Making… the DIFFERENCE

Dear Friend,

we are so glad to share with you our news about the labor we are developing in Panama. But also, we would like to ask your support… It’s not easy to share Jesus to people, taking care the negative messages and wrong ideas that our society receives from mass medias. But our committment, the love and the hope on Jesus give us the fortress to continue with a renewed desire of proclaiming HIM to all people.

We invite you to support our mission… Would you like to support this ministry?



CPTLN (LHM Panama ministry center) is an organization whose primary source of support is the provision of God. The same God’s provision allows the community move to serve, support the work in general, through:

  • constant and fervent prayers for the people to whom God comes with his message of love and hope by using the organization as an instrument constant and fervent prayers for wisdom, prosperity and strength for the staff, volunteers and supporters of the organization,
  • and in addition, human cooperation (Volunteer time, knowledge, skills),
  • media cooperation (media),
  • verbal cooperation (word of mouth to share with family, friends, coworkers) about the work of the organization,
  • financial cooperation (Partners Benefactors: Gifts ; Friends: Shop, Video Club, Professional Counseling) and
  • your Story (you can share to others how God is working in your life through His marvelous and divine love).


Please PRAY for LHM Panama ministry center:
– Pray for these programs and activities.
– Pray for the Gods’ servants involved in the ministry.
– Pray for all Panamanians know Christ.


Send a GIFT. Your generous gifts allows LHM.CPTLN Panama ministry center to connect more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ each year.

Donate by mail from USA:

Please, write on the check as the beneficiary: CPTLN 
Mail  your gift to:  Edilberto Mendez Mora, Director
CPTLN (Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones)
PTY 7693, P.O. Box 2507, Miami / FL 33102-5207


 Donate through a local bank (in Panama):

BANISTMO  account number:  0101187038
Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones


Donate Online: / Donate now / choose Int’l Ministries Panama.



All information will remain confidential.

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