Aníbal, an exceptional child


Aníbal, the second child from right to left.

A few months ago we released the testimony of Aníbal, a child who comes from the community of Tanara. Aníbal actively participated in the tours to the mountain ranges in El Lagarto Chinina where with her grandmother became the ambassador of “The Clan of Memo”. He also participated in the activities with the children of the community of Paso Blanco.

After these activities, Aníbal became part of “Team Joel” and asked us, with great emotion, we go to his classroom; he discussed this initiative with his teacher and the school Principal. And with the approval of both, puppets of Clan of Memo traveled to El Naranjal, with the support of volunteer Sixto Guevara. All participants lived intensely games that were developed and we made a commitment to follow up the issue of values presented that day.

Aníbal, in this case, is the missionary child who brings the Gospel to many places in his hometown.


“… the grace of God sustains me and that His Word is my right guidance.”


Testimony of Alexis Santamaria.

“At 16, as a student of Francisco Beckman Institute, I joined Project Team Joel. Already 12 years have passed and now as a construction worker and a college student, I can testify that the knowledge learned about values through the Word of God, which I learned during my work with this ministry, have marked my life and I have made a good man. Today, I return to offer my volunteer time for training tasks, talks and mobilization of all the valuable material that carry messages of life of the Lord. I can understand that the grace of God sustains me and that His Word is my right guidance. “

“God has given me the privilege to serve Him”

Isaias A

Isaiah Aorta, student and Project Joel volunteer, has been with us supporting tasks. Not only in the social part but also bringing God’s love to other children in very difficult economic conditions. We have been working with a small community in the area of Paso Blanco, with the help of other volunteers. Isaiah tells us, “God has given me the privilege to serve Him, I am very happy carrying the message through puppets of Clan of Memo and share specialized literature with Biblical base, plus food. Sometimes I complained I don’t receive from my parents things like games or clothes, but seeing these children, then I feel grateful for what I have and to share something with them, especially the Word of God. “


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Exhortation to follow the right path

We had the opportunity to Noah’s Ark with students of Pedro J. Sossa School. Using animal masks, these children sang and danced to share the message of Obedience. This presentation was made during the Civic Act, which is a public event held every Monday before classes, with the participation of all students and educators. With the support of posters with messages about Values, these students encouraged and urged their classmates to follow the path of good, considering God and His teaching in Scripture. All the effort invested during practice, bore fruit. Therefore we thank God for the love with which the teacher Berta educates these children on the issue of the Values.


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“God has blessed me greatly”

Silvia de Chang

Testimony of Professor Silvia Chang, of the University of Panama (Faculty of Humanities, Department of Anthropology)

“In addition to my work at the University of Panama, and as part of an alternative social task, I collaborated with Project Joel program during talks on values and training at Artes y Oficios Institute and at National Institute. We develop topics as “Towards Professional Life”, “Integrity” and “Bullying”. We use materials of LHM Panama, which are of great benefit and mate very well to the task of training in values, especially Christian values. As an educator, I can confirm that when we train and guide students on Christian values, I am the first beneficiary. I’ve grown a lot as a human being performing this task. I have also seen the Herculean task that has Project Joel when traveling to remote communities. That’s admirable for them. The times in which I participated, God has blessed me greatly. ”


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“I grew up being a member of Project Joel”

Testimonio de Yurinko Atencio

I am Yurinko Atencio and since I was a high school student I have been part of LHM Panama’s Project Joel. Even today I am part of this program, because I have had to be on all the logistics of loading, transporting and mobilizing social benefits that go to inaccessible places. First, I started participating and listening, then giving lectures on integral prevention with Christian base. For me, it’s a blessing testify that I have given personally 10,000 Bibles to youth in various schools. In many ways, this has affected my life for good, as has allowed me to grow as a committed citizen. Today, I work with a construction project in the Panama Canal expansion project, I have the great opportunity to attend the church on Sundays and mature in a Christian faith-oriented to social service.

“…we have learned to see God in a closer way.”

Elena de Rodriguez

Testimony of Elena Rodriguez  

“I am Elena Rodriguez, I am74 years and I live here in Los Tecales, Puerto Armuelles. I am very happy for all the support you have brought us, especially for children, who enjoy it a lot. Videos, the speeches and puppets have brought me my best smile. And here we are very poor, before we were prosperous, we worked and lived well, but the plantains farms and companies closed, left us in the worst abandonments, nowhere to get food because the land do not produce a lot. 

Happiness is what you have come so far. Food, rice, things to clean, clothes and best of all, “my new Bible” are a blessing for me and everyone here. Thanks, have brought us material and spiritual food for all, and we have learned to see God in a closer way. “

Mrs. Elena and 45 other families were blessed with the visit organized in conjunction with Project Joel and Professor Dayra Ruiz with a group of students of INADEH.

God has touched the lives of many more people, know their stories on the link Testimonies

“My life has changed…”

Testimonio de Maritza de Valdez“I’m Director of Pasitos de Panay School, and I have been working for five years on the education of children of 3-6 years. In our job we’ve added all the experience gained in my volunteer work with Project Joel. We evaluated the Curriculum on values, talked with parents, and this is our second year providing information on Christian values to children, who learn while singing Christian songs and play educational games with Christian base. Together, with my husband and my family, we decided to commit ourselves to God and His Word. We are going to church, have family devotions and at school; and this is where Project Joel and CPTLN material have played a good role. 

My life has changed, I feel I’ve improved, I learned a lot, and the experience of being volunteer with Joel and visit other educational center to bring the Word of God has changed me. “

It’s a challenge for believers to shine with the light that comes from the Gospel

Testimonio de Joel Trejos

Joel Trejos is employee of public transport Metro Bus, Project Joel volunteer and a Christian committed to God’s work. 

“Since early this tremendous work named Project Joel, I got involved, and to participate received many blessings. I learned to can deal better, I improved my behavior, I worried about my studies and, especially, learned to see God and his Word from another angle, the angle of born-again Christians. 

Today I serve in the Metro Bus Company and from there I try to apply all the values ​​learned in Bible study. 

I have been involved in the Red Boots for Christmas Tour with Professor Dayra Ruiz, and Porfirio Franco – program coordinator – I have taught training area schools in San Miguelito. 

I have seen how, every day, the values ​​and Christian principles are losing, and I think that is a great challenge for believers to shine with the light that comes from the Gospel. Here I am with my Bible, today going to the church. “

Prayer, Bible reading and church are part of her life

Testimonio Ines Hurtado

Testimony of Inés Hurtado, Carlos Ian’s mother

“Prayer, Bible reading and now the church attendance have become something important for my life.”

With only three years, Ian Carlos is ab active member of his school, which is run by the director Maritza Valdés, who is developing with Project Joel, an ongoing education and training agenda on Christian values. In this last part it is where the parents are made part. In this school there is a great opportunity for parents to constantly involve in the education of their children, either through special programs, courses, walks, hikes and interactive activities. Ines is one of those mothers who have been involved.

“My son is three years old and for me is was a blessing to participate in their education here at school. I am inclined to study the branch of pedagogy because of how much I was excited to participate as a volunteer in the school. Devotionals, Bible studies, lessons with puppets and games have deeply impacted the lives of my son and mine. Here at school I received my first Bible and I have strengthened my spiritual life. Prayer, Bible reading and now the church attendance have become something important in my life, and I see the results in our lives.

The Christian values I live in my life are those I can best teach

Testimonio Guillermo Aparicio

“I am of few words, I do not like to be in public, but in this social task I have appeared as a thousand times in public. I think I lost a little shyness, now I do not feel so bad when talking with others, especially with young children. During my classes I learned with Project Joel about that the Christian values I live in my life are those I can best teach. 

We find in the Bible the Timothy’s letter. His life is a message and I’d like to be a God’s letter of love. Well, I think that the Christian life is every day getting better and looking more like Christ. 

But while it’s fun, at the same time, it’d something very committed to teach values ​​and preach the Gospel. I’m in this job and I think that, with God’s help, my parents and friends, I can finish it and graduated with success. God bless you.”

Guillermo has completed 130 hours as volunteer in the social labor, being a great example for other young people.

“I like to help other children”

Testimonio Jordy Avila

Jordy Ávila, CPTLN volunteer and member of Team Joel (Clan Memo) has had the opportunity to participate in camps, concerts, education sessions and development of programs and homework in various education centers. 

Today we just spent a one-week session in the populous neighborhood of El Chorrillo, where we trained and educated young people on issues such as making decision and strengthening of values. The role of the young Jordy has been crucial for effective communication and success of this task. 

“It’s a very good experience working with the team of Project Joel, I have done in recent years from the church, at my community school, camps and concerts. It helps me because it makes me stronger and I like to help other children. Today, we were with the children from El Chorrillo area, and I loved serve and speak about the Gospel”, shares Jordy.


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