Workshop “I Have a Friend”


Pastor Patricio Mora talks about love and friendship parents should express at their homes with their families.

Continuing with the workshops, with the group of mothers and children patients of nephrology of the Hospital of Pediatric Specialties, we met with them to develop the workshop “I Have a Friend”. This workshop was attended by Pastor Patricio Mora of El Redentor Lutheran Church, who talked about the theme of love and friendship as key ingredients in interpersonal relationships, especially in the family environment; as well as the love that offers us our Father God, who offers us His friendship and fills our emptiness and solitude.

We had the participation of two parents who were accompanying their children to the dialysis therapy, who enthusiastically were involved in the workshop and developed their friendship card “I offer you my heart and my hands”. Through a note written on this card, parents told their children those qualities that they like about them and how much they love them.


Parents and children show the crafts made during this session.

This was a time when parents and children interacted and shared together expressing their ideas and developing their crafts. Although initially these workshops were scheduled to be held with parents, we have found with the pleasant surprise that some of the children coincide in time and can share even a moment with their parents, before entering the therapy or when leaving the same; which allows us to have them together by participating in the workshops and teachings.

We are very happy and excited about this new door that God has opened to us to testify of his love and to perform works of mercy.


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