Hands working for Christ!

Christ Lutheran Church volunteers are visiting Panama in order to develop a series of work as missionaries in the community of Loma Cova, some schools and church in Balboa. We thank God for the continuing work on lessons for children of the community of Loma Cova, solidarity that has been given to young people and members of the Lutheran Church God is Great, collaborating with teachers at the School Pedro J. Sossa and State of Minnesota School!

Noah’s Ark and the Creation of the earth and the Miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes topics have been made with children who have greatly enjoyed this time with each of the volunteers.

CPTLN and volunteers bring joy during Children’s Day

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The Ministry of Christ For All Nations was part of a full program of two visits to the Hospital of Pediatrics and its outpatient area, in which the Department of Social Work took time to celebrate and entertain children in their day. Our Ministry, together with the brothers and sisters of St. Paul Church in Ohio, had the privilege of sharing lessons in values and the duties of children through puppet shows and songs with messages of God’s love to children. The children were very happy singing and listening carefully to the advice of John and the John Duck, whose exhortation to obedience to parents was the focus of this teaching. Also participated singing along with the group of volunteers, the songs “Jesus Loves Me” and “If indeed you are saved”, while enthusiastically received stuffed animals, bracelets, New Testaments and balloons lovingly gave them the group of St. Paul Church and CPTLN.

The group visited the hospitalized children and took time to pray with their parents about the health of their children, encourage them and give them some gifts to the children, who thanked a big smile. “Thank God for the privilege to serve and to serve others in difficult times.”

Curious parade in pajamas to promote Values

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Parades are an interactive activity in which children be part of a campaign promoting Christian Values. Children participate in this parade with pijamas, with lots of encouragement and happiness, and in this opportunity, Lutheran missionaries from Ohio also participated. This parade was an opportunity to exercise and promote the values walking the streets of their community. Security for this children prevailed throughout the event. During activities in school, we emphasize that children enjoy the presentation of puppets Memo and his Clan, drawings on values issues, and sang cheerfully. This school has positively received our program, program that performs Christian values through Project Joel and applied it as their formal education curriculum on values. We congratulate the teacher Maritza Valdes to develop, together with her team and the parents of the children in this school, so excellent training work.

Bible School with buzzing bees

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Three days of activities of Bible classes, games and fun where children of Jesus in the Poor School in Loma Cova, learned values and Christian principles. The group of missionaries from the Lutheran Churches of Ohio in the US, led these small schools, with wonderful blessings for children. We highlight the work of volunteers who participate in these activities on Christian values education, being well received by parents of students in this school. The theme presented on bees and the honeycomb was of great interest to children, which caught his attention to participate.


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Ohio, United States, volunteers travelled to witness the love of Christ 

For over a week we had the opportunity to live with 18 brothers and sisters 3 Lutheran congregations of Napoleon, Ohio, who traveled so far to share with children, youth and adults about the love of Jesus, using various activities, work and strategies.

One of the main goals of their trip was to support the God is Great Lutheran congregation – located in the area of ​​Loma Cova – in improvements to its building (paint, flooring, installation of toilets and fans, electric arrangements and pipes, among others). We highlight the participation of volunteers in this Lutheran congregation and CPTLN team, supporting scheduled jobs, especially in logistics, purchasing and transporting materials. Start work occurred from day one, with the active collaboration of volunteers from Ohio.

Events and activities developed with this mission group

We thank the Lord for every opportunity for spiritual growth that gives us, like this one in which we have seen how He works in the lives of people in such a wonderful way by other Christians. This missionary group from Ohio, not only worked with churches to raise the funds necessary for their air transport, accommodation and food, but also to pay for repairs and improvements to the building of the God is Great Church, donate a refrigerator, largely support the party for children and Bible school as well as gifts of thanks to the team of LHM and the congregation.

Building a character with Christian basis

Forjando caracter

“Forging a Christian character” is the title of a seminar presented to young people, to guide them in the formation of a character based on integrity. By forging we refer to the work that we must invest in order to obtain a specific form. Youth face several situations in which their character is challenged, forcing them to make decisions that can be positive or not for their lives. By incorporating the Christian base, not only speak of faith and hope in God, but also of a whole series of instructions for a full life based on values ​​that the Bible teaches love of neighbor, justice, solidarity, humility, discipline, among others.

We thank God who has given us the opportunity to develop this seminar with a group of students of IMMOP (Institute of Merchant Marine of Panama), academic center where we are developing a comprehensive program of prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles. As part of the program, youth are being targeted on the achievements and goals of their lives by “My Life Project” tool, and planning for the future from a perspective on Christian values, with an excellent opportunity to help them build a character with well grounded values.

During the seminar we have volunteers Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, who shared through a drama, the message of salvation and gift of Christ on the cross for the life of each, since He is the only way to break down walls undermine and destroy our lives, especially the most sensitive lives of children and youth. Voluntary Solangel Gobea, who, with her beautiful voice, encouraged young people to raise their hands and voices to praise the Lord, also shared his life testimony about fighting for God’s hand to move forward and achieve their personal and professional goals. Solangel is a professional singer with recorded discs, and music teacher in an academy.


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As part of monitoring the work done in Bolivar Institute, the topic “Stop Bullying” was presented, in which the students participated in a very active form. During the course of the presentation, were present Team Joel members and Christ Lutheran Church volunteers from Florida, United States. During the second class period this year, Project Joel, together with educators, I will be working on sessions scheduled on this topic, in order to raise a campaign to prevent this problem and file bullying. To do this, we have considered different types of activities, such as murals contests, lectures, films, and most of all, encourage them to become aware of the damage this problem causes in human life, not only in the life of the victim, but also in the life of the stalker, and how these actions are a reflection of sin in which we live and how Christ can restore their lives.

“This is a very positive meeting, as it complements the whole task of integral prevention education and Christian values ​​that has been taking place in the school”, says Professor Peggy Trevia.

We take this opportunity to stress that the Bolívar Institute recently received recognition and approval of programs by the Ministry of Education (MEDUCA) which announced with great joy, because Project Joel has been considered as the basis for the work of comprehensive prevention in this school. We praise God!

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The use of play and drama as teaching tools

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Childhood is a time in life where the imagination and the game reigns, being the most suitable moment for teaching, as in a child’s ability to learn to have your mind fresh and agile. This step allows us to share with small kids values ​​of the family, with peers at school and in their own lives. Despite their young age, children learn and understand well the message when the right tools are used. This was our morning with Pasitos of Panay School’s children, where the CPTLN team and Amazing Grace Lutheran Church’s  volunteers, shared – through games, songs, puppets and crafts – the love of Jesus. The market offers a variety of games that can be used for teaching at home, and as another alternative, on the Internet we can find ideas on how to create them, which also fosters relationships with children to work with them, making it a more attractive opportunity to share about Jesus.

During the afternoon, we issued seminars focused on healthy lifestyles to IMMOP’ students (Institute of Merchant Marine of Panama), who not only urged them about a life in righteousness, but also about the importance of the presence of God in their lives. As part of the reinforcement of the message, the young volunteers from Amazing Grace Lutheran Church developed a powerful drama about the struggle of man against the temptations and, despite falling on them, Christ is willing to help to deal with them and through he, being free. Solangel, a wonderful Christian singer, put a special touch with her voice, having these students singing and raising their hands.

Amazing Grace Lutheran Church’s Volunteers begin missionary work in Panama

Panama Mission Team 2014

Amazing Grace Lutheran Church

On Saturday 12 July, the group of ten members of the Amazing Grace Lutheran Church in Oxford, Florida, arrived in Panama City in order to perform eight days-missionary work sharing their testimonies and the God’s message of hope and love to children, youth and adults, teaming with Christ For All Nations. The group will also support in improvement works to the offices of the ministry.

After settling in the hotel, they visited the Redeemer Lutheran Church, where they could learn more about the work of CPTLN and talking about the schedule of upcoming activities.

We thank God for this new opportunity to exchange with other believers and thus join as a team on this project of evangelization proclaiming the Good News of the Lord.

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