Visiting Instituto Oncologico with Columbus University’ students


Patients at the Instituto Oncológico were visited by a group of Social Work students from the Medical career at Columbus University. “This activity aimed to bring a message of relief and hope to all patients in the different waiting rooms. It was a very active morning, where for 5 hours dramas, songs, talks of prevention and education, testimony and prayers for the patients were realized. For us, the 16 student practitioners, but especially for me, it has been very shocking to put into practice something of our formation and carry the message of love from God. This changes the life of a medical student. Together with the puppets of Proyecto Joel we dramatize humorous situations and we get smiles and tears from the patients. It is a commitment for us to follow up on this task, “says Yadira Álvarez, student and coordinator of this activity.

Yadira has volunteered with Project Joel, but this is the first of the formal experiences where she invites her colleagues to live this experience, which was described by teachers and supervisors as effective and positive.


Project Joel Coordinators Meeting


During the first session.

In the city of Panama, the Project Joel Coordinators Meeting was held. The coordinators, who participated, were Claren Zapata from Nicaragua, Sharon Lemos from Guatemala, Omega Martínez from Mexico and Porfirio Franco from Panama. As well as Edilberto Méndez Mora (Director of LHM Panama), Rev. Nilo Figur (LHM’s Area Director for Latin America), Pastor Patricio Mora (President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Panama), Pastor Alejandro López of Emanuel Lutheran Church, Kenneth Peterson (Chairman of the LHM Panama Board), Rev. Fernando Huf of Brazil, Veruzka Farfán (Coordinator of LHM satellite in Peru), Rev. Brian Gauthier (in charge of Theological Education in Panama), Griselda Aguilar (President of the congregation Dios es Grande) and Lic. Fausto Pérez as speaker.


Representative from Nicaragua shares the labor the ministry is doing there with youth.

During two days, the attendees had the opportunity to know the history and development of the Project Joel, to present the work done in each of their countries, to discuss the theme of the Project Joel vision, to share the issues that are the challenges to those who have to face up to work, both in schools and in communities. The LHM Panama’s Director presented the Project Timoteo as a new program to reach out to children and youth, and integrate them into the Church. We have the testimony of Griselda Aguilar, as a volunteer and contact of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church and work with Project Timoteo. Mr. Fausto Pérez presented topics related to family and gender laws, sexuality and secularization. The Rev. Fernando Huff was in charge of performing the devotionals and Pastor Alejandro López to perform the musical accompaniment.


Griselda Alguilar, of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, shares her experience working together with LHM Panama. 

It was a time to fraternize, to share the tools and resources that they employ, to realize dynamics and to know a little more about our country.


The Great Summer Harvest


   Opportunity to distribute materials and gifts.

La Guardería de Ariadne, in Juan Días area, hosted the event “The Great Summer Harvest” where Project Joel moved with “El Clan de Memo”. This is a series of activities in the communities that Project Joel realizes in the summer. Ariadne is one of our volunteer facilitators, and this time, with the “Jehova Nissi” Church team, we merge and lead an excellent evangelistic program.


Playing while learning.

Dramas, comprehensive reading, choreography, games and puppets of “El Clan de Memo” with the theme of Noah’s Ark. For Ariadne it is very motivating to offer her home and her school to develop programs like this, where children are cared for and blessed. On this occasion, gifts of the Good Samaritan ministry were given, as well as books and Bibles. Children were accompanied by their parents at this event.


Red Boots in the mountains of El Barrigón


They are so happy with their gifts!

Dozens of children from various areas of the mountain gathered at the home of the Perez family, where Auntie Nico receives them with affection. All the children came looking for the surprise in the community of El Barrigón: the Christmas event. This event was held for two days, in which the Red Boots Campaign for Christmas shared the Word of God. Thank God we received enough donations (toys, clothes and food), which were distributed, as well as materials, books and Bibles. The Pérez Family, organizer of the event, prepared this activity months in advance.


Enjoying the puppet theatre.

Among the donors we have students from the Schools Pedro J. Sossa and Jerónimo de la Ossa, among other private education centers, CPTLN and individuals. Team Joel and a large group of volunteers developed the activity so that these children lived a Christmas with very emotional and valuable moments. Children watch movies, play, feed, receive Bible lessons, and receive gifts. “The Show of Memo” brings the joy of Christmas. This task requires a great logistical work that requires effort and time.

Let’s be merry! God has given us the Best Gift


Reverend Rupert Neblett encourages children.


The Red Boots Campaign for Christmas arrived in the community of Gnobe Bugle in the province of Chiriquí. Thank God for His countless blessings, with the support of volunteers and donors from American English Overseas, Project Joel and IDDP, the children were part of an event where we shared the joy of the greatest gift of all: Jesus.



It was two days of dramas, songs, activities in which the center was God’s love for humanity. Adults and children received literature, toys, food and clothing.

Awakening a caring heart

Children are encouraged to fellowship and fraternity.

Children are encouraged to fellowship and fraternity.


In the midst of the abundance of advertising offers it is necessary to encourage solidarity in the hearts of children! One way to do this is to help them understand what the true meaning of this season of Christmas is: to commemorate the Birth of the Son of God, Jesus. How do we do it? By using comprehensive reading and artistic application, children discover this meaning, for this we are using the booklet Christmas Journey. As a next step, let’s go to action, teaching the Value of Solidarity, awakening the desire to give joy to another child with fewer social and economic opportunities, and motivate them to pray for the lives of those children.

The teacher Norma Morales is part of this strategy of teaching in Values to the students.

The teacher Norma Morales is part of this strategy of teaching in Values to the students.


During this year, the Red Boots Christmas Campaign will visit several difficult to reach communities (Costa Abajo, Sitio Prado, El Barrigón), in order to present a complete teaching program (distribution of materials, puppetry, singing and prayer), distribute clothing, food and gifts for children. Through this event, we hope to show the providence of God and motivate people to approach the churches of the place. Thank God, we have volunteers and people interested in supporting this campaign, such as the teacher Norma Morales and the students of the Pedro J. Sossa School.



Patriotic parades in Panama, great opportunity for the Proclamation

Educators, families, and students participate in taking posters about the Values that the Word of God promotes.

Educators, families, and students participate in taking posters about the Values that the Word of God promotes.


We celebrate Panama’s Mother’s Day and how wonderful to participate in one of the most important events! In the company of students, educators, parents of the Pasitos School of Panay we participated with great enthusiasm in the National Parades that took place on November 10, in the area of Villa Zaíta. November is the month of the country for our country, which allows us great opportunities to march proclaiming messages of encouragement, values and hope in the community. In this case, with posters alluding to these messages, we developed the strategy of publicly proclaiming the Word of God, being well recognized by the public.

Students share messages alluding to Values.

Students share messages alluding to Values.


The Values in Life

At the same time, taking into account the quote from Psalm 119: 9 “How can the young man lead a clean life? Living according to your word!” (DHH), we seek that, in this type of activity, the students share with their families and the community the values teachings they are receiving in their school, which is a key issue in the training of students.


more-about-lhm more-videos-on

Aníbal, an exceptional child


Aníbal, the second child from right to left.

A few months ago we released the testimony of Aníbal, a child who comes from the community of Tanara. Aníbal actively participated in the tours to the mountain ranges in El Lagarto Chinina where with her grandmother became the ambassador of “The Clan of Memo”. He also participated in the activities with the children of the community of Paso Blanco.

After these activities, Aníbal became part of “Team Joel” and asked us, with great emotion, we go to his classroom; he discussed this initiative with his teacher and the school Principal. And with the approval of both, puppets of Clan of Memo traveled to El Naranjal, with the support of volunteer Sixto Guevara. All participants lived intensely games that were developed and we made a commitment to follow up the issue of values presented that day.

Aníbal, in this case, is the missionary child who brings the Gospel to many places in his hometown.


The Cancer Institute receives Grandparents puppets of El Clan de Memo

As an act of selfless love, we describe the event organized by the students of the Faculty of Medicine, of Columbus University. With gifts, surprises, songs and joy, these young people made smile to more than one person in the room where we make this special presentation for patients at Cancer Institute. “Grandparents” Puppets of El Clan de Memo could not miss, bringing unparalleled joy and a message of encouragement and strength. These opportunities are great blessings of God, they are open to present the love of God and His Word as eternal source of peace and hope in any circumstance of life. The Lord has blessed us, because in the context of social work to be performed by these students, and previous tasks of social work with them, we have a door open to enter this place.


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We reinforce the commitment that: just as there are Rights, there are also Duties

Project Joel develops a training program holistically in the lives of students, by strengthening the knowledge and understanding that as children and young people have rights, just as there are duties to fulfill. When we inculcate the value of responsibility by example and promote volunteer service, do a job in this regard. Team Joel students of the Pedro J. Sossa School, teaming with volunteers of Project Timothy (Jordy and Paililer, members of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church) are prepared for activities and events related to the Month of Holy Scriptures. At every opportunity that presents itself, students rehearse with preschool children, in what we observe very positive reactions and interactions.


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Devotional honoring the Bible

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Pedro J. Sossa School held a devotional in recognition of the Month of the Holy Scriptures, according to the law which has designated September. Volunteers Wendy Perez and Sixto Guevara shared with students the invaluable meaning that the Word of God has its historical value and for humanity. Later other activities under this celebration, such as studies, group games, were developed.


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Your words are sweet to me

Project Joel actively participated in the Children’s Leaders Camp “Your words are sweet to me,” words based on Psalm 119:103. This is the third camp in which Project Joel works in its organization and support. Approximately 30 leaders, as well as children and youth, were present during this event, which was aimed to complement the work on formation of values with Biblical perspective, and thus empower children to the service of Christian worship, resulting young people living with healthy lifestyles and for society to be proactive citizens. The event was focused on the truths of the Word of God and games, talent night, skills, songs, puppets presentation of the Clan Memo, as a complement were made. We thank God for giving us these opportunities to improve our service to Him, and by Yasira and Isol ordered, as well as the whole team.


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Parade in honor of the Month of the Bible

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The Bible is the Word of God and in It we discover the story of God, His plan of salvation for humanity and hope in eternal life, besides being a source of wisdom, love, strength and comfort. By law, it declared September as the Month of the Holy Scriptures, so we pay special celebration. Project Joel, in the company of volunteers Sixto and Phanie  Guevara, and families in the community of Juan Diaz, paraded through some of the streets near the church of this community. This was a great opportunity to perform, for the first time this tour, sharing the message of God’s Word offers for everyone. We thank the Lord for this event, because the message was very well received by the public.

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The Art of Teaching through Singing

Diana Valdes, Project Joel volunteer, is conducting a follow-up process to the work being carried out with students of Pedro J. Sossa School, in relation to training in Values. As part of our strategy to convey the message effectively, we use the song, and reinforcing it in every word and intonation. Teacher Norma Morales, our contact at this school, is working as a team with our ministry, focusing on students to encourage them healthy lifestyles based on principles and values that the Word of God offers us. This strategy gives good results, the teaching and learning process is streamlined, while children enjoy it greatly.


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The Tree of Values

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The Cusito puppet and the Clan of Memo visited the Villa Nueva School, in order to continue the work of training in values. The puppets are part of the teaching strategy on Values used by Project Joel program, in order to make effective and entertaining the message transmission. With the support of voluntary Diana Valdes, we performed the “Tree of Values” workshop, reinforcing the meaning and purpose of the values that the students had learned. We complement the work using games, songs and drama with puppets that children presented themselves. Most students we attended come from Pasitos Panay School, where Project Joel has been conducting a work of Christian formation for three years.


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“… the grace of God sustains me and that His Word is my right guidance.”


Testimony of Alexis Santamaria.

“At 16, as a student of Francisco Beckman Institute, I joined Project Team Joel. Already 12 years have passed and now as a construction worker and a college student, I can testify that the knowledge learned about values through the Word of God, which I learned during my work with this ministry, have marked my life and I have made a good man. Today, I return to offer my volunteer time for training tasks, talks and mobilization of all the valuable material that carry messages of life of the Lord. I can understand that the grace of God sustains me and that His Word is my right guidance. “

Colón’s children were celebrated

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The Lutheran Ladies of Panama made a children’s program in Jesús Divino Salvador Lutheran Church, located in the province of Colón. This is one of the first activities will be performed in various congregations, to strengthen, unify and encourage the people of God growing. On this occasion, LHM panama contributed by Project Joel and puppets of Clan de Memo.

This event for children of the community was done with much enthusiasm. The children received gifts, participated in games, competitions, were awarded, received snacks and, most importantly, received the message of love in Christ Jesus.

We thank the Lutheran Ladies of Panama, as well as members of the Jesús Divino Salvador Lutheran Church for the opportunity given to us to contribute to their events and activities.


An unexpected party

Project Joel, teaming up with a group of volunteers, shared joy and hope the message of Jesus to children in the community of Paso Blanco. With the leader of this project care and evangelization (El Comedor de Misericordia), Sixto Guevara and his wife Phany, voluntary Isaiah, young Lilimay as donors of Playa Blanca Foundation and puppetry of Clan de Memo, we conducted a parade of Values, games, contests, dramas, distribute gifts and shared a delicious snack. This was a party that children were not expecting!

It has been impressive the work that has been done in this community, whose inhabitants live in a difficult economic situation. This work reveals the excellence achieved through the efforts and dedication of each of the people who have been moved by the love of God. Children from the community of Paso Blanco were treated with love. This was the 5th time at which we visited the community in order to continue the follow-up work on the formation of values based on the Bible.



Train to empower

Liderazgo 01

The program Project Joel works on leadership skills with the various groups of students we serve in each of the schools with which we share our commitment. Through songs, dramas, games and presentations, teaching live life with values and healthy lifestyles are promoted. Of these groups of students a group of volunteers, Team Joel, for whom discipline and strengthens character is formed. Thus, Team Joel is subsequently converted into bearer of the message: to live a life with values based on Christian faith and purpose, sharing with their other classmates.

We have had the opportunity to form various Team Joel at La Cabima School , Pedro J. Sossa School, Jesus en los Pobres School, Estado de Minesota School, Manuel Hernandez School, the community of Paso Blanco, among others.

It arrived the time to show what they have learned!

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Project Joel developed an event program to strengthen training on the Values that have been developed with students of La Cabima School. During this activity, puppets of Clan of Memo made a presentation, besides of games, dramas and songs. All these tools complement in a fun and playful way the work done. This school has been carrying out a series of programs based on Values, with the support of people in the community.


Project Joel, assessed as “highly efficient and practical”

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Project Joel program was evaluated by officials from the Ministry of Education (MEDUCA) during a working session at The Cabima School during the afternoon shift. We work with students from primary level, with the support of volunteers Yailin and Diana, developing strategy in strengthening the Values. We thank God for giving us the opportunity to achieve the merit of “highly efficient and practical.” MEDUCA ensures that programs are working in schools are committed to quality education and effectiveness. This is a constant battle and as God permits it will continue to bring the Word of God to all these places.


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Get to work on Values!

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Our children and youth need to be reinforced in their values, understand what it means to have a healthy lifestyle, discerning to prevent negative situations that affect them temporarily or permanently, and more than anything, to know that they are human beings whom God is interested. This was our goal at Gaspar Octavio Hernández School, whose students received with great excitement to Team Joel (Project Joel program’s volunteers) and the puppets of The Clan of Memo.

The Clan of Memo was responsible for sharing teaching in an entertaining and interactive, while Team Joel complemented with games, distribution of educational materials and awards. As a strategy, first we attended each classroom, and, subsequently, as a closure, we met with all students in first levels to participate in the Gran Fiesta of Values.

We thank God for this opportunity, because not only the students received a message of peace and hope that only God can provide, but also learned the message of living your life with values. We thank the educators who were part of this event, and volunteers Ariadne and Isaiah who are responsible for continuing the work of serving these students.


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We celebrate the Children’s Day!

We traveled to Amador Convention Center to celebrate the Children’s Day, at the invitation of the National Police. Thank God, we had a good reception from various state institutions such as Policía Fronteriza, MIDES (Ministry of Social Development), and other non-profit organizations related to culture. There was a festive atmosphere from start to finish. Puppets of Clan of Memo, accompanied by teachers and parents of students from Pasitos de Panay School. We developed our participation in sharing a message of values, in addition to distributing educational resources. The kids really enjoyed this event, and for us it was a wonderful opportunity to take them a while entertainment but also a valuable message for their lives. Thank God, the Director Maritza Valdez and the team of mothers, fathers and teachers. Happy Children’s Day!


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Well exploited vacations!

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School holidays are a period time of highly anticipated by students, because these days are exploited to rest, walk and visit relatives, among other activities. Children of Pasitos de Panay School celebrated this time, playing sports and outdoor activities, where the appreciation for nature, exercise and teamwork was emphasized. Until this period of the school year, Project Joel program has worked about 79 hours on the formation of  Values. We thank God for this wonderful opportunity and the Principal and academic staff to strengthen this work.

Getting the word out through the TV!

The state media, SerTV channel 11, visited San Antonio School in order to film part the classes that are being developed on the subject of Values. These classes are being conducted with Professor Tatiana Cornejo, in conjunction with Project Joel program, daily, to students of this school. The results have been observed in improving academic performance, conduct and discipline.

The support of mass media help us to make known, in this case at the national level, the task of training in Biblical values that are being carried out and the goals that are reached. This indicates that the continued investment of well-established education positively impacts the lives of children and youth. Ever since some years, Project Joel has been working with Professor Tatiana in the tasks of academic training in Values, giving good results, thank the Lord!

We have also had the opportunity to support the School for Parents.


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A plastic snake gives us a message

One of the issues that we consider crucial in the life of a young and child is the value of Obedience. An obedience that is linked to the respect and understanding of correct decision making. This issue we have been working with students of  La Cabima School. With the support of voluntary Diana, we continue with the training that promote the message of the value of Obedience, analyzing the first disobedience of man and the origin of sin, in the book of Genesis. We use a plastic snake as a tool to dramatize the story and to exercise the rejection of everything bad, destructive and negative for our lives.


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Admiration for a profession


Career Day

For a long time we create strategies to give seminars and workshops for sixth graders, then ninth and last primary, with the expectation to begin the process of orientation towards professional life from an early age. We conclude, after working for four years with the Pasitos de Panay School, that this should be from three years of life, when they reach school children come to form. So we take the dates of special events such as Career Day. During this time, students represent a profession of their choice – wearing a disguise costumes – and, usually, the profession relates to selecting someone to admire. These people who admire are their heroes.

During this day we present the functions of each profession, we sing and work as a team. Happy Career Day!

JOEL is already 17 years!

Project Joel program was celebrating 17 years of integral prevention work and Pedro J. Sossa School joined this event, with the participation of Teacher Berta and her group of students who wore “Gallina Turuleca” and dramatized this song.

In order to emphasize the essence of the work of  Project Joel, we conducted an intensive training tours, in which children were also part of the group of speakers.

“Being part of Project Joel has changed my life and allowed me to do a better job as a teacher,” says Teacher Norma, who for 17 years has been an active part of this mission. With respect to it, thank you, teacher, for your wonderful work and excellent team of teachers of this school, especially Teacher Berta and her group of students. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!


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Puerto Caimito receives Clan of Memo

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Puppets of Clan of Memo visited Victoriano Chacon School in the area of Puerto Caimito. With the support of volunteers from the One Hope Foundation, we shared with children the message of Values and the Word of God as a source of guidance and hope for their lives. We had the opportunity to distribute copies of the Book Life to student groups of morning and evening periods, plus bracelets and candies. We thank God for every door that opens to bring a voice that proclaims good principles and values that will help the new generation to meet the challenges of the world. During the evening period, we held the Feast of the Values. We covered 29 groups of students which have already formed a team of volunteers called Team Joel.

This school is located in a high risk area, so students have a different schedule from other schools, which is one way to prevent any kind of violence that can occur in the streets. Strengthening these values and prevention issues becomes vital for education of these students.

Planting the seed

Cabima 03

An open door was La Cabima School, located in the area of Las Cumbres, where we agreed with the Principal, Prof. Brown, a work in values education and leadership with sixth grade students during the school year. We distributed copies of the Book Life, tool we are using to promote education in values. One of our goals is to train these young so that they, in the future, share the information and knowledge with their peers. During the summer, the Project Joel program participated in a first approach to this school. We thank God for this opportunity to bring a message of hope to this population of students and for volunteers of Ministry IDDP Panama, and for the delivery of Books Life as material to develop an integral curriculum of values, all year.

Stop the Bullying!


We join the campaign in the International Day Against Bullying. We participate in San Antonio School in a meeting with parents of students in this education center. With the support of Professor Tatiana Cornejo, organizer of this event, we developed the theme of bullying, and this was a good opportunity to distribute the booklet “The Stalker”, share tips, and touch the spiritual part. As a goal, we hope to reach 2,000 students this year, who will reinforce the theme of Values as a tool to tackle this evil of harassment.


Planting the seed

An open door was La Cabima School, located in the area of Las Cumbres, where we agreed with Director Brown the development of a work in values education and leadership with sixth grade students, during the school year. We distributed copies of the Book of Life, tool we are using to promote education in values. One of our goals is to train these young so they, in the future, share the information and knowledge with their peers. During the summer, the Project Joel program participated in a first approach to this school.

We thank God for this opportunity to bring a message of hope to this population of students, for volunteers of Ministry IDDP Panama, and for Book of Life, which will allow us to develop an integral curriculum of values, all year.


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To bullying, we teach children what to do

We have begun with Project Joel a session that will be addressing the issue of bullying, this will be a period of working together with schools to reach approximately 3,000 students. Within this strategy we will incorporate dramas, songs and choreography.

We have worked, with sixth grade groups, a training session that has left good results. Students learn their “role” in the issue of prevention and the solution of the problem might be facing. As support resources we use the booklet “The Stalker (Bullying)”, puzzles that illustrate the story told in the booklet, and group games that reinforce the message.


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Exhortation to follow the right path

We had the opportunity to Noah’s Ark with students of Pedro J. Sossa School. Using animal masks, these children sang and danced to share the message of Obedience. This presentation was made during the Civic Act, which is a public event held every Monday before classes, with the participation of all students and educators. With the support of posters with messages about Values, these students encouraged and urged their classmates to follow the path of good, considering God and His teaching in Scripture. All the effort invested during practice, bore fruit. Therefore we thank God for the love with which the teacher Berta educates these children on the issue of the Values.


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“God has blessed me greatly”

Silvia de Chang

Testimony of Professor Silvia Chang, of the University of Panama (Faculty of Humanities, Department of Anthropology)

“In addition to my work at the University of Panama, and as part of an alternative social task, I collaborated with Project Joel program during talks on values and training at Artes y Oficios Institute and at National Institute. We develop topics as “Towards Professional Life”, “Integrity” and “Bullying”. We use materials of LHM Panama, which are of great benefit and mate very well to the task of training in values, especially Christian values. As an educator, I can confirm that when we train and guide students on Christian values, I am the first beneficiary. I’ve grown a lot as a human being performing this task. I have also seen the Herculean task that has Project Joel when traveling to remote communities. That’s admirable for them. The times in which I participated, God has blessed me greatly. ”


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