WITNESSES OF THE CROSS is a place where stories about volunteers labor are shared and which reflect how they serve others for the love of God, showing their faith to others.


“…the grace of God sustains me and that His Word is my right guidance.”


“At 16, as a student of Francisco Beckman Institute, I joined Project Team Joel. Already 12 years have passed and now as a construction worker and a college student, I can testify that the knowledge learned about values through the Word of God, which I learned during my work with this ministry, have marked my life and I have made a good man. Today, I return to offer my volunteer time for training tasks, talks and mobilization of all the valuable material that carry messages of life of the Lord. I can understand that the grace of God sustains me and that His Word is my right guidance. ”


“…God has been working in my life…”


Yailin is a member of the community of La Cabima, is a Christian girl worried about her children and is willing to serve in the mission of sharing God’s love in her community. To achieve this goal, Yailin agreed with Project Joel undertake part of her social work task required by the University, at La Cabima School. For three consecutive months, Yailin visited twice a month, the group of sixth graders, and developed a study with them. “Now I understand why the fact of serving, makes me better; and giving importance and value to children, I do important and acquire more value. God has been working in my life and I believed in it these days,” shares Yailin. The work of Yailin was evaluated as excellent, which opened the opportunity for her to continue working in this school. At present we are coordinating together a great cultural event that will impact the youth of this school, in a very positive way.


“God have given me the privilege to serve”

Isaias A

Isaiah Aorta, student and Project Joel volunteer, has been with us supporting tasks. Not only in the social part but also bringing God’s love to other children in very difficult economic conditions. We have been working with a small community in the area of Paso Blanco, with the help of other volunteers. Isaiah tells us, “God has given me the privilege to serve Him, I am very happy carrying the message through puppets of Clan of Memo and share specialized literature with Biblical base, plus food. Sometimes I complained I don’t receive from my parents things like games or clothes, but seeing these children, then I feel grateful for what I have and to share something with them, especially the Word of God. “


“God has blessed me greatly”

Silvia de Chang
Testimony of Professor Silvia Chang, of the University of Panama (Faculty of Humanities, Department of Anthropology)

“In addition to my work at the University of Panama, and as part of an alternative social task, I collaborated with Project Joel program during talks on values and training at Artes y Oficios Institute and at National Institute. We develop topics as “Towards Professional Life”, “Integrity” and “Bullying”. We use materials of LHM Panama, which are of great benefit and mate very well to the task of training in values, especially Christian values. As an educator, I can confirm that when we train and guide students on Christian values, I am the first beneficiary. I’ve grown a lot as a human being performing this task. I have also seen the Herculean task that has Project Joel when traveling to remote communities. That’s admirable for them. The times in which I participated, God has blessed me greatly.”


“The most exciting of my life”

Testimonio 02
Testimony of Aníbal Sanchez

“I feel very important working for “the things of God.” Here in El Golfo – El Lagarto in Chepo -, many children have come to see the movie, receive toys and candies, and I also got a cute toy. I was participating in a presentation with Diana and Porfirio, using one of the puppets – I was “Cococho” the naughty puppet -. And with Cococho, I learned that I must be obedient, respect my parents and, above all, I learned that I am important for God. We sang, we present and perform devotional dramas. My grandmother took me in this event, which has been the most exciting of my life. She says I’ve changed a lot and see me as a Christian child. Back to school after these holidays and I thank God that I may be doing this work.”

El Lagarto in Chepo, is a place of difficult access, a rural area hit hard by poverty and droughts caused by the strong summer.


“I grew up being a member of Project Joel”

Testimonio de Yurinko Atencio

I am Yurinko Atencio and since I was a high school student I have been part of LHM Panama’s Project Joel. Even today I am part of this program, because I have had to be on all the logistics of loading, transporting and mobilizing social benefits that go to inaccessible places. First, I started participating and listening, then giving lectures on integral prevention with Christian base. For me, it’s a blessing testify that I have given personally 10,000 Bibles to youth in various schools. In many ways, this has affected my life for good, as has allowed me to grow as a committed citizen. Today, I work with a construction project in the Panama Canal expansion project, I have the great opportunity to attend the church on Sundays and mature in a Christian faith-oriented to social service.


Testimony of hospital’s administrator

Through Holistic program, that makes monthly visits to hospitals, God has opened the doors to share His word so many people in spiritual and physical need. These people live difficult times due to nephrology illnesses they suffer, which require painful treatments such as dialysis, which are subject three times a week.

“These people, when they reach the hospital, come walking with their own feet and look strong, but with advancing disease begin to need the support and assistance of the family, as they require the use of a wheelchair. In a time not so long, you do not see them more; which it is very hard to all partners of treatment and hospital staff, just as it is for the family, so thank God and LHM for bringing the word of consolation and hope in our Savior Jesus Christ”, commented hospital’s administrator during one of our visits to the Hemodialysis Unit.


That’s why I asked the Lord, gradually turn me into a living message of His love…”

Samanta Lopez

Testimony of Mrs. Samantha López

“For some time I have been involved with social work activities performed by Project Joel on these lands. Here there is much poverty and limitations, but God is with us. At first I got involved with the idea of helping and sharing; lessons, songs, the message, the videos and the reaction of the children were hitting me and the Word of God began to knock on the door of my heart. One of the things I disliked is that Christians preach one thing and do another, trying to convince people with the Bible, but their actions do not say the same. That’s why I asked the Lord, gradually turn me into a living message of His love, not by words, but by what I do. As a mother and wife, I started sharing with my family, with neighbors and then, without thinking, everyone asked me about things that I lived and the Christian faith I was learning at church. This time, in the Christmas tour, I’m doing it with the idea of teaching the Gospel, which is the most important because everything gone and the soul is eternal and need salvation. “


“…my new Bible are a blessing for me and everyone here.”

Elena de Rodriguez

Testimony of Elena Rodriguez  

“I am Elena Rodriguez, I am74 years and I live here in Los Tecales, Puerto Armuelles. I am very happy for all the support you have brought us, especially for children, who enjoy it a lot. Videos, the speeches and puppets have brought me my best smile. And here we are very poor, before we were prosperous, we worked and lived well, but the plantains farms and companies closed, left us in the worst abandonments, nowhere to get food because the land do not produce a lot. 

Happiness is what you have come so far. Food, rice, things to clean, clothes and best of all, “my new Bible” are a blessing for me and everyone here. Thanks, have brought us material and spiritual food for all, and we have learned to see God in a closer way. “

Mrs. Elena and 45 other families were blessed with the visit organized in conjunction with Project Joel and Professor Dayra Ruiz with a group of students of INADEH.


“… I feel that God himself is inviting me to walk in His ways.”

Marielen Montero

Testimony of Mariela Montero
Mariela Montero is a member of the National Police and voluntary

“I never thought that by participating in the transfer of books, Bibles and Christian donations I would be so blessed. On the day of my work one is lost and away from the things of God. With devotional who have just given me I will start my reading of the Bible throughout this month, and with this beautiful Bible given to me, I feel that God himself is inviting me to walk in His ways.Thanks, I’m very excited and grateful! What you are doing is very nice, especially for children. “

Marielen supported us in the transfer of donations, toys and clothes for Boots Red 2015 Tour, in conjunction with the Teacher Maritza Valdés. Marielen visited some schools, collected donations in person and lived evangelistic tasks performed in schools.


“… being volunteer with Joel and visit other educational center to bring the Word of God has changed me. “

Maritza Valdez

Testimony of Maritza Valdés 

“I’m Director of Pasitos de Panay School, and I have been working for five years on the education of children of 3-6 years. In our job we’ve added all the experience gained in my volunteer work with Project Joel. We evaluated the Curriculum on values, talked with parents, and this is our second year providing information on Christian values to children, who learn while singing Christian songs and play educational games with Christian base. Together, with my husband and my family, we decided to commit ourselves to God and His Word. We are going to church, have family devotions and at school; and this is where Project Joel and CPTLN material have played a good role. 

My life has changed, I feel I’ve improved, I learned a lot, and the experience of being volunteer with Joel and visit other educational center to bring the Word of God has changed me. “


“It’s a challenge for believers to shine with the light that comes from the Gospel.”

Testimonio de Joel Trejos

Joel Trejos is employee of public transport Metro Bus, Project Joel volunteer and a Christian committed to God’s work. 

“Since early this tremendous work named Project Joel, I got involved, and to participate received many blessings. I learned to can deal better, I improved my behavior, I worried about my studies and, especially, learned to see God and his Word from another angle, the angle of born-again Christians. 

Today I serve in the Metro Bus Company and from there I try to apply all the values learned in Bible study. 

I have been involved in the Red Boots for Christmas Tour with Professor Dayra Ruiz, and Porfirio Franco – program coordinator – I have taught training area schools in San Miguelito. 

I have seen how, every day, the values and Christian principles are losing, and I think that is a great challenge for believers to shine with the light that comes from the Gospel. Here I am with my Bible, today going to the church. “



 “Prayer, Bible reading and now the church attendance have become something important for my life.”

Testimonio Ines Hurtado

With only three years, Ian Carlos is ab active member of his school, which is run by the director Maritza Valdés, who is developing with Project Joel, an ongoing education and training agenda on Christian values. In this last part it is where the parents are made part. In this school there is a great opportunity for parents to constantly involve in the education of their children, either through special programs, courses, walks, hikes and interactive activities. Ines is one of those mothers who have been involved.

“My son is three years old and for me is was a blessing to participate in their education here at school. I am inclined to study the branch of pedagogy because of how much I was excited to participate as a volunteer in the school. Devotionals, Bible studies, lessons with puppets and games have deeply impacted the lives of my son and mine. Here at school I received my first Bible and I have strengthened my spiritual life. Prayer, Bible reading and now the church attendance have become something important in my life, and I see the results in our lives.


“The Christian values I live in my life are those I can best teach”

Testimonio Guillermo Aparicio

“I am of few words, I do not like to be in public, but in this social task I have appeared as a thousand times in public. I think I lost a little shyness, now I do not feel so bad when talking with others, especially with young children. During my classes I learned with Project Joel about that the Christian values I live in my life are those I can best teach. 

We find in the Bible the Timothy’s letter. His life is a message and I’d like to be a God’s letter of love. Well, I think that the Christian life is every day getting better and looking more like Christ. 

But while it’s fun, at the same time, it’d something very committed to teach values and preach the Gospel. I’m in this job and I think that, with God’s help, my parents and friends, I can finish it and graduated with success. God bless you.”

Guillermo has completed 130 hours as volunteer in the social labor, being a great example for other young people.


Testimonio Jordy Avila

 Jordy Ávila, CPTLN volunteer and member of Team Joel (Clan Memo) has had the opportunity to participate in camps, concerts, education sessions and development of programs and homework in various education centers. 

Today we just spent a one-week session in the populous neighborhood of El Chorrillo, where we trained and educated young people on issues such as making decision and strengthening of values. The role of the young Jordy has been crucial for effective communication and success of this task. 

“It’s a very good experience working with the team of Project Joel, I have done in recent years from the church, at my community school, camps and concerts. It helps me because it makes me stronger and I like to help other children. Today, we were with the children from El Chorrillo area, and I loved serve and speak about the Gospel”, shares Jordy.


“I want to share all that I have received” 

Testimonio Abril 2015

In 2012, the child John Corella participated in the Red Boots for Christmas Tour when we visited the community where he lives, Malagueto, in the province of Chiriqui. Through Bible studies, activities and members of the Christian church in the area, John began his first steps in the Christian faith. Today, during the recent tour we made to this place, John evinced leadership. Best of all is that now, as a leader, share the Gospel with their friends and classmates at school.

“I want to share with others what I have learned, I will give the Bible course that brought me,” says John.

During our last visit we shared New Testaments and Bibles for children. It was a blessing to know that the material previously distributed had been being used, reinforcing our interest in partnering with the school, community and church, as well a process of proper monitoring of the teaching is done and support children and young people in their walk with Jesus, so in the future bear good fruit.


“Serve God, has helped me more than anyone can imagine.”


“I’m Jazeera Núñez and serve as speaker of Project Joel in Punta del Este School. My relationship with Joel began with the solidarity tours in the mountains of Site Prado, with the tour of Red Boots for Christmas, supporting my kids at school, as a mother and as a grateful  mother for the guidance the program gives to my children, for those reasons I decided to join as a volunteer. I thought it would help, but serve God here has helped me more than anyone can imagine.

One of the most fascinating experiences is being in the distribution of Bibles. A week before the distribution I prayed and I was preparing for this day, and constantly read the Bible that would be given to one of those children. And I can testify that reading the Bible transforms the lives of people, I am a witness.

To all mothers I suggest you should be worry about the education of your children, especially spiritual formation. I’ve taken it seriously and I’m with Project Joel in the school of my children. ”


God raised him from obscurity and today is testimony of His love and power


The power of God is great and His love is infinite. Carlos is a man with a heart that burns for telling others about the Lord’s mercy. At first glance he appears as a simple man, however, when he shares his story, we see in him a man whom God has shown His power and grace. Carlos knows the ministry of CPTLN since several years ago and has visited us again searching materials and resources to support him in his efforts to share the message of Salvation in Christ.

During his youth, Carlos was living a time when there was no hope for him, however, was attended by members of the Redeemer Lutheran Church, one team member of CPTLN today, who extended their helping hands and shared Carlos the love of Jesus and His message of forgiveness. Carlos was involved in activities of Project Joel, while God worked in his life, parallels he was fighting with terrible circumstances.

Carlos remembers those moments and assistance provided, which saves dearly in his mind and heart. That seed was planted for the love and mercy of God, which paid off several years later, which currently shares with courage the Gospel of Christ to young people, showing himself as a testament to the power of God.

Carlos gave into temptation that led to terrible roads of darkness, however, in the midst of a process that took time, God did a miracle on him, taking the commitment with the Lord and with himself that he should be an instrument in bringing the Word of God to others, and as part of that mission, he acquires resources and materials for further guidance to adolescents in the right paths, away from vices and problems, at every opportunity that presents itself, either behind a pulpit or in the community where he lives. We give infinite thanks to the Almighty to raise Carlos of his agony and make him a witness of His love and mercy.


“I’m happy to share the things I’ve learned”

Voluntario Eibar

The last 10 years have been a constant activity for Eibar, volunteer since his school, who still remembers his duties as volunteer with Project Joel. Eibar, in his social work tasks, has toured the country, representing the project in a number of activities, which has emerged as a young Christian who puts into practice the Biblical values.

The management of puppetry to convey messages, Bible readings during school civic events and social work assistance to remote communities have been factors Eibar has lived and have impacted his life.

“I am happy to share what I have learned, especially when it helps to change and improve the lives of others, and I am convinced that this is achieved through teamwork, the help of God and our determination to do good”, says Eibar.

Today, Eibar, along with the team of volunteers from Project Joel, prepares for the Christmas tour “Red Boots for Christmas”, the first stop: Province of Darien.


Prof. Dayra Ruiz, Project Joel valuable volunteer


Professor Dayra Ruiz talks about the experience of working at schools. Dayra, some years ago, has been part of the CPTLN team, especially Project Joel. She is a tireless volunteer and in any form collaborates serving God. 

“It’s a training we live in a fun and motivating way, developing programs of Christian values that change the lives of many children and especially our own lives from the discussions in the classroom, and dynamic games, extracurricular tasks, mass events, monitoring we do to deal with their parents… All of which makes this a very effective program for the Glory of God. 

On a recent occasion, we were in Curundú, an area of high social risk, in order to develop an outdoor program. Believe me it was a great blessing. Curiously, that day someone fired a rocket toy, which, at the sound, seemed bullets. Everyone, especially children, were thrown to the ground with arms over their heads, and waited for instructions. After a moment, everyone laughed because they were not bullets, but toy rockets. The sad and ironic is that they have to accept this as part of their environment. That day we performed a play outdoors, both parents and children, enjoyed greatly; also raised a prayer for peace, asking the Lord to cover all children and their families with His protection, and while working in the community touching hearts that promote and work for peace. 

There are so many stories and learned so much that in the end, it is God who has allowed us to see the fruits of our work in the lives of these children. It was not labor in vain, has paid off and gives good results. I’m done with this volunteer and I feel that although I have given only a grain of love is much more that I have received. “


Diana Valdez


Memo, model of youth volunteering



“I want to help and share how much I received,

especially the love of God “


Since childhood, Sunday became an important part of the Christmas festivities and celebrations in the community. Project Joel gives his two cents collaborating with the daunting task of bringing toys, food, clothing and Bibles to 400 children in this area. Fausto Perez, a native of this town and the project manager, says: “A child who represents the party itself, magic, joy and innocence. A child who grew choke became the number one contributor to many other children live experience that, within their margins of extreme poverty, lived with love. ”

“I love watching the kids open their gifts and play for a moment the extreme poverty in which they live will vanish, the Bible that I got to my 12 year old has become a manual that helps me learn more God and commit to this big task, I want to help and share how much I received, especially the love of God, “Domingo said.



Voluntario por los niños en acción



Karen“Now I think as a Christian”

Testimony of Karen

Karen is a young woman who enrolled in the training course “My Life Project”, strategy developed by Joel Project program, in conjunction with MEDUCA  and the Ministry of Social Development, in which youth and adults, community leaders, learning in a 25-hour period on issues of integral prevention through videos, talks about drugs, sex education, violence, social networking and self-esteem. The range of topics is elaborated on a Christian perspective.

Karen says: “I did not imagine this course cover both, but I learned very good things to include not only life on earth but eternity. The social work done in Sitio Prado, visits to schools, Bible readings, had marked my life forever. Now I can say that as a Christian I think I’ve matured and taking firm steps in the Christian faith.” -Karen in the girl on left border.


Valuable volunteers testify

Testimonio“The effort is worth it , clearly understand that the Gospel is to apply the concept that we are the hands and feet of Jesus”, said Sixto Guevara.

“It’s important to help and serve those who have less. I ‘m blessed to do it”, said Greinaldo Cortez.

“We studied the Bible, the children gave them advice and training and now will graduate, give them a toy, a Bible and a certificate”, said Mary.

“It was impressive to me , to see so many children in need and yet be happy with so little, as gift and food we carry. I thank the Lord for it”, said Emanuel.

Hundreds of volunteers made the reality that the working day with Project Joel program could be a reality. Various entities of the National Police, government, MEDUCA through schools where we work, and the valuable volunteers, who worked all the time. God has been with us in this great task of educating on Christian values. A sample of all this work is the recent visit to the community of Sitio Prado, where we carried food, clothing, toys and Bibles to hundreds of children. This task was a team that Project Joel program coordinates. This is a wonderful opportunity to testify.


Leonel’s Testimony


SixtoTestimony of Sixto Guevara Benitez

“An exemplary young” 

Sixto, a native of the province of Colon, is a graduate of the University of Panama and recently earned his BA degree in Economics and Finance, his secondary place in the Nicholas School of the Rosary in the San Miguelito. He is a tireless promoter of Christian values and through the years has been a valuable partner in comprehensive prevention education to thousands of students across the country through Christ For All Nations’ Project Joel program, one being Sixto of its founders and receiving a worthy recognition in the 16th anniversary of this project.

In this task of educating students voluntarily primary and secondary schools, has been specializing in topics such as “Management and Control of Anger”, “Prevention of drug use and abuse”,  “Healthy Sexuality” and “Self Esteem”, all this from a perspective of Christian values. Weekly, Sixto develops at Pedro J. Sossa School an interactive program that helps children to get away from the scourge of drugs and become better students, through workshops and seminars also performed in other campuses. This year, like others, Sixto is working in the campaign “Red Boots for Christmas”, which involves the delivery of food, toys, and dry food to hundreds of people in inaccessible areas such as El Barrigón communities in the Province of Veraguas, Sitio Prado and Banana Farms in Puerto Armuelles, in the province of Chiriqui.

“God has blessed me and in addition to completing my degree, I continue specializing. By this I become someone that will be a blessing and support of many people, especially my family. Currently I take my first steps as an entrepreneur since I just initiate a business in the areas of remodeling and construction. 

As a high school student, I became interested in the Gospel and Christian teachings. I got involved in the Project Joel and thanks to this, I was involved in Bible studies with the Lutheran Church. In the Project Joel had the opportunity to innovate and create modules with comprehensive prevention issues and participate in the development of mass activities and programs promoting healthy lifestyles to many young people. This really touched my life. By going through all the changes and stages that always confronts a young man in many ways, my north have been the values and principles that I have learned through Christian education. 

One of my greatest blessings is having parents who have been a constant support and example for me. “

Video on Sixto’s testimony


Alejandro“Jesus is my best friend”

Testimony of Alexander, a volunteer at the Team Joel and Puppet Theater


“I am Alexander and for a while I attended tutoring classes on Saturdays – the tutorials are being carried out in The Redeemer Lutheran Church with support from members of this congregation. I participate in the Project Joel camp and I am a member of the puppet team ‘The Clan of Memo’. My role is to play as ‘Cococho ‘. 

Recently we visited the children with cerebral palsy in the facilities of Cerebral Palsy Program IPHE. These activities have changed my life. Jesus is my best friend, because He has saved me. Everything I’ve learned here will help me have a better future as I am happy in the present. 

I signed up to volunteer in ‘ Caravan of Love’, which take toys to many children. I have received, after performing ‘ My Life Project ‘, my first Bible and I read. Thank you for investing your time and effort in me. God bless you. “

Alejandro’s testimony Video 


TestimonioMartha. – Her name is Martha and has been involved in the Christmas tours conducted by the Project Joel program. She saw a wonderful opportunity for professional practice in school and was an experience that she loved, as she claims. Today is Sunday School teacher of the church in their community within the country. In Christmas of 2010 received a Bible and began reading and as she says, reading the Bible has changed her life, as everything went from being a social work to become a new life in Christ.

This year, for the first time participated in the “Party of Values” that Joel conducted in schools in Manaca. She saw the cameras rolling and used it to show the happiness on her face serving the Lord to bring the Word of God. We have delivered hundreds of Bibles to children who never in his life have a thought, and a beautiful coloring book, which is formidable. Martha thanks God for allowing him to serve and have Christ for all Nations and Joel program as a tool to share the Word of God, and his life has touched and changed, see this transformation in the lives of others .


Adrian.- “My name is Adrian and I’ve been a Project Joel volunteer for many years in the Province of Chiriqui. I currently live in Puerto Armuelles, and I’ll never forget all the training received with this project, which I think is the most comprehensive training I have received in a spiritual level. As my fellow volunteers say “We worked like dogs” but the greatest satisfaction is that we do for God. Currently, I’m a fifth year student at a high school and a Sunday school teacher.

The Bible studies of Christ for all Nations have been very useful for children and young people to come to the Lord and thus to the church. I really enjoy this labor but the Christmas Tour is the most I love. This tour had been divided in three parts: the collection of toys and the program development, which I supported, and two evangelistic follow-up activities during January.

My Christian life started studying a CPTLN Bible course, “Towards a New Life”. I met the Lord Jesus in the classroom and through the counseling, today I attend to the church I want to be a successful professional. God bless all of you. ”


Axel Medrano.- I come from the province of Bocas del Toro (farthest from the city), I moved to Panama City to finish my studies in high school. It kept me alone and away from my family, which affected me much. Thanks to Project Joel, I got involved, along with a group of young people, in Gloria Dei Lutheran Church located in Los Andes. Then, for reasons of work and my studies in college, I had the opportunity to travel to different places where I’ve been sharing the seed of hope that Jesus sowed in me through the years I supported the ministry.

Today, I have a beautiful wife and a fantastic girl; working as manager of a sailing ship allowing me to travel around the world.

God has been good to me and I have gone through different experiences as facing the death, but the Lord has always been by my side. Even today I have yet storybooks, booklets and materials Project Joel gave me, which I reread forever.

Thank you for the little seed of faith planted into me and this new life in Christ.


Antonio – My name is Antonio and I’m a Project Joel volunteer and presenter. I have been involved in the tours to schools, especially at my school. I do not participate in drama, or singing, or with the puppets, I’m a presenter (as a Master of Ceremonies). I used to think to be presenter only to stand out from other young people, perhaps without malicious intent, just wanted to be the most important of the students and tried to shine in front of my peers.

In the last devotional in which I participated, shared a thought that I liked. The reflection that he spoke publicly to present great personalities must first go through a number of steps you must meet many requirements and learn about the person who is being introduced, and I wanted to meet the presidents, kings or of great artists. Today, after meeting my Savior through His Word, rather than introduce Project Joel, I present Jesus Christ, and now I know that of all personalities, He is the most important. I learned a lot about Him in devotions and Bible studies, also from Christ For All Nations booklets, and now I understand the importance and value of Jesus in my life. When I introduce Him, I am proud to present Him very well.

On November 27 the “Student Day” was celebrated in Panama and during the day some students are chosen for their good grades and behavior to replace a teacher or professor. I was Professor of Music and Project Joel Coordinator.
I studied the Bible Course “Towards a New Life”, and will be participating in the Christmas Campaign Project organized by Joel.

Thanks to the Word of God I can truly know Him, and I advise the boys of my age that if they play to present or talk about Jesus, they have to know, love and learn a lot from Him, first. This was certainly my case. May God bless you.


Aurora.- “Hello to all, my name is Aurora, a mother of two beautiful boys. Currently, I’m studying at the University a career on Orientation. Right now, I’m in my season of Professional Practice and this is where I started a dumbbell with Christ For All Nations, especially with Project Joel.

As a mother, the videos and Project Joel’s materials have been much benefit to my children’s education. The booklets they received in the school are used as a reading and study session in family; my kids always are watching the videos over and over again. Gradually, Christian values were seeping into my family and one day my sons asked me to go to the church where we had been invited to watch the film of El Pastorcito during Christmas. I concluded, as a mother and teacher, that the best way to learn the true values was through the Church.

I used to be a very sad and depressed easily, and after the death of my husband in a terrible accident this was my way of being. This began to change when I started a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe, with my Savior Jesus Christ.

Today, I develop my Professional Practice and I’ve got many copies of the booklet History of Creation. I will use these ones to teach children and graduate them. This latest booklet on disasters will be used with other educators and bring the message of God. ”


José Daniel.- My name is José Daniel, I am a student of eighth grade and Professor Susana Pérez, who developed the program Project Joel, is the counselor of my group. In the past, I was not interested on the advice from teachers, and I just wanted to look like the guys older than me, but they were not a good model, but some of them impressed me for the bad things they did and that made them look strong. Those guys live in the community where I live.

Thanks to the message of Jesus, who is strong and good than anyone, my thinking changed. Today, I am thirteen years old and I believe I am an excellent student and a contributor to the Christian cause. It gives me joy that my Sunday School teacher is also a professor at my school, not all young people have that privilege. So I say I get two Christian teaching, because at school also learn about Moses, Abraham, Samson and especially about Jesus, our Savior.

At home, my parents are happy with this and I want to keep learning more and taking my friends to the Church where the Teacher Franco teaches the Word of God.


I am a Superhero“, Luis Tuñón.

Every day I learn more. I like the songs and I’m especially involved with the puppets. I am really very shy but that is gone from me removed. When I studied the history of the book “Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber” I discovered that I can be a superhero and I realized that Jesus thinks that I’m important. So, I feel I can speak without fear. I’ve talked about this to my parents and they are happy; also they want to accompany me to the church and Christian activities of the school.

I can be a superhero to help, share and serve others. Christ has made me a superhero.


Nelson Araúz.- “God has done great things for me and I bear witness to this. I’m encouraged to talk to you because I know that you will use it to bring glory to God and share it with the people who will rejoice with it.

At thirteen years old, I started to be part of Project Joel in my school IPT from San Miguelito, where the Principal was the Professor Luz Torres. She invited me to be part of the project and introduced me to Franco, Joseph and Gabriel, who now are my best friends and brothers in Christ.

My life was facing many changes since we arrived from Chiriquí Province (at Panama’s border with Costa Rica) and moved to “New Libya”, a town in San Miguelito, where people in extreme poverty lived. Because of family conflicts our mother had to leave home and our dad could not take care of us, so as the greatest of all, I got to take care of the family.

With only thirteen years, all this was too difficult for me. But God never abandoned me. I can not explain how, but we always had food and never miss a roof, but I confess that we had moments of great need.

All my brothers (we are four) went so fine with the social work at school and Project Joel’s activities. I confess that the two youngest children learned to read memorizing the story of “Red Boots for Christmas”. Professor Luz supplied us with a subsidy covering school fees and Joseph and Gabriel gave us a monthly support from their own money. I made presentations in my free time where we presented videos and distributed booklets of Christ for All Nations.

I am convinced that all of these moved me away from all the bad things and risks on the streets, but the most important is that led me to approach the Bible, faith and prayer.

Today, Professor Torres is so proud to introduce me as one of her most successful students and all for the glory of God.

I graduated from high school and I’m studying at the university. Actually, I’m 22 years and working in the emergency room of Santo Tomas Hospital. I’m a musician in the church and my goal is to become a missionary of Jesus.

Now my dad lives with us and we learned a lot about forgiveness and the new life in Christ. I’m committed to support the social work at Sin Fronteras School, and this year I represented Project Joel during the parades during the national celebrations.

Please pray for us and this great task of volunteering, the word of God is being preached through this labor, and the lives of many young people also are impacted”.


Professor Marta Quintero.- “Our students have been very grateful for all the support received by the Project Joel. We have a full year of exposure of videos, specialized presentations and social work. In the past month several social works were developed. A group of students was prepared and presented puppet theaters, dramas and songs, which expressed everything he learned on Christian values. This caught my attention and I was surprised, because the students here are a special population with a high percentage of families with no father figure, and I thought that it was very difficult getting a change. Apart from, many students who come here have been discarded from the education system and this is their last opportunity to get an education.

But we also have excellent students and have done a wonderful fusion with Project Joel, where what stand out are the Christian values.

A strategy that we made to complement this work was the daily Bible readings, as other schools are developing, using the strategy that Joel has been making. We have been three months in this task. 60 young people studied, for two months, the Bible study “Towards a New Life” and “The Power of Prayer”. Both of them were completed.

With much joy I can say that I am one of the most impacted by the word of God. The daily reading allowed me to better understand what the Lord wanted from me through this experience. I changed my way of looking at young people and today I look at them with hope and the desire that God continues changing their lives.

For first time, we will have a mass graduation of students who had completed a full workshop of Christian values.

With all these blessings, I have no doubt that our school has been blessed.”


Testimony of Vielka Caceres. Vielka is a fifth-grade teacher and she tells us: “God has blessed me with a group of students who have been a challenge to my profession as a teacher. My students came from dysfunctional homes, coming from high risk neighborhoods in social, academic training problems, especially difficulties to recognize and accept their authorities. With this picture many people can wonder why I say I have been blessed.

On June, Project Joel gave recognition for being the teacher with the group that most voluntary social work has been done. From my group have left the specialists in the puppet drama of “Billy and his friends,” the queen of black ethnicity and the queen of the school. All of them belong to my group. Anthony Sanchez was one of my more restless and somewhat rebellious students; but now he become the child with more hours of volunteer work helping children in schools around this school.

Let me make it clear that from the beginning of school year and the presentation of this award have spent many hours training, learning and ultimately, much prayer.

Of course God has blessed me. With this recognition the Principal of this school also stated that our labor is having success. During this year we have all been growing and improving. With these booklets: “Your best Lifeguard”, “Climate Change”, “My Book of Creation” and especially with the reading of the Bible once a week, all we have learned to walk in faith and grace of God. Children have been committed with churches in their communities, and on Sundays we are inviting them to go to church to receive God’s message. For my part, I am so grateful. The Bible given to me as a prize is the best recognition given to me because, it helps me to confirm that we are walking in the things of God. “ 


Antony Sanchez. – I am an important member of Project Joel. Since I was in first grade, my brother Eivar invited me to Project Joel and, although I was not interested because there were other things that attracted me like games and gangs in the neighborhood.

I accompany him anyway just to bother him and the first thing that happened was I got a prize for a job with the booklet “My first book of advices”. That motivated me greatly because someone was interested on me and I realized that I was important for Jesus.

Today, thanks to the dedication and persistence of many people, I’m a volunteer of Project Joel and helped them during the Family Week. We had presentations in several schools and at my school. Today, I am getting another award for my efforts working with puppets. One of the most important things have happened to me is that I won a Bible that try to read every day. Whenever Project Joel is in my classroom I like to participate, but the better are the songs and games.

During Holy Week I really enjoyed the stories of Jesus and the prayers made by all, especially when we take the presentation to the church where I am attending now. Thanks to Jesus, who now I share for being my Savior.

In the photo: Karina Campos (Assistant Professor of the school), Antony Sanchez in the center and left, Guillermo Vargas. Professor Karina says, “Since fifteen years ago I know Project Joel and what I’m surprised by the interest that this work draws on children, on the Lord. As part of the directive of the campus, I will give the green light to continue bringing the Word of God who has blessed us all. ”


Carlos Rodriguez is a child of eight years; he is in third grade of his school and has become a Superhero. After several weeks we were dealing with the theme of “Climate Change” and our commitment as Christians, we proposed to the children present their own ideas to the problem. Brainstorming were: from intergalactic speeches to organizations to protest groups, or to act and educate everyone. But the award of this task was for Carlos, who presented the idea that the appropriate people to take action, make the change and care for God’s creation are we.

He proposed in his task: “I am a superhero to change the situation because God gave me super strength Intelligence and friends to save the world and Jesus saved and I rescued me and gave me super powers to rescue and bring the message of Salvation to all. I want to begin with all the kids in my school, then with my parents, my neighbors and then everyone in the world. “For two weeks, Carlos presented with the group of students the puppets with dramas, dynamics and songs that were liked by everyone. It must be said that he along with the whole group were children selected as group that “needed to improve its behavior,” becoming a good example for everyone. Professor Militza Torres, Campus Director told us “It’s really a very good strategy to involve these children in the task of bringing God’s message. There is no doubt that the word of God improves them and benefits the whole school. “Yes, Carlos is a superhero, God has called us to do great things. Glory to our Lord for all.


Sergeant Yorkibel Solana. -I am mother and police, two special tasks that I have managed to carry them out. I work in the Social Work Department of the Transit Police and through Lic. Nelkis Mena, I had previously participated in Project Joel presentations, but in this case, when I heard the theme of self-esteem in the family and Wendy’s testimony about her child, I felt motivated to put Christian principles into practice in my 13 year old daughter. My daughter had a problem of self-esteem by the crisis of the early teens and encouraged her to participate together in the Games workshop for children of police, in which Project Joel has a great contribution. Discovering the value of the Word of God and Christian principles, my relationship with my daughter has changed and has been a blessing. God grant that others may have the opportunity to approach the Lord through these presentations, which are certainly more than an orientation; they are like a meeting with our God.  Thank you.


Jose Arcia.- My name is Jose Arcia and I am a professor at the Panamanian Institute for Special Capabilities (IPHE in Spanish). I have great visual limitations and my problem is degenerative. This has led me to train in rehabilitation centers for the blind as the “Patronato Luz del Ciego” (Blind’s Light Patronage) in Panama. I learned basic things about using the computer and I have made it my profession.

This rehabilitation center also had the good fortune to meet and make friends of Project Joel volunteers. They, like other volunteers, helped us to read and transcribe Braille (writing for the blind) many books and educational materials. The volunteer Danilo, blind mate, gave me a portion of the New Testament in Braille produced by a printing Lutheran in the U.S. Project Joel volunteers continue providing me these copies in Braille, and also they recorded on cassette tapes, with their own voices, interesting CPTLN booklets that have been of invaluable help to me.

Today, as a professor in the IPHE, I have welcomed the proposed to study with my students (those who wish to participate) the Bible study “Towards a new life” and the first step is to record the audio of these studies. These Bible studies will be of great help and blessing to my students and prepare me for Easter and for life here and beyond. To God be the glory and I can sing the verses of the old hymn that I learned recently: “Oh, sing again, beautiful words of life, are my light and my guide, which are beautiful, they are beautiful, beautiful words of life”.


Mr. Eduardo Espinosa.- My name is Eduardo Espinosa and I am captain of the Police in Panama City and I have long been a volunteer of Project Joel. Ten 10 years ago I went to the ministry’s office with a group of fellow students of the police career. I noted the contents of the booklets. I studied with them the Bible in a Saturday study group and I became a distributor of CPTLN booklets.  Honestly, that became part of my life.

In recent years I was suffering an illness that has started to dry my bones and limit my body mobility. This affection depressed me. I experienced many treatments and I isolated myself from the things I used to do. I needed a lot God’s help, and thanks to the prayers and support of many Christians that I knew through the project.

Today I rejoined my work and I returned to the offices of the ministry to confirm my decision to continue being a volunteer and to distribute the booklets and Bible studies.

Right now, I am helping my mother, who is a leader in a Christian church near our house, to develop a Summer Bible School which includes boys from the streets. As the police that I am, I know all the logistics of keeping the order and discipline of these guys. I asked the support of the Project Joel and they moved to present videos and develop a good Bible program. Our hope is that these guys continue attending the church. Before this invitation, they and their parents were not related to any church.

During the week, 112 children received our program and we prayed so that the Lord continues helping them to grow on Him. In my workspace I’m also going to become a contributor to the cause of Christ. Being volunteer of CPTLN has inspired me to be strong and face the challenges of life. May God bless you always”.

* Eduardo Espinosa (yellow t-shirt man)


Ana López – This is the testimony of one of the students who participated in the campaign Red Boots for Christmas, where we bring the stories of the Red Boots and presented the video to all children in the schools. The children received candies, prizes and the storybook of the Red Boots. The message of God’s love, sharing and helping others was sung, hummed and experienced by all children. In that magical moment we presented the boot full of gifts and explained to children the message that Jesus is God’s gift to mankind, with Him in our hearts we are bearers of eternal life. There were shouts of joy, some children cried, the joy was really great, but especially for Anna who says:

“I had read the story in primary school, the video on VHS gave me illusions, but that time passed and I went into the busy life of high school. I had not God present in my daily life, only at special times. Actually I’m in fourth year academic course and as part of Project Joel; I enlisted in “The campaign of Red Boots for Christmas.” It was the task of finding sponsors, among students of secondary school for children from Loma Cova. Each sponsor would give a Christmas gift to a child in particular. All the gifts were put into a big red boot the day of the event, after a day of weeks leading to Christmas stories and children’s videos.

“In the Guidance Department, with Project Joel, I have lived the recent days with a lot joy and happiness, I became a child. The labor as volunteer to collect toys, prepare and deliver them has filled me with excitement for me and my friends. I can say that boot helped me to understand the true meaning of Christmas, first as a child and now as a teenager. Above all the message has reached the bottom of my heart, Jesus is my best gift and share Him with others is the best thing that has happened in my life. “ 


Prof. Maria Sanchez – “Prof. Maria Sanchez works at the Fernando Lesseps High School. Since Project Joel started in this school, Professor Maria has become a devoted helper of God’s message. She says, “I was not a person very interested in the things of the Church but I wanted to help my neighbor. Every year for Christmas with my family I traveled to the indigenous region of Chiriqui for a social trip. This year, during the development of Joel program, many aspects of my life changed. I can speak freely from my heart and my soul, speeches in the classrooms not only carry the message of prevention but also presents and invites young people the message of Jesus.

One of the first things I noticed was that one can not share Jesus if Jesus is not an integral part of our life. It’s just so when a good teacher can advise and show the right things. I think this is one of the most important lessons learned this year. Now that with Project Joel we are making the campaign “Red Boots for Christmas” for poor children from Loma, I have clearly learned that not only I must take the social message and humanitarian aid but must present the plan of salvation of our God.

For that reason, when we receive the donation of shoes from CPTLN, for poor children of Chiriqui, we’re going to implement the Christian focus and compare the shoes with the shoes of the Gospel that we should never miss. This has changed the style of our social work as a family and now is an Evangelistic social work. Then, we will detail the results of this experience to celebrate Christmas 2009. Thanks for helping me fit in with the shoes of the Gospel”.



Professor Betsy Rodriguez. – “This 28th October, the Juvenile Police represented by Sergeant Jose Atencio, Professor Betsy Rodriguez, Counselor, and Project Joel made an agreement to work together with the strategy known as “Mr. Heart”. This trains the Juvenile Police to present messages of Christian values, particularly related to “The Forgiveness” “Respect” and “Solidarity”. 

In the agreement, after a successful work of “Mr. Heart “with hundreds of elementary school children who have received the Gospel through this toy, the officers committed to use our booklets, to seek Christian policemen who present the dynamic of showing a heart damaged by the bad things of this world (sin) and how it feels with all these bad things. Then, he explains how God through Jesus Christ can restore us and make us new. The children, during the course of the dynamic, take Mr. Heart in their arms and talk about their experiences about it.

For Professor Betsy Rodriguez: “This strategy has helped us greatly to me and the Psycopedagogic  Committee to deal with children. Personally, I have been blessed applying these dynamics to children. I thought of applying it to my own person and I’ve really come to understand that my heart needed the forgiveness of God and that only He could give me a new heart.

Today, after seeing Project Joel young people developing this dynamics with the children, I feel very excited. That is why I worked in the Juvenile Police to apply it to children at schools where they are working. Thanks to this strategy, many children receive the forgiveness of God in their hearts.”


NODIERNodier Villarreal.- “My name is Nodier Villarreal and although the last 4 years of my life has been remarkable, not all the time has been as that way. I am involved in Project Joel tasks and I could bear witness to thousands of children in all parts of Panama. I had many difficulties to complete my secondary education due to a serious health problem, I had a “nervous breakdown” because of financial problems of my family and I fell on this great responsibility to help them. Thank God and his mercy he managed to finish high school and even now I interrupted my studies because I am working part time in my free time, but I continue serving with the cause of Jesus in the Project Joel. This month I committed to support the celebrations of the Month of the Bible. This led me to read the Bible in public activities in 10 schools, making video presentations dealing with the Bible and presentations with puppets. My favorite verse is Philippians 4, 13, I’m really happy to belong to this team of volunteer work that God has blessed me and every time I go to church I thank Him in person”. Nodier is Joel team member, participated in the recording of the Video Joel 2007, this year will be awarded as the volunteer N. 1 for having collaborated with certified 375 hours of volunteer work. Through his witness and dedication we have chosen him to participate in the contest “Outstanding Young Persons” of Junior Chamber International Panamá, we thank God for this exemplary young man and helping him in this major health crisis for which he was hospitalized.


Mr. Jorge Lasso .- My name is Jorge Lasso, may God bless you. For some time now we have worked as volunteers at Project Joel, following the work of my son home with this beautiful ministry. As a Pharmacist in charge of staff training at several venues in the country hospital, I worry to form in all Christian values. I felt a deep call to bring the gospel to every patient in the waiting room and the first step has been close to Joel Draft, present in the waiting rooms, several educational videos with Christian values. This in morning and when the rooms are crammed together to complement training staff and volunteers from Project CPTLN Joel deliver leaflets and carry the message of life. But this does not happen by chance as we have more than a year of training seminars dictate where the Project intervenes capsules Joel Christian messages and leaflets CPTLN delivery, after this season the whole staff is agreeable to the information is carried patients attending the hospital daily. We begin this month and God has been glorified, impressions have been the best for this educational format is innovative and has the best conditions for reading the brochures. The videos begin and end with biblical message.  “Finally, brothers, pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it was with you. 2 Thessalonians 3:1”. 


Diana Almendra.- They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.” Acts 16:31. Hello everyone. Today I’m celebrating the child’s day with the team of Joel and young people in my church. My name is Diana Almendra and I’m member of Joel. About eight years ago, I gave my firsts steps on the road of the Lord. I have grown up as a Christian alongside to the project, thank to the work we have developed I’ve matured in the faith. One of the most beautiful experiences of my life has been to assist in the delivery of thousands of Bibles, especially the giant Bibles of the Panamá Centennial. In this labor, an interest for reading the Bible and applying the scriptures to my life awoke into me. One of the first verses I learned was “Acts 16:31” and today I discovered that I have a big family and that the Lord has been saving everyone, even my friends. We (connected) followed up on the networks many children, and in the special celebration of the day the child, we got 35 children and youth who have been reached by the Gospel, this is a task that as Christian I have taken in the Christian Church. Now I understand that the fruit in my life is given by the Lord. My dad and my mom attend the church, my sisters know and try to live the Gospel and I am a teacher and leader in the church where I use the CPTLN materials and Project Joel brochures. On Sunday July 12, we celebrated the Child’s Day with games, candies, prizes, gifts and a Christian teaching. We also recognized the work of voluntary youth who carry the Gospel to these children.


Ailin Sanchez – “During June, we held in Panama, the Month of the Family and the Father’s Day. This year through a special campaign, 316 children from several schools called our office to request a certificate with the following message: “For being the Best Dad in the world.”

Ailin Sánchez, a 6 years old girl, and a first grade student, listened carefully about the campaign and the day we visited the school with “Mr. Heart” she answered to the question “Do you think your dad is the best in the world?” with the following statement: “My dad is not very good with our family, but Mr. Heart said that our Father God can make us better, and carry us to forgive. So, I want to forgive my dad and I ask the Lord Jesus to help me be the best daughter in the whole world for my family and that this will help my daddy be the best daddy in the world.”  

This month we try to reinforce the family values and encourage parents to have a better communication with their children. Mr. Heart is a plush red heart-shaped that we use as an example and model of the heart of every one of us. Children hug and talk to the Mr. Heart and open their hearts telling him secrets and to talk about spiritual issues. ”


Ana Lopez – “My name is Ana Lopez, 15 years and I study at the high school  and thanks to the Bible study “Towards a new life in Christ”, now I can say that I know who is Jesus in my life.

At the beginning, when Joel began the program in our classroom, I did not want to get involved because I always thought that I was far from the things of God and that He and I did not have any links.

After participating in presentations and acted in dramas, I felt that God spoke to me specifically in these biblical stories. The word of God has become important to me and I felt the commitment to attend the church.

Not because it is a requirement to be part of “Team Joel,” but because I want to be a better person and succeed in life. Now that God is near me, and understand that in Jesus we are winners, just like the song I dramatized, says! I want that my classmates at school are also winners. God bless you, thanks”.


Mr. Juan Herrera– “Hello everybody, my name is Juan Herrera and I am very happy to give this testimony of life to this group of educators from different schools in Panama.

I am a teacher of a sixth grade group in the school where I work and in 2008 we began a task that has produced excellent results.

With Project Joel we began reading the New Testament as a program whose goal was that the students read the New Testament completely in one academic year. For ten years I’ve been volunteer of Joel and always I was dealing with students from areas of high social risk. At first, I did not understand how the word of God and Christian values taught to a population of students who had grown up without the basic knowledge of the things of God, a population of children without father and who lived with their grandparents and didn’t attend the Church, so it seemed a waste of time.

The time was passing and I understood that “when the word of God changes me and guides me, then it may serve to guide others through my life”. Not only I read the booklets distributed by Joel to students, I began to read them at home to try to understand them.

Today, my whole family is involved in things of God and even now I am a teacher in the Church too. I have learned to give priority to spiritual things, before that were not at all important to me. Jesus is a living reality in my life and now I preach with power.

At the school we have the freedom to teach a Christian education. Booklets, videos, training given by Joel had played a decisive role, but above all is the blessed and sacred word of God which has begun to affect educators, students and parents. Last year the entire school celebrated the Bible Week and we could arrange a Biblical Cultural program.

Twelve of my students of sixth grade have begun to attend a church with some of their parents. God does the work. Pray for me and go ahead.”



Jobed Rodriguez – “I’m Jobed Rodriguez and I recognize that I was a very rebellious student when I started the high school. My “friends” are more interested in delinquency than studying. When I talked, 7 of 10 said words are so bad. I did not take care on my responsibilities and my teachers said that I was a wrong model.

There were so difficult times. Some of my friends abandoned the school and some others were arrested by police. I’ve lived hard times for several years but I’m sure the God changed my life.

I’m convinced that God put me in this position, giving me the opportunity to get graduated. He gave me good friends as my professor Dexter, who is part of the orientation commission and volunteer of Project Joel. Joel invited me to be volunteer and present speeches to my classmates. 


Today, I’m proud to say that I’m a seventeen Christian boy, I’m part of the musicians of my church, I collaborate and I want to continue working with Joel.   


My professor Dexter Reyes participated with Joel in a Christian orientation program to young people in the community of Arraijan, located some hour from Panama City. He and Joel developed several programs and this year presented a conference to high school students of the last level.  


I know that God called me to do this job with the style of Project Joel: proclaim His message in every place and opportunity I Have. The Glory belonged to Him.”



Marcial Rios – “My name is Marcial Rios, my wife is Marjorie Rios and we want to give testimony that our son Brayan, only 3 years old boy, is a bearer of the Word of God. The child received in his school the storybook “The Little Shepherd”, which we have read many times, but also won the video and, at the request of the boy, we had seen it over one hundred times.

We were a little disturbed by the messages and songs that the child taught at the school and especially about values such as honesty, truth and collaboration, which recited the songs of children, we asked the teacher about the origin of the storybook and brochures (CPTLN) that she gave us. She said that a support group (Project Joel) who gave lessons to children of Christian values and children carried the message to their parents.

Brayan gave me the bracelet of Project Joel a gift also won in the school and during the Christmas Eve he invited 12 children from the neighborhood and we saw “The Little Shepherd” video. “What joy to rediscover the true meaning of Christmas”.


In the Christmas Day, Brayan said: “Today is Christmas, we have to visit Jesus in the Church” and we got ready to visit Jesus at The Lamb of God Church where Brayan attends with other children. When we were visiting the church with other friends and children, the teacher of the church said: “This three years old child is a minister of the Word of God”.

People had invited me to the church before but I always was reluctant to participate in this things, but now I have no doubt that my son not only knows Jesus, but also presenting Him to me as anyone had made, as him.”




Alicia Martinez – “Since 8 years ago Alicia Martinez is known by the ministry. She was living a hard moment, she lived alone, and also, she felt so alone. Se hasn’t a permanent job to cover her basic needs and at the same time, she was studying Social Labor at the university. In the middle of that situation, Alicia enrolled in League of Friends, one of the ministry programs, and started the Bible Courses. Since then, we had a constant communication with her, motivating her to put her confidence on God, Who will help her to overcome all of those difficulties.


After that, some time passed and some months ago, Alicia called the ministry to invite us to give a presentation to the Department where she works. That invitation made us feel so happy. She works as social worker developing orientation programs for collaborators.


But the marvelous of this story is the blessing made by God. He touched her life and it’s a pleasure for us listening how she thanks God for all He’d done for her and the joy that she feels in the heart because He put the ministry in her life, a place in where the people who work in the name of Jesus sow the Gospel and Hope seeds. Now, she is a new person in Christ. Her words were: “Believe it or not, you was my spiritual mother and shared the Word of God with me, that changed my life; now, I’m attending a church, I’m not feeling alone because God is with me and I’m sharing the seeds with my coworkers”.




Aldair Pinzón- “My name is Aldair Pinzón and I’m studying the second year high school. I’ve participated in several activities with Project Joel as facilitator, using muppets and singer to children of elementary (primary) schools.


Some days ago I was the judge in two contests, one developed in my school and the second developed in the school. I was a very shy boy and talking to public made me feels very afraid. But now, I’m feeling different. God made a change on me. I’m a leader and I want to be as my cousin Eibar Sánchez who is member of Joel, too.”



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