Equipping The Saints Workshop, Río Rita-Colón

02Equipando a Los Santos

LHM Panama dictated the seminar “Lutheran Identity” in the Jesús Divino Salvador Lutheran Church, located in Río Rita. We had a group of participants, who were very motivated and participative during the development of the issues, clarifying doubts they had about the current situation of the Lutheran church and changes adopted by some churches that do not belong to the same synod.

03Equipando a Los Santos

The speakers: Licdo Edilberto Méndez, director of LHM Panama and Pastor Patricio Mora of the El Redentor Lutheran Church located in Balboa, clarified all their concerns and presented in a clear and simple way the importance of knowing the guidelines of the church and thus be able to make it known.


Autoestima 03

Friendship, companionship and a great desire to live are reflected in the group of pediatric nephrology patients of the Hospital of Pediatric Specialties, with whom we meet every month to develop personal and spiritual growth workshops. These children are all life warriors as they attend their dialysis treatment three times a week, travelling from distant places of the country and try to carry out their daily activities such as going to school and doing their homework.

Autoestima 01

Despite the fatigue or pain that their medical treatments produce, children enjoy these workshops; we can see their smiles, the sharing and take off their own thing to give it to their friends. Just as Joseph did with his friend Alejandro, who gave him his friendship bracelet. These meetings are generating a beautiful coexistence and an affective sharing between the parents and their children. At this time, they talk, carry out their crafts as a team, laugh and reinforce the parental bond and sharing among children.

Autoestima 04

The subject was about the self-esteem and the feeling of personal value that comes given to being made by God in his image and likeness; Which makes us valuable to Him and gives us a sense of personal value to ourselves. As a complementary part that strengthens the development of skills, the children together with their parents made earrings and beautiful bracelets that looked proud at the end of the workshop. When she asked little Ania what she liked most about herself, she said, “What I like best about me is life.” This makes me reflect on how we face our personal situations and how we let the Word of God work in our daily lives. Let us not tire of doing good and continue showing love in every work and action that we do and thus we can testify that the love of God is in our life.

Discipline as a key to success in life

Valor de la Isciplina 02

Puppet Grandpa reinforce the importance of values in life.

As part of the follow-up to the work that has been carried out in the Jesús en los Pobres School, Project Timoteo developed the theme “Discipline” as one of the most important values that must be formed and reinforced in children and young people. With the support of volunteer Mauricio Miranda of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, the puppets Conoco and Grandpa explained the importance of discipline in life and how God in His Word talks about it and the negative results of living in disorder.

Valor de la Isciplina 01

Children listening the message.

Many of the students at this school are attending Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, so we believe that this follow-up work is quite complete, they also attended on Sundays by the team of leaders who carry out Bible School for Children, thus reinforcing values and relationships with them and their parents.

Project Joel Coordinators Meeting


During the first session.

In the city of Panama, the Project Joel Coordinators Meeting was held. The coordinators, who participated, were Claren Zapata from Nicaragua, Sharon Lemos from Guatemala, Omega Martínez from Mexico and Porfirio Franco from Panama. As well as Edilberto Méndez Mora (Director of LHM Panama), Rev. Nilo Figur (LHM’s Area Director for Latin America), Pastor Patricio Mora (President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Panama), Pastor Alejandro López of Emanuel Lutheran Church, Kenneth Peterson (Chairman of the LHM Panama Board), Rev. Fernando Huf of Brazil, Veruzka Farfán (Coordinator of LHM satellite in Peru), Rev. Brian Gauthier (in charge of Theological Education in Panama), Griselda Aguilar (President of the congregation Dios es Grande) and Lic. Fausto Pérez as speaker.


Representative from Nicaragua shares the labor the ministry is doing there with youth.

During two days, the attendees had the opportunity to know the history and development of the Project Joel, to present the work done in each of their countries, to discuss the theme of the Project Joel vision, to share the issues that are the challenges to those who have to face up to work, both in schools and in communities. The LHM Panama’s Director presented the Project Timoteo as a new program to reach out to children and youth, and integrate them into the Church. We have the testimony of Griselda Aguilar, as a volunteer and contact of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church and work with Project Timoteo. Mr. Fausto Pérez presented topics related to family and gender laws, sexuality and secularization. The Rev. Fernando Huff was in charge of performing the devotionals and Pastor Alejandro López to perform the musical accompaniment.


Griselda Alguilar, of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, shares her experience working together with LHM Panama. 

It was a time to fraternize, to share the tools and resources that they employ, to realize dynamics and to know a little more about our country.


Luther Academy and LCMS’ Deaconess Program in Panama

Academia Lutero en Panamá 01

LHM Panama collaborated in the organization and coordination of the Luther Academy Seminars and the LCMS’ Deaconess Program. Taking advantage of Carnival holidays from February 25 to 28, the Reverends Carlos Schuman and Adrian Solis, both Argentines serving in Chile and Paraguay, respectively, presented the seminar Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation: “Lutheran catechesis as legacy and formator of The current Lutheran identity.”

Programa Diaconisas en Panama

Simultaneously, the course “Introduction to the Letters of St. Paul” was held and in which we had the collaboration of the Deaconesses Danelle Putnam and Rachel Powell, both missionaries in the Dominican Republic, who also served in the past in Panamá and Perú respectively.

It was a great honor to be partners in the organization of these events and to be recipients of our doctrinal wealth through these seminars, where CPTLN / LHM strengthens fraternal ties with the Luther Academy, LCMS and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Panama.



Workshop “I Have a Friend”


Pastor Patricio Mora talks about love and friendship parents should express at their homes with their families.

Continuing with the workshops, with the group of mothers and children patients of nephrology of the Hospital of Pediatric Specialties, we met with them to develop the workshop “I Have a Friend”. This workshop was attended by Pastor Patricio Mora of El Redentor Lutheran Church, who talked about the theme of love and friendship as key ingredients in interpersonal relationships, especially in the family environment; as well as the love that offers us our Father God, who offers us His friendship and fills our emptiness and solitude.

We had the participation of two parents who were accompanying their children to the dialysis therapy, who enthusiastically were involved in the workshop and developed their friendship card “I offer you my heart and my hands”. Through a note written on this card, parents told their children those qualities that they like about them and how much they love them.


Parents and children show the crafts made during this session.

This was a time when parents and children interacted and shared together expressing their ideas and developing their crafts. Although initially these workshops were scheduled to be held with parents, we have found with the pleasant surprise that some of the children coincide in time and can share even a moment with their parents, before entering the therapy or when leaving the same; which allows us to have them together by participating in the workshops and teachings.

We are very happy and excited about this new door that God has opened to us to testify of his love and to perform works of mercy.




Zahira motivates children during the teachings.

In the community of Las Nubes, is being developed Misión Bethel, which is a work supported by Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, located in Arraijan. In Misión Bethel were realized the Summer Bible School. Yazmin Martínez, Greynaldo Cortés, Jahaziel, Zahira and Benjael Martínez, youth of the church, worked tirelessly for this task to remain in the best way.


Material, Book of Life, is shared with children.

There came the “Clan of Memo” and Project Timoteo, with the choreography, games, readings, studies and prizes. The children learned wonderful Biblical truths. For LHM Panamá is a priority to support these activities that touch the community and help it to interact with the Church. The Resurrection, the Baptism and the Miracles of Jesus were the topics treated.


Together as a team!


LHM Panama Director, Edilberto Méndez, with Rev. Brian Gauthier (right).


We received the visit of the Rev. Brian Gauthier, LCMS missionary pastor for Panama, to the LHM Panama ministry center, accompanied by Bill Lohmeyer (LCMS missionary in the Dominican Republic, who coordinates efforts in construction and supports projects in Latin America and the Caribbean) , With whom will be evaluated possibilities of support in future projects. We had the opportunity to accompany you on a tour of the facilities of some of the Lutheran churches in Panama.


Family Guthier, photo by LCMS.org

Rev. Gauthier and his family will reside in our country in order to serve the Lord through the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) as missionaries, attending leadership training for Lutheran congregations in Panama and formation Pastoral in conjunction with the Buenos Aires Concordia Seminary. Also, facilitate and advise the seminarians in their field work and help with the establishment of the program of deaconesses. He will be in charge of preaching and teaching in the different congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Panama (IELPa) and will instruct Panamanian pastors in Theological Education to carry out more efficiently the tasks of the pastoral office.

A Christmas at the Farm


Children enjoy the message given by pastor Patricio Mora.

LHM Panama ministry center carried Christmas presentations with the message of the true meaning of Christmas and the joy that brings us to celebrate Christ our Savior. On this occasion, we were invited by the Interdisciplinary Center of Attention and Research in Education and Health-CIAES of the University of Las Americas, which celebrated with children who are patients of this clinic and who throughout the year keep receiving their therapies. With the theme: a “Christmas at the Farm” was held this beautiful party, where LHM presented its puppet theater and through grandfather Thomas, his granddaughter and his friends, we talked about the central message of Christmas that speaks of the great love of God for all of us.


People received topical booklet related to the Nativity.

The very attentive children, sitting around the stage, called the puppets to come and introduce themselves and wanted to be embraced by them. It was a pleasant time when the children had fun with the games, eating treats and with the exhibition of animals from the farm. For our part, we give the children the coloring book titled: The Christmas Journey and the adults present a card bearing the message of 2 Corinthians 9:15 that says: “Thank God, because you have made us such a great gift That we have no words to express it. “ We express our gratitude to the Lcda. Lilith Davidson and University of Las Americas that gave us the opportunity to share the joy of Christmas with this beautiful group of children. God bless you them.


Celebrating Christmas at the Hospital


Sharing joy during the waiting time.

We were present among the guests to the Christmas party, organized for the children of the pediatric ward of the Hospital Irma De Lourdes Tzanetatos, on December 24. Treats, gifts, santas, Disney dolls with Woody the Cowboy, Mickey and Minnie and Elmo, made the day of the children, who, along with their parents, enjoyed a time of fun, games and face paintings.


Christmas Journey booklet were distributed.


A special activity was presented by the group of volunteer singers of the Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, who sang Christmas carols announcing the joy of celebrating the birth of Jesus. We shared, in the voice of Pastor Patricio Mora of the El Redentor Lutheran Church, a beautiful message about the importance of celebrating Christmas in Christ and of having Jesus as the main guest of Christmas, for He is the birthday and the reason for Christmas.

For Miss Neblett, chief nurse of the pediatric ward, “having the CPTLN group is very important for them because it presents the Christian message of what Christmas really is about. And so we teach children that saints are fun and gifts are a long awaited thing; But it is important to know that Christmas makes sense when we celebrate Christ who is the center of Christmas. “



Important nationwide journal publishes work of LHM Panama

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La Prensa’s Ellas magazine, one of the most important nationwide journal, published an article about the labor of Holistic program. This program shares presentations, songs and messages of hope; distribute booklets; and performs dramas to adults and children at Pediatric Hospital. Several times a year, LHM Panama participates with volunteers to develop this labor, to encourage people with an important message: they (adults and children) are not alone; in Christ, they can find strength to continue, and only He can gives them comfort to their heart, often decayed by disease.

Nationwide newspaper and Ellas magazine, Christimas edition.

La Prensa, nationwide journal, and its Ellas magazine.


Thanks our Lord for this amazing opportunity to show to people that in Him everyone can find the true love and peace, specially during this difficult times, for partnering with volunteers of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, who always are part of the Christmas Carols Tour, as well as Pastor Patricio Mora, of El Redentor Lutheran Church.

*Ellas magazine, Christmas special edition / December 7, 2016 

Christmas Journey at Loma Cova


Mauricio Miranda, as volunteer, share the lesson to kids.


In a very special way, we started the Christmas season at the Jesús en los Pobres School. Encouraging artistic skills in children, we shared the Christmas Journey booklet, reiterating the reason why we celebrate Christmas. Throughout each page of this book, some children discovered the story of the birth of the Son of God, while others recalled this message they had already learned. In the end, we conclude that in this season, as in every day of our lives, we must remember that happiness is not found in toys, gifts or material, but in the peace and hope that God offers us through His Word.


Bring the thruth Christmas to children is our goal.


We had the support of volunteer Mauricio Miranda, a member of the Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, who reinforces, with his collaboration, the commitment and interest of this congregation in the formation of these children’s values.


Partnership during National Holidays

Students participate in parades during National Holidays.

Students participate in parades during National Holidays.


During the parades celebrating the Independence Day, we had the opportunity to carry the message of hope to the streets, thanking God for His daily blessing. Today, more than ever, we feel committed to proclaiming values based on the Christian faith, and this commitment is manifested by accompanying the students and educators of the Jesús en los Pobres School, whose outstanding students carried posters promoting various messages in Values.

Members of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church were part of this event, with members of LHM Panama.

Members of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church were part of this event, with members of LHM Panama.


In collaboration with the Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, we have been developing integral prevention, education in values and teaching the Word of God as a source of love, forgiveness, strength and wisdom.


The Lutheran Forum of Panama


Meetings at LHM offices.


At the beginning of November, the 2nd LUTERAN PANAMA FORUM took place, in which representatives of the Lutheran congregations of the country and the LCMS Lutheran Mission for Latin America participated, as well as representatives of the Luther Academy and Lutheran Hour Ministries. During this event, we reaffirm our commitment to the Lutheran work in Panama, and contribute to the review of our goals and objectives for the first three years.


As a result of the meetings, next January 2017, we will count on the support of the Rev. Brian Gautier as a new Lutheran missionary in Panama and person in charge of Theological Education. Likewise, the Rev. Alejandro López, from Chile, received the call to serve in the Emanuel congregation of the community of Sorá, and will be in charge of the Music Ministry. We will shortly describe the other agreements and goals we will be working on.



We reinforce the commitment that: just as there are Rights, there are also Duties

Project Joel develops a training program holistically in the lives of students, by strengthening the knowledge and understanding that as children and young people have rights, just as there are duties to fulfill. When we inculcate the value of responsibility by example and promote volunteer service, do a job in this regard. Team Joel students of the Pedro J. Sossa School, teaming with volunteers of Project Timothy (Jordy and Paililer, members of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church) are prepared for activities and events related to the Month of Holy Scriptures. At every opportunity that presents itself, students rehearse with preschool children, in what we observe very positive reactions and interactions.


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Mental Health Fair at National Lottery


With words of blessing by Pastor Patricio Mora of El Redentor Lutheran Church and words of welcome by the representative of the Ministry of Health, the Mental Health Fair started at the plaza of the National Lottery. This fair was an activity visited by adults and children from nearby neighborhoods and Lottery’s collaborators, who benefited from the services, guidance and gifts distributed by the different institutions that participated in the fair, still, mostly, members of the Mental Health Network. LHM Panama was present sharing a kit containing a booklet on how to overcome alcoholism, a pencil and sweets; as well as a book of Bible stories for children. With this material got more than 100 people, who were very grateful for the guidance received. Our special thanks to the National Association of Families and Patients with Schizophrenia and Patronato Luz del Ciego, network partners, who this time were my voluntary stars, leaning in caring for people.

Colón’s children were celebrated

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The Lutheran Ladies of Panama made a children’s program in Jesús Divino Salvador Lutheran Church, located in the province of Colón. This is one of the first activities will be performed in various congregations, to strengthen, unify and encourage the people of God growing. On this occasion, LHM panama contributed by Project Joel and puppets of Clan de Memo.

This event for children of the community was done with much enthusiasm. The children received gifts, participated in games, competitions, were awarded, received snacks and, most importantly, received the message of love in Christ Jesus.

We thank the Lutheran Ladies of Panama, as well as members of the Jesús Divino Salvador Lutheran Church for the opportunity given to us to contribute to their events and activities.


Recycling Workshop

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LHM Panama ministry was developing a Recycling Workshop at Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, located in Loma Cova; where we have the participation of a group of church youth and students of  Jesús en los Pobres School, who were accompanied by their teacher Domiciano Morales.

Volunteer support

We have the voluntary support of Professor Félix Rodríguez, who shared interesting insights about how the mismanagement of inorganic wastes pollute our environment; because when mixed with the soil they are releasing toxic substances that pollute the water and the air we breathe. For example, in the case of cans, which was the material we use to perform manual labor; to oxidise release a fine dust that can be sucked affect our respiratory system. Similarly, drinking water or breathing these pollutants affect our health and we produce many of the diseases that can sometimes be fatal.

The teachings given by Professor Rodríguez caught the attention of everyone, who showed great interest by asking questions about how they can dispose these wastes commonly call it “trash.” Similarly, we continue to strengthen the importance of taking care of nature that has been given to us by God in order to have a healthy place to live.

Follow up

This was a follow-up activity in which after the talk, the youth made a craft with re-used materials (cans), ribbons, and ornaments applied on their own initiative and creativity by creating a cute container they said they would use such as pens. We thank God for this opportunity to use our talents to His work and to Dios es Grande Lutheran Church to work together with LHM Panama ministry center, to continue reaching young people.

Hands working for Christ!

Christ Lutheran Church volunteers are visiting Panama in order to develop a series of work as missionaries in the community of Loma Cova, some schools and church in Balboa. We thank God for the continuing work on lessons for children of the community of Loma Cova, solidarity that has been given to young people and members of the Lutheran Church God is Great, collaborating with teachers at the School Pedro J. Sossa and State of Minnesota School!

Noah’s Ark and the Creation of the earth and the Miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes topics have been made with children who have greatly enjoyed this time with each of the volunteers.

Eternal Life behind the empty tomb

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The empty tomb gave us the Promise of Salvation in Christ, a powerful message that calls us to love and hope in God!

Early on, the team of volunteers was prepared to coordinate the search for Easter eggs, about 400 units – thanks to the donation of “Las Sabanas” Lions Club – which had been hidden around the Dios es Grande Lutheran Church. The program started with a delicious breakfast that the kids enjoyed, continued with the message of reflection on Easter and games, culminating in the search for Easter eggs. Puppets of Memo’s Clan were part of this event, prepared from the previous day.

We thank the congregation for allowing LHM Panama to collaborate in these celebrations, through Project Joel program. Project Joel develops an integral prevention work – together with the Dios es Grande Lutheran Church – in Jesús en los Pobres School. It should be noted that most children who participate in these events, attend this school.


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Easter in Jesús en los Pobres School

Escuela 01

As an act without history, “Easter” was celebrated by children of Jesús en los Pobres School. Voluntary Griselda Aguilar was in charge of the organization of the activity, in which we participate through Project Joel program. The relationship between Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, Jesús en los Pobres School and the Ministry of LHM Panama narrows even more thanks to these events together, enabling us to form a team of education in Christian values. Educators, parents, and especially students, welcomed this event because not only had moments of joy to everyone, but it was also an opportunity to bring the message of hope in the resurrection of Jesus.

Via Crucis in the community of Loma Cova

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Members of Joel Project program, of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church and an organized group of teachers and parents of students of Jesús en los Pobres School performed a drama related to the Passion of Jesus with prayers and songs to along near the school community. Via Crucis (Latin for “Way of the Cross”) refers to the different stages or moments lived by Jesus from the time He was arrested until His crucifixion and burial.

The term is also commonly used to express all kinds of difficulties that arise in life when you want to achieve certain goals. “This is a new experience, a lot of responsibility, but a pleasure to do it, especially because it reinforces our children, all Christian values ​​we have taught them. In addition, bears witness to our faith all around the neighborhood”, said Griselda Aguilar, Sunday School teacher of the church. It took many days of practice, hard work and effort invested to share the significance of this date, giving glory to God.


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Easter message at Pediatric Hospital

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With the voluntary support of Pastor Patricio Mora, young Claribeth and Maryi, members of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, LHM Panama ministry center visited the Pediatric Hospital, where we carry the Gospel message of Jesus’ teachings on the way to Calvary.

We shared the booklet “The Way of Lent” with parents, and children’s book of Bible Stories “Trust in God”. With our puppets “Camila and Anita” teach children about love and sacrifice of Jesus for all of us and His triumph over death. which it gives us the hope of eternal life.

People were very attentive to the message and participated commenting that for them Easter is a time of reflection and joy because Jesus rose again and so we who believe in Him, also resurrected.

Focused on the Purpose

semana santa

During Holy Week we will be supporting, through Project Joel, various events commemorating the Passion of Jesus. Dios es Grande Lutheran Church has been organized in order to carry out on Saturday 26 March, a Movie Night, and Sunday March 27, the “Finding Easter Eggs” and the movie “Passover of the Vegetables “(from the VeggieTales series). During Movie Night the films “God Man” and “The Last Supper” (from the Superbook series) will be presented, with which it is expected to reach children, youth and adults in the community of Loma Cova, sharing with them the message of salvation in Jesus Christ.

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve and support our brothers in Loma Cova, hoping that the message of love and hope is received in the heart of the people involved; and the initiative of the members of this congregation seeking space and resources to bring the Word of God at all times, and even more festive times, being open doors to focus on the purpose of the coming of the Lord Jesus.

Puppet Grandpa talks about Values

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During the Sunday School, at Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, a significant number of children of Jesús en los Pobres School, participate in this activity. We have already for some years worked with Project Joel in conjunction with the Principal of this school and the Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, in order to develop a project to promote the Values. Once or twice a week, students receive a visit from one of our presenters, who use materials that allow an active presence throughout the school year, focused on the theme of Christian Values. The Bible teaches about Values, values that help us to have a good life, living in peace, in respect. We are so thankful to God for the opportunity to teach Values, guiding students to discover them and encouraging them to practice them.

We started a tour of the classrooms in the company of volunteers Griselda Aguilar and her husband Mauricio Miranda, both committed members of  Dios es Grande Lutheran Church and whose children attend this school. With their valuable support, several materials were distributed and presented the topic”Beginning with Values”. The puppet Grandpa developed the topic with students. We complemented the work with group games and reading the contents of the “Book of Life”.

For parents, teachers and especially for kids, it is a fun way to reinforce topics learned in class.


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Social work progresses for love to the Lord

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Throughout the year, thank God, we have the cooperation of many volunteers who donate overtime in social work with a strong evangelistic content. The Red Boots Tour, caravans to remote communities, events in various communities, donating food and clothing in good condition, among others, is carried out with the support of volunteers who donate time, effort and even economic support. Recently, Greynaldo, Jahaziel, Jordy and Jonah, young of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church (located in Loma Cova),  were participating in the titanic task of downloading two containers with 250,000 educational booklets of “Book of Life” in order to distribute this teaching resource in various schools where the Project Joel program will continue working to promote Biblical values and the message of love and salvation in Christ.

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2016 started with courses, Bible lessons and graduations

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During the first quarter of the year we have an important crop of graduation in Bible studies for children and adolescents, which are being carried out in neighborhoods, communities and churches. Nearly a thousand Bible courses are being developed for those children and youth, who are supported by their parents and supervisors. We thank God for the collaboration of some government agencies, volunteers and youth of the Lutheran church. One of the goals in our work is that children and adolescents, in addition to receiving information on Biblical values and principles, receive a direct message about hope, the exhortation to live with honesty, love and forgiveness offered by the Word of God. We recently celebrated the completion of these courses to children in the area of San Miguelito, being an appropriate occasion to acknowledge the effort.

Supporting with materials the Bethel Sunday School

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A missionary strategy of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church is the Bethel Mission, in the community of Las Nubes, where they shared a Sunday Bible school with children of that area. We thank God for the work in love young leaders are doing and for the opportunity to contribute a bit by resources. Program Project Joel has provided materials of Book of Life with content according to age, and educational materials of Christ For All Nations. Project Joel has in agenda the follow up to this work and thus promote Christian values in children.

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Anniversary Fair at Pediatric Hospital

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The Pediatric Hospital celebrated its 13rd anniversary, with a fair of healthy lifestyles, and in which LHM Panama ministry center participated, together with other organizations and companies engaged in health and foods promotion.

Approximately 300 people visited us, including young people, children and adults, to whom we shared words of hope; plus tips to guide children in Christian values, through the booklet “Education for Life”. Similarly, candies and figures made of balloons were a total hit with the kids. We had the support of Pastor Patricio Mora, of El Redentor Lutheran Church, located in the area of ​​Balboa, who chatted with visitors about the value and importance of gratitude to God and the people showing their support and love in our lives.

We had an enthusiastic participation of all who came to our exhibition booth, attracted by the dynamics of “The Tree of Thankful Hearts”; which gave them the opportunity to express their appreciation for life, the family and the health of their children. This dynamic of reflection was a great blessing because it made them think that every day we have a reason to be thankful for all that God, in His great love, gives us.

We thank the Lord for this opportunity to share words of hope at this fair.

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Christian Film Night

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The Children’s Ministries of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, located in the community of Loma Cova, realized a movie night outdoors, in the outer area of ​​the Church. Children and adults from the community took part in this exciting event. We shared our support through Project Joel program. Sing, pray and be moderators of the films “The Great Adventure”, “Passion” ( anime). Note that this event was held on Monday and Tuesday during Carnivals, so it was an opportunity to appeal to children, youth and adults towards positive messages, courage and Biblical principles, taking them away from the dangers of alcohol, drugs and the pressures of bad lifestyles. It was a tremendous opportunity to bring the Gospel to the streets. CPTLN Panama was blessed, because thanks to Lord, these are doors that open to bring His message of love and salvation to others, and at the same time, allowing us to be instruments of collaboration agreement with the church.

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Work together to achieve a mission

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As part of the mission of sharing the message of hope in Christ to all people, leaders and youth of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, located in the community of Loma Cova, and the Bethel Mission, located in the community of Las Nubes, have been developing summer activities such as Summer Bible School and Red Boots Tour. The beneficiaries are always the children. For LHM Panama ministry center (CPTLN-Christ For All Nations), this is part of the strategy to empower young leaders and their resources, materials, expertise and dynamism.

During the recent summer schools have been conducted a Values Festival with games, puppet dramas with “Memo’s Clan” and songs; these are tools for teaching. “This is very positive, as it complements all the effort of the Church to bring children to the Church, and especially Jesus Christ. It is important to involve the Church in the community and these activities are accomplished together, “said teacher Griselda Aguilar.


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Summer Bible School in Loma Cova

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Approximately 80 children from the community of Loma Cova attended the Bible School in Dios es Grande Lutheran Church. Teachers and volunteers developed a professional and effective work with the aim of sharing with each child the message “God is faithful,” which were understood through the stories of Ruth, Daniel and Jonah. The Project Joel program participated supporting teachers Griselda Aguilar and Domiciano Morales in the various tasks with the children, and this is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the strengthening and approach of the Church to their community, being also an open door to track the work with students from schools in the area. LHM Panama / Christ For All Nations is grateful for the wonderful opportunity to approach members of this congregation and with children and young people of this community.

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Supporting Bethel Mission

By Project Joel initiative, we had the opportunity to share with leaders of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church during the closing day of the Summer Bible School, which was held in the community of Las Nubes. In this community, these young leaders are taking missionary work known as Bethel Mission, sharing lessons to children in this place. During this time the children received training in topics such as Biblical parable of the Lost Sheep and development of crafts and songs. Project Joel joined this event, cheering with songs, games and puppets. As a Christian ministry, LHM Panama / Christ For All Nations is grateful for allowing us to collaborate on how much or little the proclamation of the Gospel. We pray for each one of these children receiving these seeds for His love to grow and bear fruit in them to bring others the message of salvation in Jesus Christ.

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Sharing Jesus in the Outpatient area: He is the greatest Christmas gift

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With welcoming remarks from Dr. Neil, deputy director of the Outpatient Pediatric area, LHM Panama ministry center began the presentation at this medical center. Walking the aisles of different waiting rooms at the sound of the chords of guitars and tambourine, children and parents sang carols, applauding with the palms and the little kids dancing to the melody, feeling the thrill of Christmas arrival. We stopped in the hematology room where the children shared with our program of Christmas songs, while receiving treatment. By sharing about Jesus to these people who are going through a difficult situation, we bring the message that in Christmas we receive the greatest gift of all: our Savior. We encourage them to trust that they are not alone. For people who do not know the Word of God, we shared, through carols and “A Different Path” devotional that they can move forward with Christ.

Tribute to Mothers in the Hemodialysis Unit

Dia de la Madre 01

A special program with songs and poems alluding to mothers at the time, was presented by the Ministry of LHM / CPTLN in the Hemodialysis Unit of San Miguelito. This tribute organized by the hospital administration was held on the eve of Mother’s Day. It was a special time to highlight the love and dedication of moms like the “Virtuous Woman” in Proverbs, they are always attentive to his family and the needs of your home. A special blessing asking God, for all mothers every day of his life and especially this group of women who, in their day to day, plus care for her family must cope with their disease.


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