Equipping The Saints Workshop, Río Rita-Colón

02Equipando a Los Santos

LHM Panama dictated the seminar “Lutheran Identity” in the Jesús Divino Salvador Lutheran Church, located in Río Rita. We had a group of participants, who were very motivated and participative during the development of the issues, clarifying doubts they had about the current situation of the Lutheran church and changes adopted by some churches that do not belong to the same synod.

03Equipando a Los Santos

The speakers: Licdo Edilberto Méndez, director of LHM Panama and Pastor Patricio Mora of the El Redentor Lutheran Church located in Balboa, clarified all their concerns and presented in a clear and simple way the importance of knowing the guidelines of the church and thus be able to make it known.


In commemoration of the World Day for Prevention of Suicidal Behavior and Suicide, was conducted the seminar – Workshop Skills for Life, with students and teachers of technical colleges in the area of Panama West: La Chorrera and Capira. It was carried out at the University of the Americas and was coordinated by the Intersectoral Network of Mental Health and the Ministry of Health. Speakers have extensive experience in these issues as Dr. Gaspar D’Acosta and Dr. Carmen Martinez, PAHO representative.

The Mgtra. Itza Romero, of LHM Panama, participated in the development of the workshops held by students, who carried out work groups that presented their ideas on ways they can share what they have learned with their peers from school. They defined ways to help those who are going through moments of sadness, loneliness and think it would be better not to live. Among the strategies presented by students was the creation of an Instagram profile “Dementes por la Vida” (Mad for Life) to support other young people and through it sent the following message: “Suicide is not an option, Yes to Life”.

We had the opportunity to talk with some of the young people, urging them to strengthen their ties of friendship, mutual support and love themselves; as each of them are special and beautiful part of God’s creation. Similarly, we shared the booklet on the Internet as a way to guide them to make positive use of this valuable tool that well used offers many advantages, but it can be very harmful to personal life if not used correctly.

“God has blessed me greatly”

Silvia de Chang

Testimony of Professor Silvia Chang, of the University of Panama (Faculty of Humanities, Department of Anthropology)

“In addition to my work at the University of Panama, and as part of an alternative social task, I collaborated with Project Joel program during talks on values and training at Artes y Oficios Institute and at National Institute. We develop topics as “Towards Professional Life”, “Integrity” and “Bullying”. We use materials of LHM Panama, which are of great benefit and mate very well to the task of training in values, especially Christian values. As an educator, I can confirm that when we train and guide students on Christian values, I am the first beneficiary. I’ve grown a lot as a human being performing this task. I have also seen the Herculean task that has Project Joel when traveling to remote communities. That’s admirable for them. The times in which I participated, God has blessed me greatly. ”


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Training to educators, 2016 school year starts

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As part of activities beginning the 2016 school year, we had the opportunity to train teachers at El Buen Pastor School, located in the community of Veranillo, on the effective use of teaching materials, in this case the Book of Life. The Project Joel program will employ about 15 issues in 23 schools. The content of these materials are based on texts from the New Testament, illustrating scenes of contemporary life being analyzed within the context of life of the children and youth of today.

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Say “Yes” to Life!

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Pasitos de Panay School’s parents and children participated in a special training based on the theme “Say ´Yes´ to Life”. Project Joel developed the theme “Mr. Heart, our personality” and CEMEX, a company related to the field of construction, presented the topic “Breast Cancer”. As a form of education, parents and mothers lived the experience of a class session, as their children receive daily.

Students of National Institute started training

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In agreement with Professor Silvia Chang, of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Panama, Project Joel officially distributed 4000 “Books of Life” to National Institute, a recognized and historical campus that unfortunately has been going through some crises of student violence. “This is a valuable contribution to these students, as they will help to complement the training they are already receiving here. The wonderful thing about all this is what has been welcomed this project with Christian values by directors, educators, parents and especially, students”, commented Prof. de Chang, who started a special training that starts this year and extends throughout 2016. Project Joel will support these efforts, together with Prof. Dayra Ruiz, volunteer.

Students of IMMOP are trained in values with Christian teaching materials

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High school students of Merchant Marine Institute of Panama (IMMOP), were trained in various topics on the Values. We used the resource “Book of Life” to supplement the teaching. Students who participated in these trainings, will distribute and share this material with other students of the institute. With the support of the One Hope Foundation, we brought 5 boxes of 200 books each one. Volunteers Jahaziel Martinez from Dios es Grande Lutheran Church and Prof. Maritza Valdés were part of the team. Students of IMMOP are participating in the Christmas collection in order to donate toys to the area of Las Nubes in Arraijan, Province of Chorrera.

Members of the Directorate of Judicial Investigation receive training

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For four days, teaming with Irakelma Perez, social worker at National Police and voluntary in the Team Joel (volunteers of Project Joel), visited seven substations of the National Police in order to share insights based on Christian values. This was a great opportunity to distribute Bibles and booklets. During the event the participants expressed their satisfaction.

“Violence has increased in the city and police units living large stress levels in the work. All this adds to the problems in the family and stress teamwork that creates a lot of wear. That is why we ask Project Joel to develop training on Christian values”, said Perez Irakelma.

These trainings were conducted in the districts of Chepo, Pacora, Juan Diaz, Pedregal, and we will be coming to San Miguelito and other areas of the city.

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Motivating young people in Sorá

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Convened by the leadership of Emanuel Lutheran Church, located in Chame, we participated two consecutive days developing the topic “Teamwork”, making dynamics, games, lessons, homework, presenting videos and praying. This event takes place in the context of motivating and leading young people in the evangelical work of the Church and community support. During the Sunday service Project Joel coordinator, Porfirio Franco, shared a reflection with the members of the congregation.

The results of the brainstorming they shared as young people, it is to strengthen the meetings and training activities, as well as conduct evangelistic meetings in the school community and the area. We thank the young Yaziel Martinez, a member of the God is Great Lutheran Church, for his support as a volunteer.

We thank God for allowing us to share with young people the teachings of the Word of God and encourage them in the work of proclaiming the Gospel in their community.


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The Puppet Memo and his Clan in the Watershed

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In awe of the beautiful nature around us, and grateful to God for this valuable opportunity, we shared with students of Ciri of Sotos School, teachings about values in the Bible, through dramas developed by the puppet theater of Memo and his Clan. Messages focused on the care of nature, God’s creation. We highlighted the fact that many of the children who attend this school, must walk long distances from their homes to receive education. We were accompanied by Prof. Dayra Ruiz of INADEH and Project Joel volunteer. Teachers and community leaders were also trained on topics of interest.

For the ministry, the experience of traveling to distant areas, and in this case an area of such great value to the country as the watershed is vital to the work of the Panama Canal, becomes a significant experience, as sharing the Word of God with children in communities of difficult access to information and knowledge, is a real privilege. Again thank God for every opportunity offered to be His instruments in proclaiming the message of love.


Latina Academy’s educators are trained

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We teaming with Bible Society of Panama, and invited by the director of the Latina Academy Magister Aida Afú Sanchez, had the opportunity to present the conference “Attitudes”, which was intended to train educators in the management of stress, “Laughter Therapy”, “Hug Therapy” and “Positive Attitude in Life.” The Marco Gomez, Director of Bible Society of Panama, the young Jahaziel Martinez of God is Great Lutheran Church and Porfirio Franco, Project Joel’s coordinator, developed the conferences as speakers. Notably, participants expressed satisfaction with the learned material and gratitude for the opportunity.

This experience has allowed us to share valuable information in the process of improvement to teachers, so that they are better trained in issues that should be handled and encouraged daily with their students. We thank the Lord for opening the doors to not only be witnesses of the faith we profess, but also to encourage others in their growth, having Him as the source of love, hope and strength.


Children’s Camp Noah’s Ark

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During the school year, two  annual recesses (vacation) are made. The first recess, which lasts a week, takes place in the first week of June, in order to take advantage of this valuable time, SENNIAF (National Office for Children, Youth and Family) coordinated training on the art of making and using puppets as teaching tools on My Project Life, and on the dynamics of teamwork. The training will be developed and directed by Project Joel leaders and volunteers.

On 5 and 6 June we will hold a camp with children between the ages of 6 and 12 years and will be trained on the subject of leadership and service, focusing on values ​​taken from the biblical story of “Noah’s Ark”. Teachers Griselda Aguilar and Jasmine Martinez, young leaders of the  God is Great Lutheran Church, participated in this session. Children will live the adventure of the flood and the puppets of The Clan of the Memo will accompany them on this journey with the ark. Our expectation is to have the support of 40 volunteers who will be trained and 200 children participate in this camp. Supervision will be provided by parents,  Team Joel members and teachers from various schools. The logistics of this task has been organizing during the first quarter of the academic year, and aims to strengthen training in values ​​that students have been receiving.

Network of Mental Health Seminar

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Members of the God is Great and The Redeemer Lutheran Churches, along with staff from Christ For All Nations, participated in the seminar organized by the Network of Mental Health and the Ministry of Health, on issues of mental health and smoking prevention in Panama; which it was held in the premises of the University of the Americas.

The problem of smoking is a reality that affects many people every day and although the law prohibits smoking in public places and indoors are few people comply with the law and the Panamanian regulations. Smokers affect not only themselves but also those around them, especially family members coming in many cases to destroy family ties.

Unfortunately many of those victims are young people who have begun to experiment with smoking and then to drugs, until to the point of an addiction, which it is very difficult to leave, damaging their physical, mental health, causing problems in the family, with friends and with the law.

Jasmine told us that “It was very important to participate in this seminar and  the information received is invaluable in our teaching in the Children Ministry, because in the area where the mission takes children there are many problems of drug addiction and becomes necessary to teach children to protect their body, to have good self-esteem and being accepteded as God teaches; only then, they will live better and lead a healthy life.”


Discovering new opportunities

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CPTLN ministry had the opportunity to participate in the 4th NGO Connection Day organized by Office 365, Microsoft and Sumarse. The objective of this event was to share with nonprofit organizations various technological resources that Microsoft makes available, in order to contribute to a better performance in the work and functions. Microsoft representatives of Panama made interesting and topical presentations on softwares and for free training for NGOs, on the Internet safely and responsibly, and on how the technology can improve efficiency. INADEH representatives (National Institute of Vocational Training for Human Development) and the Government Innovation Authority (AIG) provided updates on the skills that are required to enhance the Panamanian talent and organizational information.

We thank God for this wonderful opportunity of learning and knowledge that contribute to making the operations of the organizations working for the community more efficiently.

LHM Course “God reveals” develops in Panama

Curso Dios se revela

We thank the Lord for the tools and resources that are of benefit to the spiritual growth of believers. As it is the God revealed Course (on Christian Faith course)  that has provided by Lutheran Hour Ministries through its Spanish website Para el Camino. This course is being conducted at  The RedeemerLutheran Church by Pastor Patricio Mora, in order to contribute to nutrition Lutheran brothers and sisters of this congregation.

This course introduces itself as an opportunity in which through videos and discussion guides, shared about the incredible love of God and of how such love wants to give meaning and direction to their lives in this world who struggle with issues moral, religion being a prohibited subject, giving the impression that more and more people opposed to any expression of faith there.

Reaching My Life Goals

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Students of the San Antonio School participated in the seminar “My Skills”, with the support of Orientation Professor. This event kicked off a series of sessions in which students participate in the strengthening of values, in addition to the teaching received during the year. One of the resources used is “The Book of Life for tweens,” in which students analyze issues from a Christian perspective. As part of the sessions, presentations of films or videos related to the topics and forums where young people will carry comments and ideas.

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Introducing Jesus

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By God’s grace, the ministry and God is Great Lutheran Church have the doors open in the Jesus en los Pobres School, located in the area of Loma Coba. The aim of prevention work in this school is to complement values education that students receive during the year. The church youth have joined this mission, so that together we can support school teachers and related values from a Christian perspective programs. Our partner Jasmine Martinez comments: “We were in Jesus en los Pobres School with children of different degrees, in the Holy Week, sharing the book “Best Gift”, where they learned best friend and the love of Jesus who has towards children. “

A Deep Look at Family Relationships

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With the support of volunteer, Ing. Eric Garcia, a group of ladies from various Lutheran congregations had the opportunity to share and receive information related to the issue of Family Relations. A pleasant meeting in which not only new knowledge and orientation were shared based on the Word of God about relationships and communication, but also opened the “doors” to share personal experiences and make questions. We thank God for this event and for allowing us to fraternize with ladies who are mothers, wives, daughters, girlfriends, sisters … many roles that women play in life.

Conference “Bullying and its Relation with Low Academic Achievement”

Conferencia Bullying 01

We had the valuable opportunity to develop in the National Library of Parque Omar, the topic “Bullying and its Relation with Low Academic Achievement”, organized by the Panamanian Association of Reading (APALEC). Wendy Perez and Diana Valdés, volunteers, were present, while Porfirio Franco Cortez, specialist, masterfully outlined the content.

This conference represented to be a challenge because the participating public was knowledgeable about the topic, however, they were interested to get guidance and proposed solutions and real attention to this problem. Previously conducted with educators in some schools, a study on this, and statistics on hand, references, recommendations and the powerful Word of God, we presented the content in a professional, straightforward way, reinforced the teachings of the Christian values.


Commemorating Mental Health World Day

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A full day conference aimed at sensitizing participants on mental health issues, was presented at the seminar held to highlight the Mental Health World Day, by the Ministry of Health and the Intersectoral Network of Mental Health, at the Auditorium of the Universidad Latina de Panama.

Five representatives from the Ministry of Christ For All Nations, had the opportunity to participate, including: Patricio Mora, Pastor of Redeemer Church, Grenaldo Cortez and Jasmine Martinez of God is Great Church at Loma Cova, Ms. Narcisa Romero and Lic. Itza Romero of CPTLN.

Bringing the Christian note, Pastor Patricio Mora on behalf of the Ministry of Christ For All Nations, made ​​the opening prayer to start the day. Next, representatives of health agencies, the Pan American Health Organization, the MITRADEL, SENADIS and Hogares CREA shared interesting insights into human relations, Schizophrenia, Labor Rights of Persons with Mental Disabilities, I am MINSA Health Program and the situation of smoking in Panama, on which a study shows that the highest incidence of snuff consumption is in the region of Kuna Yala.

As a way to present the message of the problem of substance abuse and rehabilitation alternative, Hogares CREA Program presented the sketch “Chavo del Ocho is induced to consume illicit drugs” while Licdo. Erick Romero delighted the audience with his ​​powerful voice with two musical performances. CPTLN shared messages related to mental health through its bookmark “Behind distress, there is a light of Hope.”

For Jasmine Martinez, “These training opportunities are very important because we feed, we may share this information with our family and as Christians we need to acquire knowledge that will help us to continue working and guiding people in the community, being more supportive.”

Meanwhile, Grenaldo Cortez tells us: “There are interesting topics and we learn unknown things that help us to face life situations; as there are always difficulties but we have to be optimistic, determined and responsible with what we proposed.”

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 “Discovering Your Skills” Workshop at God is Great Lutheran Church

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With the desire to continue supporting the work of the church in the overall growth of its members, we were dictating the “Discover Your Skills and Manage Your Fears” workshop to young of God is Great Lutheran Church, located in the Loma Cova area.

Through video presentations, dynamic, exposure information on Gardner’s multiple intelligences, questions and answers, participants reflected on their skills, talents and gifts God has given them, and that as a good disciples can improve them for their own benefit and to put them at the service of others.

The young people were very interested in the topic, participating enthusiastically with comments and developing with a variety of materials, a series of articles showing their skills and abilities, on which they considered as there mayor fortress.

All very clever, were active, some sewing, some decorating pencils, soap carving, designing bracelets with messages of encouragement, presenting their ideas on the care we take with the environment, playing music or playing guitar and singing.

We thank God for each one of these young people who wish to continue their training and use their talents to serve God.

Respect Myself 4th Youth Camp

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An intense and motivating training that emphasize the value of integrity was held in the 4th Youth Camp, playing this important issue from the perspective of God’s Word, using the playful method, in which the game has an important role as a tool teaching. Students selected from Bolivar Institute, Melchor Lasso De La Vega and Isabel Herrera De Obaldia Schools had lived the experience of participating in this camp. Speakers of excellence, and dynamic use of old games and electronic devices, were an essential part of this event, but more than that, the presence of God and His Word at all times.

Professor Peggy Trevia, who carries on her shoulders the responsibility to integrate students and realize these sessions, says: “It’s a hard work, but is done in teams. Young people have the unique opportunity to live an unforgettable experience learning on values and, of course, this is very positive for their lives.”

“It’s an excellent dumbbell among the Lutheran Church, especially youth from Loma Coba, and Project Joel speakers, educators and students. Really, in these conditions, we can speak freely about the love of God. Everything is prepared in advance and dynamics, talks, games and various activities are thought to be driven in the purpose to train the youth in Christian values”, said Porfirio Franco, Project Joel coordinator.

Suicide Prevention Workshop Seminar

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Teachers from various educational institutions of the City of Panama, received a full seminar on suicide prevention in schools, part of the Intersectoral Mental Health Network, which is a member of the Ministry of Christ For All Nations. Educators received lessons on techniques and strategies to help guide and promote among students the value of life and to detect when a young person may be planning to commit a suicidal act.

Issues of interpersonal relationships, high to bullying and relaxation as a way to counteract stress, supplemented this seminar; CPTLN, in its mission to bring the Light of Christ, shared bookmarks whose message urges love life as “Behind the anguish, there is always a glimmer of hope.”

For Dr. Grimaldo Cordoba, National Director of Health Promotion at the Ministry of Health is critical that people receive the support and timely health care; so it is necessary to multiply the information on such important topics as suicide prevention and turn people into promoters of mental health. “

Kids Games visit us

Kids Game

Melvin Vasquez, representative of the Ministry for Central America “Kids Games“, visited our offices within the presentation of the Workshop: Teaching in Lúdica Form. These trainings were given at Camp Mount Carmel located in the area of ​​Villa Lobos, Pedregal. This activity is a team effort that aims to empower leaders and teachers to develop to the best of their training task.

Porfirio Franco Cortez, Project Joel coordinator, was responsible for laying the seminar and Melvin had the special dish in this long-awaited activity.

Notably, this effort sees a vision to train leaders so that they can be followed up in the task of evangelization taking place in various communities.

Seminar for Peace in Torrijos Carter

Seminario por la Paz

As a follow up to the task agreed with the Ministry of Social Development, government entity, Project Joel mobilized to Torrijos Carter community, located in the district of San Miguelito, in order to develop the family talk “Seeking Peace”, theme developed from a biblical perspective. Attendees, residents of the community, committed to follow the guidelines learned, seek support and promote peace in their community. This district is characterized by high levels of violence and drug trafficking. This task aims to bring hope and encouragement through biblical, dynamic advice and written materials.

A Dynamic and Effective Leadership

Liderazgo dinamico y efectivo

Young leaders of the Lutheran Church of Panama met at El Redentor Lutheran Church, located in Balboa, in order to carry out their Leadership Meeting, to plan their schedule of events and activities during the rest of the year. The Team Joel was invited to participate as speaker, which was a wonderful opportunity to share the seminar “A dynamic and effective leadership”, which address issues of effective leadership, personal growth and self-esteem. Likewise exchange work experiences in the field and we join the program this season. These outstanding young volunteer time in schools where Project Joel operates. Cheer up, we’re moving!

Workshop on “Self-Esteem” in the Dios es Grande Lutheran Church

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“In the course of our lives we have troubles that make that our self-esteem go down but found spiritual strength in God”, Yayly.

On Saturday August 26th, we were developing a workshop on practical aspects to enhance the Self Esteem in which participated an enthusiastic group of members and guests of the Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, in Loma Cova. This workshop was intended to reinforce a sense of personal value that each one give themselves, alleging that we are valuable because God made us as His image and likeness sharing with us His capacity to love and thinking.

We presented the message of the renewal process of the eagle and the video about the “Circle of Butterflies”, which had a positive impact on this, as it reflects how each person can stay mired in the negative aspects of himself and his environment or to see that each of us have skills that we can develop and renovate to grow and become better people.

Some of the participants shared their thoughts on the workshop saying that this issue of self-esteem “invites us to value us more as people, to care for and remove words that hurt others and encourages us to renew and leave the past behind.”

Attendees concluded: “This seminar strengthens us and we can apply it in our lives and family. It’s good to keep bringing more seminars like this, because as I said the apostle Paul in the book of Philippians 3: 13-14”, which says:

“Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press ontoward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

Building a character with Christian basis

Forjando caracter

“Forging a Christian character” is the title of a seminar presented to young people, to guide them in the formation of a character based on integrity. By forging we refer to the work that we must invest in order to obtain a specific form. Youth face several situations in which their character is challenged, forcing them to make decisions that can be positive or not for their lives. By incorporating the Christian base, not only speak of faith and hope in God, but also of a whole series of instructions for a full life based on values ​​that the Bible teaches love of neighbor, justice, solidarity, humility, discipline, among others.

We thank God who has given us the opportunity to develop this seminar with a group of students of IMMOP (Institute of Merchant Marine of Panama), academic center where we are developing a comprehensive program of prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles. As part of the program, youth are being targeted on the achievements and goals of their lives by “My Life Project” tool, and planning for the future from a perspective on Christian values, with an excellent opportunity to help them build a character with well grounded values.

During the seminar we have volunteers Amazing Grace Lutheran Church, who shared through a drama, the message of salvation and gift of Christ on the cross for the life of each, since He is the only way to break down walls undermine and destroy our lives, especially the most sensitive lives of children and youth. Voluntary Solangel Gobea, who, with her beautiful voice, encouraged young people to raise their hands and voices to praise the Lord, also shared his life testimony about fighting for God’s hand to move forward and achieve their personal and professional goals. Solangel is a professional singer with recorded discs, and music teacher in an academy.


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As part of monitoring the work done in Bolivar Institute, the topic “Stop Bullying” was presented, in which the students participated in a very active form. During the course of the presentation, were present Team Joel members and Christ Lutheran Church volunteers from Florida, United States. During the second class period this year, Project Joel, together with educators, I will be working on sessions scheduled on this topic, in order to raise a campaign to prevent this problem and file bullying. To do this, we have considered different types of activities, such as murals contests, lectures, films, and most of all, encourage them to become aware of the damage this problem causes in human life, not only in the life of the victim, but also in the life of the stalker, and how these actions are a reflection of sin in which we live and how Christ can restore their lives.

“This is a very positive meeting, as it complements the whole task of integral prevention education and Christian values ​​that has been taking place in the school”, says Professor Peggy Trevia.

We take this opportunity to stress that the Bolívar Institute recently received recognition and approval of programs by the Ministry of Education (MEDUCA) which announced with great joy, because Project Joel has been considered as the basis for the work of comprehensive prevention in this school. We praise God!

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A Gol for Life Camp 2014

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Everyone waited with excitement for the holidays and participate in the Winter Camp 2014 “A Goal for Life.” Participation required the student to fulfill certain commitments, in the end, to improve their performance in school. What requirements? During the first quarter of the school year they should have received excellent grades, have signed permission from teachers and parents, and have a record of good behavior.

Thus, as stated by Professor Peggy Trevia, this process led young people to make an effort to improve student life. At camp, they are not only participating best performing students, but all students who, willing, have worked hard to improve their academic performance.

We thank God that the camp was held in the best conditions. “Despite the rain, we get wet with joy, went swimming, we ran, we got up at dawn to see the sun rise on the beach. We play football, we perform various dynamics and training, lectures were presented on the topic of sexuality and Christian values, we discussed the best videos related to the subject, pray and sing “, said Porfirio Franco, Project  Joel.

Youth Team from the Lutheran Church God is Great, teachers, parents, volunteers and facilitators, formed a dumbbell that gave a solid foundation to this activity. Dynamic not end, like games and songs, but through it all, there was no lack reflection, ministry space and time to meditate on the good choices as young people should take their lives. God blessed us with this excellent season. The Baptist Church, gave us the Camp La Cresta, and care and feeding were first.

This camp is part of the monitoring process to a series of tasks that Project Joel and an excellent team of professionals are taking place in the Bolívar Institute.


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Reinforcing what has been learned


Jasmine and Payliler, young Christian members at Lutheran Church of God is Great, have been actively working on strengthening the value classes with children of Jesus in the Poor School, which greatly speeds up the reinforcement of learning by children in Loma Coba. Dynamic, chants and phrases reinforcement motivated children to implement in their homes and communities.  Over the years we have learned that the children live with these values, they apply it more effectively. That is why these young volunteers, who in turn are active members of the Church, are an important key to making a complete training task.

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Cops trained in Christian values

Capacitacion Policia Nacional

Project Joel volunteers, Memo and Payliler, participated in the training that is provided to members of the Police of the Canal area, as part of several training sessions were held in a week.The theme developed was “The Heart” and as expected, Mr. Heart was present. We emphasized the fact that emotions such as “hate”,  “resentment”, “envy” and “jealousy” cause disease and affect self-esteem of people, so we start from there to emphasize values ​​such as “forgiveness”, “love” and “faith” are contrasted and give new life to a heart that was already affected by negative emotions. This is where the clear and straightforward presentation of the Gospel through the exposure, dynamic and involving puppets, create an environment conducive to ward off stress and foster motivation environment. We ended with the dynamics of hugs and everyone participated with a contagious joy.

For some years now, Ms. Irakelma, Social Worker of the National Police, worked shoulder to shoulder with Project Joel program to develop a curriculum of Christian values, in which members of the police frequently participates canal.

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Mental Health Network monthly meeting

Red reunion

During the monthly meeting of the Mental Health Network, on Tuesday, April 29 at the Institute of Mental Health, there was discussion about the importance of communication and play in children early, emphasizing the aspects of trust in mother, food, talk and spoil as factors that give a sense of confidence and prepare the child for life.

The licda. Lolita Denis, of the Metropolitan Health Region, exhibiting this issue stated that: ” The attachment that occurs in the first year of life marks the human being for life, influencing personal relationships and future choice of a partner”.

Furthermore, the issues to be discussed in the next training special groups in government bodies is presented; including the anger management included, preventing drug and alcohol; and dynamics of relaxation and stress management.

The next meeting on Wednesday, May 14 will be held in the Panamanian Institute for Special Training.

A really motivating Session


Group of eighth and ninth years of Betaris Miranda College in Felipillo received trainings “My Life Project” developed by Miguel Atencio, Diana Valdez, Nelson Araúz and Porfirio Franco, who strove for sharing this first phase.

“Here, in this part , the boys learn to dream, to plan hope to put their sights on God’s purpose for their plans and projects”, said Miguel. “It’s interesting how children move into adolescence to learn to hide your dreams , not to be discouraged and to continue with the idea of ​​achieving great things. The Life Project awoke that dormant part and put the kids to illusions, excited and planning in a fun way”, said Diana.

For the prof. Mildred, counselor, ” This is a great opportunity to motivate the desire to work , change the world and bring the best for mankind. “

My Life Project is a strategy that covers a quarter and concludes with massive events , recognition and expected delivery of certificates.

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“Affectivity in the Family” workshop


“These teachings strengthen my relationships with my children, my dear husband and friends. It was a pretty experience and I learned more and I know that God has a purpose for me and He will help me to put in practice what I learned”.  These were the Yanissa’s words, making reference to the workshop Affectivity in the Family, realized the last Saturday 22 in Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, located in Loma Cova. In this activity, we made a participation dynamic with people invited by the Church and who attended with a lot of interest to learn how improve their relationships with their families, children and spouses. Mrs. Sara explained that the most of people don’t express their feelings because of shame, but in their hearts they desire to be lovelier and receive this love from their loved ones. Very emotive moments were lived there, when through the dynamics, participants shared their experience in a familiar circle and said to their loved ones how much they love them, how important they are and how the expressions of affection, small details make them to feel loved, strengthening in this way the relationships among them.

Katiana commented that the most important is learning to give love to others, especially to their own children.  Mark 10:14 teaches that, when Jesus reacts during the moment in which the disciples didn’t permit children be close to Jesus and He said them to permit children to come near to Him, because the God’s Reign is for those who are like children.   Jesus shows that, in spite of tiredness, is important to be available to take time for children that God had gave us, and bless them as the Bible teaches, because each blessing ask God for His protection and good things for them.

Being God’s instruments to communicate His message of love is most big thing that we can live and received the positive information of how God touches the life of people and give us happiness, that we felt when Mrs. Mirta talked:  “I liked learning more about this topic, I put it in practice not very often, and the affections won’t be missed at my home”. Blessings and thanks to CPTLN for taking time to improve our attention to our children were thankful words in the name of participants in this seminar.

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