Zahira motivates children during the teachings.

In the community of Las Nubes, is being developed Misión Bethel, which is a work supported by Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, located in Arraijan. In Misión Bethel were realized the Summer Bible School. Yazmin Martínez, Greynaldo Cortés, Jahaziel, Zahira and Benjael Martínez, youth of the church, worked tirelessly for this task to remain in the best way.


Material, Book of Life, is shared with children.

There came the “Clan of Memo” and Project Timoteo, with the choreography, games, readings, studies and prizes. The children learned wonderful Biblical truths. For LHM Panamá is a priority to support these activities that touch the community and help it to interact with the Church. The Resurrection, the Baptism and the Miracles of Jesus were the topics treated.


Easter in Jesús en los Pobres School

Escuela 01

As an act without history, “Easter” was celebrated by children of Jesús en los Pobres School. Voluntary Griselda Aguilar was in charge of the organization of the activity, in which we participate through Project Joel program. The relationship between Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, Jesús en los Pobres School and the Ministry of LHM Panama narrows even more thanks to these events together, enabling us to form a team of education in Christian values. Educators, parents, and especially students, welcomed this event because not only had moments of joy to everyone, but it was also an opportunity to bring the message of hope in the resurrection of Jesus.

Via Crucis in the community of Loma Cova

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Members of Joel Project program, of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church and an organized group of teachers and parents of students of Jesús en los Pobres School performed a drama related to the Passion of Jesus with prayers and songs to along near the school community. Via Crucis (Latin for “Way of the Cross”) refers to the different stages or moments lived by Jesus from the time He was arrested until His crucifixion and burial.

The term is also commonly used to express all kinds of difficulties that arise in life when you want to achieve certain goals. “This is a new experience, a lot of responsibility, but a pleasure to do it, especially because it reinforces our children, all Christian values ​​we have taught them. In addition, bears witness to our faith all around the neighborhood”, said Griselda Aguilar, Sunday School teacher of the church. It took many days of practice, hard work and effort invested to share the significance of this date, giving glory to God.


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Easter message at Pediatric Hospital

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With the voluntary support of Pastor Patricio Mora, young Claribeth and Maryi, members of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, LHM Panama ministry center visited the Pediatric Hospital, where we carry the Gospel message of Jesus’ teachings on the way to Calvary.

We shared the booklet “The Way of Lent” with parents, and children’s book of Bible Stories “Trust in God”. With our puppets “Camila and Anita” teach children about love and sacrifice of Jesus for all of us and His triumph over death. which it gives us the hope of eternal life.

People were very attentive to the message and participated commenting that for them Easter is a time of reflection and joy because Jesus rose again and so we who believe in Him, also resurrected.

Focused on the Purpose

semana santa

During Holy Week we will be supporting, through Project Joel, various events commemorating the Passion of Jesus. Dios es Grande Lutheran Church has been organized in order to carry out on Saturday 26 March, a Movie Night, and Sunday March 27, the “Finding Easter Eggs” and the movie “Passover of the Vegetables “(from the VeggieTales series). During Movie Night the films “God Man” and “The Last Supper” (from the Superbook series) will be presented, with which it is expected to reach children, youth and adults in the community of Loma Cova, sharing with them the message of salvation in Jesus Christ.

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve and support our brothers in Loma Cova, hoping that the message of love and hope is received in the heart of the people involved; and the initiative of the members of this congregation seeking space and resources to bring the Word of God at all times, and even more festive times, being open doors to focus on the purpose of the coming of the Lord Jesus.

Puppet Grandpa talks about Values

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During the Sunday School, at Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, a significant number of children of Jesús en los Pobres School, participate in this activity. We have already for some years worked with Project Joel in conjunction with the Principal of this school and the Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, in order to develop a project to promote the Values. Once or twice a week, students receive a visit from one of our presenters, who use materials that allow an active presence throughout the school year, focused on the theme of Christian Values. The Bible teaches about Values, values that help us to have a good life, living in peace, in respect. We are so thankful to God for the opportunity to teach Values, guiding students to discover them and encouraging them to practice them.

We started a tour of the classrooms in the company of volunteers Griselda Aguilar and her husband Mauricio Miranda, both committed members of  Dios es Grande Lutheran Church and whose children attend this school. With their valuable support, several materials were distributed and presented the topic”Beginning with Values”. The puppet Grandpa developed the topic with students. We complemented the work with group games and reading the contents of the “Book of Life”.

For parents, teachers and especially for kids, it is a fun way to reinforce topics learned in class.


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