmas party at which the LHM / CPTLN Panama ministry center was invited to participate, to share a Christmas message through his theater puppets and Christmas carols cantata.

Children and their parents took time to enjoy this great celebration that had prepared the medical and administrative hospital staff who made a great effort so that children were entertained with songs, parade of dolls, toys and food.

The volunteer group of CPTLN, members of the Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, performed to the rhythm guitars and tambourine Christmas songs of worship to Christ, while Pastor Patricio of El Redentor Church, gave the message about opening the doors of our hearts to Christ and kept in mind at all times, in times of joy and disease.

Dr. Joseph, director of the pediatric ward, thanked the Ministry of CPTLN to be accompanying them and bring this beautiful Christmas message, presenting Christ as the center of this celebration.

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Sharing Jesus, the greatest Christmas gift

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Christ For All Nations / LHM began its journey Christmas carols and carrying the message of what it means to have a Christmas with Christ in the Hospital of Pediatrics. We have the presence of Dr. Neil, Lic. Yaritza Mendez and Dr. Jaramillo who accompanied us joining the Carols. Smiling faces of children and their parents expressed the joy of Christmas, while joined to participate singing the songs and listening intently shared by our group of singers message, sharing Christmas melodies with joy to celebrate this time of hope and peace.

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Christmas came to children

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Sitio Prado, Indigenous community, “Gnabe Bugle” target of Project Joel with the “Red Boots” tour. Working days involving many volunteers. Various schools and Christians donate toys, food and clothing. Christmas overflowing joy and much enthusiasm. An incredible team. Hundreds of children blessed.

It is shocking to see how the volunteers and facilitators go with the idea of ​​serving in the essence of the word, help and make feel good all these children with their parents. Near the clouds, mountain ranges of Panama. Here poverty is extreme and needs overwhelming. Away from the amenities and eccentricities malls and Christmas in the capital. On Saturday we travelled there and at night the program was dramas, songs and Christmas movie, the next day are trained in various topics to the more than 700 people between adults and children. Close to 600 children attended the meeting this time with Christmas. -The Caravan of Love, this time  came full of educational booklets, stories, Bibles, games and toys. “Memo and his clan” made laugh all children. The Team Joel worked tirelessly with the entire team of volunteers, leaders and supporters.

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Grandma Tona and granddaughter Anita talks about solidarity

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During the visit to Pediatric Specialties Hospital, a few hundred people, including children and adults listened to the message given by the Ministry of Christ For All Nations / LHM through puppets “Tona  and Anita” about the importance of showing love and solidarity with people in difficult circumstances. One audience interested in listening to the teachings and the children received this message motivates us to continue our mission of preaching Christ through these little dramas and our materials, which on this occasion was the booklet “Education for Life”.


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Red Boots Campaign Starts at the Province of Chiriqui

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In order to share a message of love for low income families in the area of Los Tecales in the Province of Chiriqui, we traveled with a team of volunteers of Project Joel and Granitos de Amor Project (Little Grains Project), an initiative of Professor Dayra Ruiz volunteer of LHM/CPTLN in Panama. Thanks to donations from the community of Ciricito, Bible Society of Panama, INADEH’s students (governmental entity of adult education) and other collaborators, food, clothes and Bibles were distributed. This was a great opportunity to develop a special program with songs, games and teachings on God’s Word. We have the support of Haziel Martínez and Jordi Ávila from Dios es Grande Lutheran Church.

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Teaching about Healthy Lifestyles

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During the visit to Pediatric Specialty Hospital, the team of LHM/CPTLN in Panama presented, by the Anita Camila and puppets, lessons on healthy eating habits as a way to stay physically healthy. We emphasize the importance of protecting our mental and spiritual health through reading the Bible, praying and attending church, so that we can feel good inside and out. Some of the mothers, said that “most people do not pay attention to take care of their emotions and their mental health because they do not want to be seen as weak people; so, when faced with difficult situations suffering from disorders or get sick”. On this occasion, we shared the booklet: “Anger Control”.

Sharing Hope

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The Ministry of Christ For All Nations, with musicians volunteers from God is Great Lutheran Church, was visiting patients at Hemodialysis Unit of San Miguelito. We were sharing words of hope through devotional book “A Light of Hope”, Bible readings, hymns and psalms of encouragement and exhortation to praise the name of God and put trust in that He takes control of our lives and is present in all circumstances and disease.

For this group of people, every day is a gift from God, but sometimes pain and weakness of their bodies by dialysis treatments they receive, makes them feel despair and concern; while their families also suffer seeing them struggle with this disease and often unable to accompany them to appointments, which are three times a week.

One of the ladies told us: “Thank you for these biblical messages and we share these beautiful hymns and psalms to comfort our spirit. God bless you”. She asked us for a Bible, which would be the best gift for her, because she needs one.

This opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ with those who are physically, spiritually and need to pray with them fills us with great joy and thank God for this ministry in hospitals to serve by sharing His Word.


Social work with Christian love

Malagueto 01

Malagueto community was blessed by youth from “Ceilings of Hope” program led by Professor Dayra Ruiz, Project Joel program volunteer. This group moved to this community to deliver 40 bags of food and clothing in good condition, along with Bibles donated by Bible Society of Panama, The Book Life materials and toys donated by students from various schools in Panama.

The Project Joel Team joined this holistic activity with Clan of Memo’s puppets, who excelled at making people laugh and enjoy children. We estimate that 200 people, including children, adults and seniors, lived the experience of spending a fun time with the puppets, videos and getting the message of hope in Jesus Christ.

This has been a task of collection, in which many volunteers provide resources for people with needs and be blessed by God’s love.


Children learn the value of solidarity

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Small patients at Pediatric Hospital were participants in the teaching on the value of solidarity, given by the Puppet Theatre of Christ For All Nations. Grandfather Lucas and his granddaughter Anita talked to the children about this important issue and related the story of love and compassion of the Good Samaritan, highlighting the biblical text that says: “Love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our soul, and with all our strength, and our neighbor as ourselves. ” Similarly, the children sang the song “A different child”. When parents were asked how we can be supportive in the family, they felt that helping each other at home, working with the tasks for which the loads are distributed among its members.

One of the parents said: “I help at home doing the cooking while my wife takes care of the children and performs the cleanup”; what the audience applauded and congratulated him. Likewise, children were encouraged to collaborate picking up their toys and putting clothes in place.

“Educating for Life” booklet was distributed to parents who so requested, as they considered it a material that can assist them in guiding their children. Greynaldo, young volunteer of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church supported us.


CPTLN and volunteers bring joy during Children’s Day

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The Ministry of Christ For All Nations was part of a full program of two visits to the Hospital of Pediatrics and its outpatient area, in which the Department of Social Work took time to celebrate and entertain children in their day. Our Ministry, together with the brothers and sisters of St. Paul Church in Ohio, had the privilege of sharing lessons in values and the duties of children through puppet shows and songs with messages of God’s love to children. The children were very happy singing and listening carefully to the advice of John and the John Duck, whose exhortation to obedience to parents was the focus of this teaching. Also participated singing along with the group of volunteers, the songs “Jesus Loves Me” and “If indeed you are saved”, while enthusiastically received stuffed animals, bracelets, New Testaments and balloons lovingly gave them the group of St. Paul Church and CPTLN.

The group visited the hospitalized children and took time to pray with their parents about the health of their children, encourage them and give them some gifts to the children, who thanked a big smile. “Thank God for the privilege to serve and to serve others in difficult times.”

Guiding families in the Outpatient area

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To celebrate and highlight the Family Week, Jasmine Martínez and Itza Romero, members of the Ministry of Christ For All Nations team, accompanied by Lic. Yaritza Mendez, who oversees the Department of Social Work at the hospital, were visiting the Outpatient Pediatric area.

It was this opportunity to share with the children and their parents about teachings and guidelines as part of the celebration of the Week of the Family. There, with our little puppets Camila and Anita, we shared the Word of God, highlighting the values ​​of love and forgiveness as key tools of communication between parents and children and the importance of demonstrating affection, which will help improve the relationship between all the family members.

We were also sharing the booklet “Blended Families”, offering techniques, advice and help to have a good relationship and especially with the presence of Christ, because God wants to be part of our family.

A call to care for nature

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The team of Christ For All Nations, together with volunteers of The Redemeer and God is Great Lutheran Churches, visited the Outpatient area at the Pediatric Hospital, in order to bring the Gospel of Christ and the message of care Nature. Accompanied by our puppets and involving some children in the drama called “Memo destroyer”, a child who enjoyed destroying the nests of birds, flowers and plants and that despite the advice of his friend about the bad behavior, but, at last, he changed to be a different child, taking care of God’s creation.

Under the Arbor and Recycling Days, it was timely opportunity to carry the message about our responsibility to care this beautiful creation that God left us as our home on earth; in these times of climate change, we need to become aware of not littering polluter, to take care of water, plants and animals, otherwise we are slowly killing our big house: the world in which we live and which we call Planet Earth. We were also sharing the booklet “Coping with Disasters” to be forewarned about natural disasters and how to deal with such circumstances. The puppets interacted with children between smiles and singing: The world is our home and enjoyed singing along with their parents and were very attentive to the message presented.

In order to service, camaraderie and Christian coexistence

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A great opportunity given by God was the visit to Malagueto community, located in the area of ​​Puerto Armuelles in the province of Chiriqui. For several years ago, Puerto Armuelles area had a good economic situation due to the work of the banana plantations, however, when they closed, we could say that the face of poverty poked never leave, children and the elderly being the most affected, but nevertheless, they have not ceased to be hard workers and entrepreneurs.

We were blessed to support the work at the School of Malagueto presenting training on values, climate change and self-esteem, in addition to distributing Bibles, New Testaments, booklets and materials of “The Book of Life.” Thank God we were able to share a prayer with students, talk about the Gospel and spend a pleasant time with games and songs. “For me it is a privilege to return to my homeland to share these words of life to children, in order to be an example and model for others. Praise the Lord for it,” said Porfirio Franco Cortes. 

For five years Malagueto community has benefited from the social work of the “Red Boots for Christmas Tour” and during the classes we took the opportunity to reinforce the task of training on values.

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Moments of reflection in the Pediatric Hospital

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We participated in the Children’s Hospital Outpatient accompanied by Lic. Anayansi Hernández from the Department of Social Work. We shared with children and their parents a moment of reflection on the value of the Love of God in the family and the importance of showing affection to children.

During this time we interact with children using puppets Toña the grandmother and her granddaughter Juanita, in order to represent a conversation in which Juanita told her grandmother about a situation that worries. Juanita’s friends do not play, do not smile and are sad. Grandmother wisely gave the remedy to cure decayed hearts always looking at Jesus for help, finding on Him the solution to our problems and sorrows, for He alone strengthens us.

The kids had fun with the puppets and, laughing, made dynamics hug their parents, thinking that when we give and receive hugs from loved ones, we feel loved and thus self-esteem and security is strengthened themselves. We thank God for this so great love that fills our hearts every day and the opportunity to carry the message of His Word.

Ministering Children at Pediatric Hospital

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The ministry visited the Pediatric Hospital in order to present a fun learning about “The water that quenches our thirst,” which was developed by our puppets Camila and Anita. We managed to capture the attention of young and their parents, allowing us to talk to some of them and encourage them to attend church to know more about God.

We emphasized the importance of drinking water for the health of our bodies and environment care to avoid contaminating it, because we need it to live. At the same time we guided the audience to reflect that through the material water we can calm our body thirst, but there is a spiritual thirst that only Christ, who is the source of living water, can quench. We also share the booklet “Comfort For Suffering”.

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