Discipline as a key to success in life

Valor de la Isciplina 02

Puppet Grandpa reinforce the importance of values in life.

As part of the follow-up to the work that has been carried out in the Jesús en los Pobres School, Project Timoteo developed the theme “Discipline” as one of the most important values that must be formed and reinforced in children and young people. With the support of volunteer Mauricio Miranda of Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, the puppets Conoco and Grandpa explained the importance of discipline in life and how God in His Word talks about it and the negative results of living in disorder.

Valor de la Isciplina 01

Children listening the message.

Many of the students at this school are attending Dios es Grande Lutheran Church, so we believe that this follow-up work is quite complete, they also attended on Sundays by the team of leaders who carry out Bible School for Children, thus reinforcing values and relationships with them and their parents.

Luther Academy and LCMS’ Deaconess Program in Panama

Academia Lutero en Panamá 01

LHM Panama collaborated in the organization and coordination of the Luther Academy Seminars and the LCMS’ Deaconess Program. Taking advantage of Carnival holidays from February 25 to 28, the Reverends Carlos Schuman and Adrian Solis, both Argentines serving in Chile and Paraguay, respectively, presented the seminar Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation: “Lutheran catechesis as legacy and formator of The current Lutheran identity.”

Programa Diaconisas en Panama

Simultaneously, the course “Introduction to the Letters of St. Paul” was held and in which we had the collaboration of the Deaconesses Danelle Putnam and Rachel Powell, both missionaries in the Dominican Republic, who also served in the past in Panamá and Perú respectively.

It was a great honor to be partners in the organization of these events and to be recipients of our doctrinal wealth through these seminars, where CPTLN / LHM strengthens fraternal ties with the Luther Academy, LCMS and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Panama.



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