Discipline as a key to success in life

Valor de la Isciplina 02

Puppet Grandpa reinforce the importance of values in life.

As part of the follow-up to the work that has been carried out in the Jesús en los Pobres School, Project Timoteo developed the theme “Discipline” as one of the most important values that must be formed and reinforced in children and young people. With the support of volunteer Mauricio Miranda of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, the puppets Conoco and Grandpa explained the importance of discipline in life and how God in His Word talks about it and the negative results of living in disorder.

Valor de la Isciplina 01

Children listening the message.

Many of the students at this school are attending Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, so we believe that this follow-up work is quite complete, they also attended on Sundays by the team of leaders who carry out Bible School for Children, thus reinforcing values and relationships with them and their parents.

Well exploited vacations!

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School holidays are a period time of highly anticipated by students, because these days are exploited to rest, walk and visit relatives, among other activities. Children of Pasitos de Panay School celebrated this time, playing sports and outdoor activities, where the appreciation for nature, exercise and teamwork was emphasized. Until this period of the school year, Project Joel program has worked about 79 hours on the formation of  Values. We thank God for this wonderful opportunity and the Principal and academic staff to strengthen this work.

Getting the word out through the TV!

The state media, SerTV channel 11, visited San Antonio School in order to film part the classes that are being developed on the subject of Values. These classes are being conducted with Professor Tatiana Cornejo, in conjunction with Project Joel program, daily, to students of this school. The results have been observed in improving academic performance, conduct and discipline.

The support of mass media help us to make known, in this case at the national level, the task of training in Biblical values that are being carried out and the goals that are reached. This indicates that the continued investment of well-established education positively impacts the lives of children and youth. Ever since some years, Project Joel has been working with Professor Tatiana in the tasks of academic training in Values, giving good results, thank the Lord!

We have also had the opportunity to support the School for Parents.


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A plastic snake gives us a message

One of the issues that we consider crucial in the life of a young and child is the value of Obedience. An obedience that is linked to the respect and understanding of correct decision making. This issue we have been working with students of  La Cabima School. With the support of voluntary Diana, we continue with the training that promote the message of the value of Obedience, analyzing the first disobedience of man and the origin of sin, in the book of Genesis. We use a plastic snake as a tool to dramatize the story and to exercise the rejection of everything bad, destructive and negative for our lives.


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With happy face got people!

LHM Panama had the opportunity to participate in the fair held by the Ministry of Public Works, on the occasion of its 71st anniversary. It was an event well attended by workers of this public entity, who are benefiting from the services offered by different organizations involved to show and share their products.

On this occasion, we distribute the booklet: “Alcoholism, Road to Recovery”, which is a useful material that can help people with alcohol addiction. Also we give happy face cupholders to visitors at our booth, which brought a smile to many. This was a way to help them to remember that only action of smiling is very positive on their mental health.

Our compliments to the MOP for its 71st anniversary and all its collaborators, who do a great effort to make these events. God bless them.

Let us put our trust in God

Holístico 01

Holístico 02

“The Duckling Juan” brings joy and lessons to Children at Pediatric Hospital

As part of the activities planned by the Licda. Carmen Morales, a social worker at Pediatric Hospital, held a special event on Wednesday, April 6, for hospitalized children; in which they had a moment of relaxation, learning and fun with their families. LHM Panama was invited to participate with their puppet theater, in which the “Duckling Juan” carried a message to children about obedience to parents and trust in God. The children sang the song “Father Abraham” and received the booklet “Trust in God” who urges them to put their concerns in God, for He cares for them. We are grateful for the support of the Licda. Anayansi Hernandez, Ileana Ramos, voluntary group of the Pink Ladies and Alexander (one of the children at the hospital) who helped us in presenting puppets. With songs and games made by the clown Palito, gifts and a big cake culminated the April monthly birthday celebration of children and also the Licda. Yaritza Mendez, for those who ask that God continue to bless her with many more years of life.

Providing a space for integral orientation

Feria 01

Feria 02
Health Fair at the Ministry of Public Works

LHM Panama participated in the Health Fair organized by the government entity of public works; where we provided guidance on the issue of changes in adult life, through the booklet “Learning to grow old.” It was a great opportunity to meet a hundred people who came to our booth for information on the services we offer as a Christian ministry. This is an activity that the Ministry of Public Works carried out with the aim of providing a space for integral health guidance that benefit their employees; for which they invited various organizations offering their products for sale and disclose their activities.

Exhortation to follow the right path

We had the opportunity to Noah’s Ark with students of Pedro J. Sossa School. Using animal masks, these children sang and danced to share the message of Obedience. This presentation was made during the Civic Act, which is a public event held every Monday before classes, with the participation of all students and educators. With the support of posters with messages about Values, these students encouraged and urged their classmates to follow the path of good, considering God and His teaching in Scripture. All the effort invested during practice, bore fruit. Therefore we thank God for the love with which the teacher Berta educates these children on the issue of the Values.


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“God has blessed me greatly”

Silvia de Chang

Testimony of Professor Silvia Chang, of the University of Panama (Faculty of Humanities, Department of Anthropology)

“In addition to my work at the University of Panama, and as part of an alternative social task, I collaborated with Project Joel program during talks on values and training at Artes y Oficios Institute and at National Institute. We develop topics as “Towards Professional Life”, “Integrity” and “Bullying”. We use materials of LHM Panama, which are of great benefit and mate very well to the task of training in values, especially Christian values. As an educator, I can confirm that when we train and guide students on Christian values, I am the first beneficiary. I’ve grown a lot as a human being performing this task. I have also seen the Herculean task that has Project Joel when traveling to remote communities. That’s admirable for them. The times in which I participated, God has blessed me greatly. ”


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When God’s love compels us, no limitations

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Even amid an environment of extreme poverty, joy is no impediment to gladden the hearts of children.

In the community of Paso Blanco we have witnessed it, when we participated with spouses Guevara – Phany and Sixto  – carrying the message of hope in God. Yes, we have found limitations with access to electricity, however, in the near future, we will present films with messages of encouragement, with the help of a power plant. Yes, we did find a need in food, children are participating in a dining room. Yes, we did find spiritual lack, by God’s grace we share the wonderful love and power of God through the stories contained in the Bible and the Book of Life – flipbook format for children.
“This is an unavoidable task, it is our duty to be close to the most needy, and here there are about 100 families living in extreme poverty, depending on begging; however, this may change to a better life. I am convinced that empowering children with the powerful Word of God, much of the work is already done. Children receive food free of charge, and receive devotionals and books with teachings. For this year, we will add to this community in Red Boots for Christmas Campaign”, said Porfirio Franco, Project Joel program coordinator.


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“The most exciting of my life”

Testimonio 01

Testimonio 02

Testimony of Aníbal Sanchez

I feel very important working for “the things of God.” Here in El Golfo – El Lagarto in Chepo -, many children have come to see the movie, receive toys and candies, and I also got a cute toy. I was participating in a presentation with Diana and Porfirio, using one of the puppets – I was “Cococho” the naughty puppet -. And with Cococho, I learned that I must be obedient, respect my parents and, above all, I learned that I am important for God. We sang, we present and perform devotional dramas. My grandmother took me in this event, which has been the most exciting of my life. She says I’ve changed a lot and see me as a Christian child. Back to school after these holidays and I thank God that I may be doing this work.

El Lagarto in Chepo, is a place of difficult access, a rural area hit hard by poverty and droughts caused by the strong summer.

Via Crucis in the community of Loma Cova

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Members of Joel Project program, of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church and an organized group of teachers and parents of students of Jesús en los Pobres School performed a drama related to the Passion of Jesus with prayers and songs to along near the school community. Via Crucis (Latin for “Way of the Cross”) refers to the different stages or moments lived by Jesus from the time He was arrested until His crucifixion and burial.

The term is also commonly used to express all kinds of difficulties that arise in life when you want to achieve certain goals. “This is a new experience, a lot of responsibility, but a pleasure to do it, especially because it reinforces our children, all Christian values ​​we have taught them. In addition, bears witness to our faith all around the neighborhood”, said Griselda Aguilar, Sunday School teacher of the church. It took many days of practice, hard work and effort invested to share the significance of this date, giving glory to God.


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Children celebrate Easter

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A formal and analytical roundtable on the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, was conducted with children from Los Pasitos de Panay School. It was a morning spent on the arts (painting, drawings, games, songs) and to teach more about the meaning of Easter. As part of the activities of entertainment and education, the children prepared their baskets and Easter eggs. This event allows us to highlight, in every way, the triumph of life over death through the resurrection of Jesus. “It is important that children understand these Christian truths, and context of all these details with Project Joel, have prepared for this. They will never forget it, “says Teacher Diana.


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Festival of Colors!

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A grand Festival of Colors celebrated Los Pasitos de Panay School, with all students and teachers. This was their first celebration of the year in which Project Joel program was invited and in which puppets of Clan of Memo not only cheered and sang with the children, but also developed a teaching.

This school is one of the schools where Project Joel program performs an integral curriculum on Values, educators are trained and parents are involved in the education of their children.


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Easter message at Pediatric Hospital

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With the voluntary support of Pastor Patricio Mora, young Claribeth and Maryi, members of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, LHM Panama ministry center visited the Pediatric Hospital, where we carry the Gospel message of Jesus’ teachings on the way to Calvary.

We shared the booklet “The Way of Lent” with parents, and children’s book of Bible Stories “Trust in God”. With our puppets “Camila and Anita” teach children about love and sacrifice of Jesus for all of us and His triumph over death. which it gives us the hope of eternal life.

People were very attentive to the message and participated commenting that for them Easter is a time of reflection and joy because Jesus rose again and so we who believe in Him, also resurrected.

Focused on the Purpose

semana santa

During Holy Week we will be supporting, through Project Joel, various events commemorating the Passion of Jesus. Dios es Grande Lutheran Church has been organized in order to carry out on Saturday 26 March, a Movie Night, and Sunday March 27, the “Finding Easter Eggs” and the movie “Passover of the Vegetables “(from the VeggieTales series). During Movie Night the films “God Man” and “The Last Supper” (from the Superbook series) will be presented, with which it is expected to reach children, youth and adults in the community of Loma Cova, sharing with them the message of salvation in Jesus Christ.

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve and support our brothers in Loma Cova, hoping that the message of love and hope is received in the heart of the people involved; and the initiative of the members of this congregation seeking space and resources to bring the Word of God at all times, and even more festive times, being open doors to focus on the purpose of the coming of the Lord Jesus.

A key point to reach the heart

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Every Monday of the week, before beginning the morning period and afternoon period, all students and teachers of a school meet in an open area in order to participate in the Civic Act. Civic Act is an event in which the Principal of the school, accompanied by educators and students assigned, shares a special message, news and announcements, singing the National Anthem and take the Oath to the National Flag.

LHM Panama’s Project Joel program has been part of the Civic Act at Pedro J. Sossa School; and this school year has been participating in it, with the coordination of teacher Norma Morales and with the support of voluntary Wendy Perez, to perform a reflection based on the Values, in which we pray, sing, short portions of the Bible are read and even present mini dramas with puppets. Students join this presentation displaying posters with different values ​​have been learning in class.

For Project Joel, this is a strategy for the Lord’s message of love is present in the lives of students, is a key to reach the heart of each person present, and, so far with the help of God, we have been participating in these events in schools where Project Joel is developed, in order to promote healthy lifestyles and values ​​that the Word of God offers to everyone.


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Puppet Grandpa talks about Values

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During the Sunday School, at Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, a significant number of children of Jesús en los Pobres School, participate in this activity. We have already for some years worked with Project Joel in conjunction with the Principal of this school and the Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, in order to develop a project to promote the Values. Once or twice a week, students receive a visit from one of our presenters, who use materials that allow an active presence throughout the school year, focused on the theme of Christian Values. The Bible teaches about Values, values that help us to have a good life, living in peace, in respect. We are so thankful to God for the opportunity to teach Values, guiding students to discover them and encouraging them to practice them.

We started a tour of the classrooms in the company of volunteers Griselda Aguilar and her husband Mauricio Miranda, both committed members of  Dios es Grande Lutheran Church and whose children attend this school. With their valuable support, several materials were distributed and presented the topic”Beginning with Values”. The puppet Grandpa developed the topic with students. We complemented the work with group games and reading the contents of the “Book of Life”.

For parents, teachers and especially for kids, it is a fun way to reinforce topics learned in class.


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Anniversary Fair at Pediatric Hospital

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The Pediatric Hospital celebrated its 13rd anniversary, with a fair of healthy lifestyles, and in which LHM Panama ministry center participated, together with other organizations and companies engaged in health and foods promotion.

Approximately 300 people visited us, including young people, children and adults, to whom we shared words of hope; plus tips to guide children in Christian values, through the booklet “Education for Life”. Similarly, candies and figures made of balloons were a total hit with the kids. We had the support of Pastor Patricio Mora, of El Redentor Lutheran Church, located in the area of ​​Balboa, who chatted with visitors about the value and importance of gratitude to God and the people showing their support and love in our lives.

We had an enthusiastic participation of all who came to our exhibition booth, attracted by the dynamics of “The Tree of Thankful Hearts”; which gave them the opportunity to express their appreciation for life, the family and the health of their children. This dynamic of reflection was a great blessing because it made them think that every day we have a reason to be thankful for all that God, in His great love, gives us.

We thank the Lord for this opportunity to share words of hope at this fair.

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Christian Film Night

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The Children’s Ministries of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, located in the community of Loma Cova, realized a movie night outdoors, in the outer area of ​​the Church. Children and adults from the community took part in this exciting event. We shared our support through Project Joel program. Sing, pray and be moderators of the films “The Great Adventure”, “Passion” ( anime). Note that this event was held on Monday and Tuesday during Carnivals, so it was an opportunity to appeal to children, youth and adults towards positive messages, courage and Biblical principles, taking them away from the dangers of alcohol, drugs and the pressures of bad lifestyles. It was a tremendous opportunity to bring the Gospel to the streets. CPTLN Panama was blessed, because thanks to Lord, these are doors that open to bring His message of love and salvation to others, and at the same time, allowing us to be instruments of collaboration agreement with the church.

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