CPTLN / Cristo Para Todas Las Naciones (Christ For All Nations)

Is the hispanic division of  Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM). Through several Christian programs as Internet, dramas, evangelistical materials, videos, visits, fairs, puppets, etc., we support for the Lutheran congregations to bring the Message of Christ to people and bring people to churches.

CPTLN is part of International Ministries Partnerships program.

PROGRAMS which are developed to share orientation, information and hope, and training based on God’s Word:

1. Programs to share orientation and the Word of God to community, and mutual support with Lutheran congregations:

Special Events: development of special activities related to holidays or important events (Family’s Week, Father/Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, Christmas, Holy Week, Cancer and Suicide prevention) or activities (medical tours, etc.) to share orientation sharing topical printed material and making performances (dramas, puppet theatre, etc.).

Seminaries: presentation of specialized topics (stress, communication, self-esteem, etc.).

Holistic: gives spiritual support to people in the middle of difficult moments as illnesses during visits to hospitals or communities in special tours.

Fairs: exhibition and distribution of thematic material.

Project JOEL: promotes healthy life styles prevention / integral / values to children and young people at schools and high schools.

2. Program to train believers/churched people on how to share the Gospel:

Equipping The Saints program


RESOURCES which complements the programs labor , some of them are available for community: 

The God’s love allows this ministry to create, produce, distribute and share the following resources to reach our mission:

  • Topical booklets (printed and digital)
  • Videos/topical performances
  • Topical Blogs
  • Bible Courses
  • Puppet theatre/dramas
  • Literature and miscellaneous


Your Support is IMPORTANT to continue this mission serving our Lord
God has let this ministry to growth giving us the opportunity to use several resources to reach more people for Him. The ministry works with the economical support of people who believe in the proclamation of the Gospel, using all the available tools. Among more people collaborate with the work of CPTLN, greater Opportunities will have to continue the expansion.

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