Discipline as a key to success in life

Valor de la Isciplina 02

Puppet Grandpa reinforce the importance of values in life.

As part of the follow-up to the work that has been carried out in the Jesús en los Pobres School, Project Timoteo developed the theme “Discipline” as one of the most important values that must be formed and reinforced in children and young people. With the support of volunteer Mauricio Miranda of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, the puppets Conoco and Grandpa explained the importance of discipline in life and how God in His Word talks about it and the negative results of living in disorder.

Valor de la Isciplina 01

Children listening the message.

Many of the students at this school are attending Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, so we believe that this follow-up work is quite complete, they also attended on Sundays by the team of leaders who carry out Bible School for Children, thus reinforcing values and relationships with them and their parents.

Eternal Life behind the empty tomb

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The empty tomb gave us the Promise of Salvation in Christ, a powerful message that calls us to love and hope in God!

Early on, the team of volunteers was prepared to coordinate the search for Easter eggs, about 400 units – thanks to the donation of “Las Sabanas” Lions Club – which had been hidden around the Dios es Grande Lutheran Church. The program started with a delicious breakfast that the kids enjoyed, continued with the message of reflection on Easter and games, culminating in the search for Easter eggs. Puppets of Memo’s Clan were part of this event, prepared from the previous day.

We thank the congregation for allowing LHM Panama to collaborate in these celebrations, through Project Joel program. Project Joel develops an integral prevention work – together with the Dios es Grande Lutheran Church – in Jesús en los Pobres School. It should be noted that most children who participate in these events, attend this school.


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Easter in Jesús en los Pobres School

Escuela 01

As an act without history, “Easter” was celebrated by children of Jesús en los Pobres School. Voluntary Griselda Aguilar was in charge of the organization of the activity, in which we participate through Project Joel program. The relationship between Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, Jesús en los Pobres School and the Ministry of LHM Panama narrows even more thanks to these events together, enabling us to form a team of education in Christian values. Educators, parents, and especially students, welcomed this event because not only had moments of joy to everyone, but it was also an opportunity to bring the message of hope in the resurrection of Jesus.

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